Undefeated God of War - Chapter 053 – Mr. Kong’s Reminder

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Chapter 053 – Mr. Kong’s Reminder

Translated by: BerrryBunz.

Edited by: Robin, Leo and De Andre

Tang Tian felt that his whole body was brimming with power. Behind the Cross Door, he was training with all his might.

Immortal Constellation! Qian Hui!

I am coming!

Slam! Slam! Slam! Wearing the black metal gloves, Tang Tian continuously faced the fog wall, both of his hands enveloped in flames, one palm after another slapping the fog wall, every palm was like a meteor bursting forth. Following Big Bro Stone’s methods, every time he made a strike, it was like forging the gloves, as the gloves’ Martial Spirit would be refined once.

The Martial Spirit inside the black metal gloves was a swaying flame.

After a few hundreds of thousands of strikes, Tang Tian felt that the flame Martial Spirit inside the gloves was constantly becoming more concentrated and solid, and was not the same as before, where it was floating unstably, as if it could die out at any moment.

Big Bro Stone’s methods were working, and Tang Tian’s morale was boosted. If it were anyone else, to have just a little minute transformation from a few hundred thousand strikes, nine out of ten would feel that it was not worth it. But Tang Tian was ecstatic, anyways it was all training, and could conveniently grow the black metal gloves to become a bronze rank treasure, this kind of good thing could not be found anywhere!

Tang Tian’s Broken Shadow Palm had long reached perfection, but even though he did not relax one bit within this period of time, he was still far from the killing technique [Meteor Shower]

A perfected Broken Shadow Palm made every shadow break into twelve small pieces, but the killing technique, [Meteor Shower], could explode into thirty six rays of qi. It’s radius of trapping and enveloping was astonishing.

Tang Tian’s sweat was like rain drops. With every palm that he executed, the shadow palm would explode into twelve small pieces in the air, and the fog wall in front of him, would plop plop plop, exploding piece by piece.

Bing floated behind Tang Tian, without saying a word.

The Broken Shadow Palm was not suited to break the fog wall, it was an aerial, group martial technique, and its offensive power, compared to Minute Collapsing fist, was much lower. But its attack radius was huge. Although its progress was not fast, after hundreds of thousands of strikes, it had broken a large piece of the fog wall.

The land behind the Cross Door, the area had expanded by quite a bit, and was already a twenty four meter radius. It was sort of an enlightenment, to see the space actively becoming bigger.

Tang Tian was training crazily.

The outsiders did not believe that his aptitude was really bad, but he himself knew that he was not talented at all. To compare strength with other people, the amount of sweat and hard work he had to pay largely surpassed other people, and there was no leeway for luck.There were still a few days more before heading off to Immortal Constellation, and he planned to awaken the killing technique of Broken Shadow Palm within these few days.

Only 200,000 repetitions left…

Tang Tian supported himself by holding his knees, sweating like raindrops, falling, gasping heavily for breath.

Bing was behind him, quietly floating.

Suddenly, Bing asked: “Why are you so hardworking?”

“Why?” Tang TIan who had just recovered a bit of strength, straightened his back, his entire face dripping with sweat, his drenched hair releasing steam, he looked at Bing seriously and said: “I want to become strong!”

“Become strong?” Bing’s tone of voice did not change, with a white emotionless face, he looked like a machine doll that could talk: “Why do you want to become strong?”

“Because there are a lot of things I want to do!” Tang Tian had ‘duh’ face, and he immediately asked back curiously: “Bing, you don’t have anything you want to do?”

Bing was silent, and just as Tang Tian was preparing to begin practising again, he suddenly opened his mouth: “Yes.”

Tang Tian immediately dropped what he was doing, this time he was really curious, he moved closer: “Bing, what do you want to do? Didn’t you last say, your mistakes have already been redeemed?”

Tang Tian still remembered that Bing had said, “For the body to become a spirit, his guilt was already redeemed”.

Bing was silent again.

“Since you have things you wish to do, then go and start on them!” Tang Tian’s eyes were glowing with a bright light: “You have already suffered for so many years. So many figurines, and only you became a spirit, this means that you are not a normal figurine! Wa haha! Just like this, Wowee, this godlike young man!”

Bing looked at Tang Tian with an emotionless face, it was impossible to tell if he was happy or angry.

“All the best! Godlike Young Lad Bing!” Tang TIan raised his arms, and used his strength to pat Bing twice, wiped all the sweat off himself, and turned to continue training.

Bing quietly looked at Tang Tian’s back, keeping silent.


That night, Tang Tian did not cultivate.

Tang Tian sat beside the gravestone for the entire night. When the sun rose, and shone on the ground, Tang Tian seemed to awaken from his dreams.

He patted his butt to dust off the soil, looked at the gravestone and said lightly: “Mother, I’m going off. Don’t worry about me. I’m very brave and I’m not afraid of anything. Your son is a man now! Mother, I’m going to chase my dreams now.”

Tang Tian’s eyes were gentle as he muttered.

After looking for a long time, Tang Tian turned suddenly, and went down the mountain.

When Tang Tian rushed to the city gates, he saw an extremely huge carriage connected with three other carriages. Many travellers gathered in the big carriage and amongst them, Tang Tian spotted Old Fart Wei and Master Cen. Master Cen had been hired by Old Fart Wei to teach the fundamental classes in Caramel Academy.

“Master Cen!” Tang Tian shouted as he waved both his arms. After a few moments, he flew to Master Cen.

On Master Cen’s face, he revealed a gentle smile: “Tang Tian, you’ve made me proud.”

Looking at this vigorous young lad, Master Cen was deeply moved. He motivated seriously: “Tang Tian, you must remember, no matter what happened, you must never give up!”

Tang Tian could hear the care and warmth in Master Cen’s words. His heart was warm and he nodded incessantly: “I won’t give up, Teacher!”

Old Fart Wei stood aside and said: “Young Lad Tang, don’t embarrass our Caramel Academy!”

“Old Fart, you better worry for yourself. When the two of us geniuses leave the academy and you do not accumulate enough credits next year, we won’t help you anymore!” Tang Tian stuck his tongue out at Old Fart Wei.

Old Fart Wei laughed: “Young lad, get out of here!”

Without many sentimental farewells, Tang Tian waved at the both of them and jumped on the carriage.

Through the looking glass of the carriage, he looked out and suddenly, Tang Tian got all melancholic. He had lived here for seventeen years, and it was finally time for him to leave. But he garnered all his energy. This was a brand new start, he could look forward to his future!

Not long later, others started to get on the carriage.

Everybody greeted one another and were all in good spirits. Han Bing Ning was crying her eyes out.

The carriage was huge. The decorations on the inside were not luxurious, but it was very comfortable because there was a lot of space.

The carriage started moving and everyone waved with all their might. No matter how powerful they were, ultimately, they were still teenagers. The carriage was very fast. Within a second, the silhouettes could not be seen. Star Wind City disappeared slowly in front of their eyes. The young people got back to their seats slowly, but this time, they were not in such high spirits anymore. This was the first time they were leaving home.

After half an hour, everybody’s emotions started to settle down, and the atmosphere within the carriage slowly warmed up.

“What is this carriage, it’s travelling at a very fast speed!” Ah Mo Li leaned on the windows looking shocked.

Master Kong giggled; “This is the Pegasus Constellation’s Star Treasure Carriage. It is most suited for long distance travelling. And it is extremely famous. This carriage is well balanced on all directions, and can hold up to two hundred people. But we usually carry up to thirty people, as we remodeled the other aspects to cultivation grounds.”

“This speed is faster than my Eight Steps Overtaking Cicada!” Tang Tian gasped in shock.

“Haha, rank three light body techniques can not be compared to a Star Treasure carriage. But a Star Treasure Carriage requires star rocks to run just like this trip, it needs at least one fourth grade star rock.”

When everyone heard it, they gasped in shock.

Everyone would have seen the fourth level star rock, but in Star Wind City, it was a rare item. Yet, right here, a round trip would exhaust a fourth grade star rock. The Honorable Martial Group immediately seemed wealthy to everyone.

Master Kong giggled: “Wu An Star is a planet near the fringe, it is not situated on Heaven’s Road. this is the first time all of you are venturing out. There are some things I have to hand over to you.”

Everyone listened intently.

“All of your talents are pretty good., but don’t be proud. When you reach Immortal Constellation Mountain, you’ll realise that there are many other talented youths in our universe, far beyond your imagination. You will also realise the different lifestyles between our Honorable Martial Group and Star Wind City. The Honorable Martial Group encourages sparring and fighting. The competition within the Honorable Martial Group is very tight. Whether it is accomplishments or resources, if you want more, you have got to attain it from fighting with others. The better you perform, you will be able to garner more support from the Honorable Martial Group. I will pick a few of you and arrange you to go to Immortal Constellation Mountain. There will be dangers and pressure, but you are all smart people, I would like you to understand.”

Master Kong continued: “However, as long as you perform well, you will reap the benefits. These benefits will be far beyond your expectations. Moreover, all the academies you have studied in, your family will also benefit from it. The power of the Honorable Martial Group is far beyond your imagination. So, in this period of time, don’t think of where you’re going, what you need to focus on is how to become stronger. When you become stronger, your guidance councillors will notice your potential even faster.”

“To all of you, that’s the most important, and the only important thing. Don’t rely on luck, right out competition will be straighter and crueler than what you’ve imagined.”

Master Kong scanned the crowd.

The crowd started to feel immense pressure as their faces congealed.

“Once you can’t catch up with other people’s pace, there won’t be anyone to scold you, or beat you up. The only consequence is that you will disappear without a trace. In those dangerous missions, your death will be quiet. No one will ever know.” Master Kong looked solemn: “I’m not joking.”

Everyone’s face changed, Mr. Kong’s words, led them to feel pressured. No one could imagine that the Honorable Martial Group, that everyone squeezed and broke heads just to enter, was actually full of dangers!

“All of you will realise, through this period of time, that the familiar faces around you will become fewer and fewer.”

A few of them could keep calm, but Gu Xiaoyu was already trembling from head to toe in fright. Out of all these people, he had the weakest and worst strength. Up until now, he had no idea how he got chosen.

“During the time of travelling, I will guide you along personally.” Master Kong said blandly: “Everybody, keep it up!”