Undefeated God of War - Chapter 038 – Crane!

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Chapter 038 – Crane!

Translated by: BerrryBunz.

Edited by: Robin, Leo and De Andre

The Elder Crane’s low and hoarse voice echoed through the hall.

“I know, everybody’s having a hard time. Honestly speaking, to us, for the Crane Sect to pass down till today was not easy, despite the impressive start up that we had. All of you are under intense pressure. If not for our inner teamwork, the Heavenly Crane Constellation would already have a new master. Our history goes back a long way, and we had such a glorious past, but now we are at this stage. If we talked about our past, it would only invite mockery. If we go on like this, no one will know how long the Crane Sect can last.”

“Yet, I can see the revival of the glorious days of the Crane Sect!” The Elder Crane’s eyes flickered with an indescribable radiance.

“The Crane Body is one of the legacies that the Crane Sect had lost. But right now, it has come into the world once again. To us, it’s an opportunity. This is probably the last chance we have. If we don’t let the legacy return to the Crane Sect, we, the Crane Sect, might disappear in ten years time.”

The Crane Hall was filled with nothing but silence. The Elder Crane sighed as he said, tugging at the heartstrings of everyone.

“So, I need one person to bring back the legacy that the Crane Sect lost nine hundred years ago.”

The Elder Crane looked solemn, his eyes became sharp and scanned through all the people below him and said.

“My perception is very blurry and I’m not able to locate the specific area where the Crane Body appeared. There are so many people, the chances are slim. It might take ten years, or even an entire lifetime, and we’d reap nothing. To leave the peaceful Heavenly Crane Constellation and go into the dangerous Heavenly Roads, you may lose your life at any time. This mission is dangerous, arduous, and slim. Who’s willing to come forward?”

The audience looked at one another, as they thought the Elder Crane’s perception could at least locate a big area. Who knew he could not actually locate an area.

Unless we had to look blindly around the world?

Many eyes revealed fear. The Heavenly Crane Constellation was always peaceful and did not have many conflicts. It was like an earthly paradise. Although it was not wealthy, similarly, it did not contain any dangers. Although everyone desired for glorious days like in the past, they were already used to this peaceful way living.

The thought of searching for an unknown target in this world, and to obtain the tradition from the opponent sounded like a joke, an impossible joke.

No one said a thing, and each and every elder lowered their head and some retreated back into the crowd, fearing that the Elder Crane might point them out.

Disappointment flashed through Elder Crane’s eyes.

Suddenly, a stable and tranquil sound rang within the hall.

“Disciple Crane is willing to go forth on this mission.”

[Robin: Yes, ‘Crane’ is in fact his name.]

A tall man walked up. His statue was firm, like a rifle. He was unusually eye catching in the hall. His face was gentle like jade, with a calm composure. His eyes were were dark, bright, and deep, like the night sky.

His clothes were as white as snow, without a speck of dust. His hair was silvered, and ran down like a waterfall, covering his shoulders.

A tinge of comfort flashed through the Elder Crane’s eyes.

“Are there others who are willing to go forth?” The Elder Crane asked around.

No one opened their mouth.

It was impossible to see if the Elder Crane was angry or happy. He nodded: “Then it’s settled.”


The dim room was lit up by a speck of light as big as a bean. Time to time, there were clattering sounds.

The Elder Crane noticed the juvenile who was seated with his legs bent right in front of him. From his looks, his calmness did not match his age. The Elder Crane sighed lightly and broke the silence: “Your mother, does she have any problems with this?”

Crane took a bow and answered gracefully: “My mother has already agreed to it.”

“Great.” The Elder Crane nodded and looked at the familiar face standing in front of him as another silhouette appeared in his head, “I’m reminded of your father when I see you. I watched him grow up and you’re a lot more outstanding than your father. The soul of your father will be gratified.”

“You’ve overly flattering me.” There was not an ounce of change in Crane’s expression. It was just as before.

“When you were born, your father named you Crane in hopes that you can bring honour to the Crane Sect. Who knew the great mission of the Crane Sect would bear its weight upon your shoulders today.” The Elder Crane sighed.

Crane took another bow slightly: “Please don’t worry.”

“In my heart, you’re actually the best choice, but I never thought…Sigh…” The Elder Crane sighed again keeping his gaze on the juvenile: “You’re the most outstanding disciple in the third generation. To keep you in the Crane Sect with your talents would be a waste. If you…had made something out for yourself today, you wouldn’t have to do this. The Crane Sect has pulled you down. Your mother is very disappointed in the Crane Sect. Actually, I am too.”

Crane’s face remained calm, “My mother loved my father deeply. She’s very happy that I can fulfill my father’s wishes.”

“Yes, it wasn’t easy for them that year. Your mother was well respected.” The Elder Crane thought of the past before very quickly coming back to reality and laughed, “When you get older, it’s easier for you to bring up the past. Your powers are more outstanding than several of the other elders. I’m not worried, but ever since you were young, you did not have much experience in travelling far. That’s my main worry. I ventured the Heavenly Road when I was younger, and it was dangerous. You have to remember that sometimes knowledge is more useful than your fists.”

“Yes.” Crane bowed in reply.

“The mission of the Crane Sect is now in your hands. It’s also about time I hand you the item.”

The Elder Crane had a stern look. He stood up, walked to a corner and brought out a wooden box covered in dust and returned to his seat.

“Many think the Heavenly Crane Constellation’s Star Treasure is the Silver Rank Heavenly Crane Clothes.” The Elder Crane turned deep.

Crane heard and gasped. This was the first change of expression ever since he entered the hut.

The Crane Elder let out a few laughs. Crane was perfect and flawless in all aspects and the only thing that made Elder Crane feel uncomfortable was that he was too mature. Crane’s maturity was far beyond his own age. It was as though nothing could surprise him.

“Haha, even Crane is surprised. This is rare.” the Elder Crane laughed.

Crane was slightly embarrassed, but very quickly returned to his usual self.

Elder Crane also stopped laughing, and his expression was solemn once again, “The Silver Rank Heavenly Crane Clothes has always been seen as the heirloom of the Crane Sect. It is considered one of the highest rank treasures in the Heavenly Crane Constellation. The Heavenly Crane Constellation is seen as a small constellation, which is always for an important reason. Yet not many people know that the strongest Star Treasure is not the Silver Rank [Heavenly Crane Clothes], but the Gold Rank [Crane Sword]!”

Crane’s body bolted unexpectedly, and his face was painted with disbelief.

The Crane Elder looked proud, but kept his tone of voice as firm as metal.

“This sword was subdued as the first Star Treasure when the Crane Spiritual Master first entered the Heavenly Crane Constellation, and it was the sword that accompanied him. His power was extraordinary, to the point that he was becoming a saint, and this sword only came out of its sheath three times. Therefore, barely anyone knew of it, and even the disciples around him did not know about it. Crane Spiritual Master apparently foresaw that the Crane Sect would decline, and to not attract people who coveted the sword, it did not appear ever since he passed away. Every generation, there would be a disciple chosen to protect this sword, and I am my generation’s Sword Protector Disciple.

Crane looked at Elder Crane in a daze. He never thought that his sect actually had secrets known to the sect members only.

A Gold Rank Star Treasure!

If this news got out, it would immediately incite a reign of terror. Those experts might not risk the trouble to get the Silver Rank [Heavenly crane clothes] but if we were speaking of a Gold Rank Star Treasure, those legendary people might not be able to remain calm and collected.

Each constellation might have more than one Star Secret. These Star Treasures were the offsprings of millions upon millions of years of experience. The Star Treasures that were produced in the same constellation would be categorized as one series. These star treasures would usually have some features in common, but different star treasures would have a huge difference in power. Therefore, people would classify the star treasures into different ranks.

Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Saint Treasures.

The highest rank would be the Saint Treasure, and there were only a few of them. For example Leo Constellation’s Raging Lionheart, and Sagittarius Constellation’s Heavenly Bow. Only the biggest constellations could produce Saint Treasures.

The Gold Treasure was second only to the Saint Treasure. Every martial artist yearned for these treasures day and night. Each Gold Treasure would never be circulated in the market. Only the top-qualifying constellations could produce Gold Rank Star Treasures.

Tang Tian’s Aquarius Martial Cabinet was merely an Iron treasure, an entry-level treasure.

From another perspective, a constellation’s highest rank Star Treasure would indicate the worth of the constellation.

If others knew about the fact that Heavenly Crane Constellation had produced a Gold Rank Treasure…

Crane’s heart trembled.

The Crane Sect was able to maintain their governance of the Heavenly Crane Constellation only because those powerful figures did not bother to even glance at the Heavenly Crane Constellation. They assumed that the Heavenly Crane Constellation was a place for the poor. If they knew that the Heavenly Crane Constellation produced a Gold Rank Star Treasure, then…

Needless to say, Crane knew what it meant for the Crane Sect: The sect would drown in disasters.

“Initially, I planned to give this sword to your father. He was the most passionate, most hopeful young lad I’ve ever met. I always thought that the future of the Crane Sect would be in his hands. But who knew, heaven likes to make jokes. Your father passed away and you took over his last wishes. Maybe this is destined.”

Elder Crane placed the wooden box in front of Crane.

“From today onwards, the fate of this and the Crane Sect will be handed over to you, Crane.”

Elder Crane eyes were fixed onto Crane’s face.

Crane opened the wooden box in a daze. Elder Crane had said a lot, and it had affected him profoundly. The Crane Sect’s alarming secret had brought him many frustrations. He never thought that he would be keeping such a big secret when he was growing up in Crane Sect.

In addition, Father…

He opened the wooden box and found a simple, ancient sword presented right in front of him.

There was not a slight pattern on the sword body, nor anything glimmering on it. On top of the sword sheath was written an ancient seal – Crane.

No one would ever relate this simple and unadorned sword with a Gold Treasure.

Crane’s fingers caressed the word ‘Crane’.

His own name was ‘Crane,’ and this sword was called ‘Crane’ as well. Were they destined to meet one another?

As if the sword knew Crane’s thoughts, immediately the word ‘Crane’ on the sword sheath glimmered with a radiant light. The word ‘Crane’ moved like metal fluid, and it floated slowly from the sword sheath in front of Crane’s eyes.

With a ray of light, it penetrated into Crane’s hand.

Crane opened his hand to see a mark of the Crane’s Body on his palm.