Undefeated God of War - Chapter 029 – Aquarius Martial Cabinet

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Chapter 029 – Aquarius Martial Cabinet

Translated by: BerrryBunz.

Edited by: Robin and Boost Turtle.

“You don’t know about nurturing the Martial Spirit?” Han Bing Ning looked at Tang Tian.

Tang Tian shook his head and looked puzzled: “I don’t know.”

Han Bing Ning’s eye flashed: “Wait till you reach the fourth level and above, then you’ll be able to create a Martial Spirit. It’ll contain all the different martial techniques that you’ve comprehended. We could then imprint a part of the Martial Spirit on a card, which results in today’s Spirit Cards.”

Tang Tian suddenly saw the light: “No wonder it requires one to reach fourth level and above to produce a Spirit Card.”

“That’s right.” Han Bing Ning nodded: “Each Spirit Card requires an imprint of the Martial Spirit. As such, the person’s Martial Spirit would be weakened to nurture a stronger Martial Spirit. That’s what every martial artist has to cultivate. That’s the use of the spirit nucleus. There are many other uses for the spirit nucleus and as the Martial Spirit congeals, the extent of you getting affected by the surroundings would decrease.”

“It sounds impressive.” Tang Tian nodded as if he understood.

For a moment, Han Bing Ning did not know what else to say and so she casually changed the topic: “Would you prefer the money or would you like to exchange it for something else?”

“Something else?” Tang Tian was excitedly almost immediately: “What can I exchange it for?”

“You might want things that are meant for cultivation, such as star rocks, which can increase your cultivation speed, but that is not recommended for people with a cultivation level below the fourth level. If you use the star rocks too early, and your foundation is not strong, it would not be good for your future.” The shopkeeper quickly added: “If you want martial weapon, then you can consider a little white sheep sword made from the Aries Constellation or the small sagittarius bow from the Sagittarius Constellation, neither of those are bad.”

“I have my martial weapons.” Tang Tian shook his head and took all of it out from his bag.

“Fornax Constellation black metal gloves!” The shopkeeper’s eyes lit up: “It’s a good martial weapon! The black metal series from the Fornax Constellation are rare and exquisite. They only produce very few each year. It’s so hard to buy it. I can’t believe you actually had your ways to get it on hands.”

“It’s very powerful?” Tang Tian eye’s lit up.

“Yes, it’s definitely not too bad.” the shopkeeper nodded repeatedly and said: “Although when compared to the Aries Constellation and Sagittarius Constellation, the Fornax Constellation is considered a small constellation, the Fornax Constellation has always produced exquisite martial weapons. The four big series of the Fornax martial weapons are the black metal series, the bronze copper series, the silver series and the golden series. The black metal focuses on its durability and is known for its astonishing defense ability. If you strictly talk about the importance, the four series of the Fornax Constellation is already the gem of Star Wind’s secret. It’s worth a lot of money.”

Tang Tian was overjoyed.

“You have the Fornax black metal gloves, those kind of goods I cannot appraise.” The appraiser laughed: “However, this place does have an interesting Star Treasure.”

“What is it?” Tang Tian immediately asked.

“Aquarius Constellation’s [Aquarius Martial Cabinet].” The appraiser took out a necklace, and on the necklace was a small fingernail-sized vase, and the vase’s crystal was sparkling and pure, emitting a beautiful and gentle luster.

“The aquarius martial cabinet can hold six weapons, and it can also store other things, but it’s capacity is limited. This is Aquarius Constellation’s entry rank Star Treasure, and what everybody calls [Small Martial Vase].” The appraiser used this chance to start promoting: “With it, you can say goodbye to travelling bags, with ease of travel. If you are a versatile person, oh, all the more you should get this weapon cabinet. Never get robbed, never lose items, with a thought, the weapon will instantly fly into your hands. Any young man with ambition, should have one [Aquarius Martial Cabinet]!” [Robin: Basically a bag of holding]

“The important thing is!” The appraiser raised a finger: “Your things are exactly enough to exchange for one.”

Without hesitating, Tang Tian raised out his palm: “Then let me change for this!”

The small vase entered his palm, and as Tang Tian moved his True Power to enter the small vase, it became a beam of light, and entered Tang Tian’s body.

Tang Tian could immediately feel that within his body, there was something extra.

As expected, inside the void in his mind there was a weapon cabinet, and he could open its door anytime he wanted to.

He tried to put the black metal gloves into the weapon cabinet, and with a thought, the black metal gloves in his hands disappeared.

Tang Tian was instantly full of energy!


Only to see the black metal gloves unceasingly disappearing and appearing from his hands, playing with it joyfully like a little child.

Han Bing Ning used her hand to rub her forehead, as she could not watch him anymore, she suddenly had some regret, she should not have brought this clown to her own family store.

After he finished playing, Tang Tian satisfyingly placed the black metal gloves back into the Aquarius Martial Cabinet, ‘Pa!’ He cupped his fists, with an energetic mood: “Wow, young man Tang, you are actually very strong!”

(TN: the fist he made is something like this. Check it out https://www.google.com.sg/search?q=chinese+fist+greeting&espv=2&biw=1920&bih=959&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjputOcmubMAhXDX5QKHYLpAvMQ_AUIBigB#imgrc=hr4c2lpcwmgDUM%3A)

Han Bing Ning’s expression became totally stunned and blank, she was definitely regretting it already.

“Oh, Miss Han, Let’s go! Young man wants to go and train!”

Satisfyingly, Tang Tian waved his hands and began walking on his rainbow.

(TN: Those cartoon shows that show the character walking on a rainbow when they are happy)


As per usual, Han Bing Ning went back home.

Her mind was recalling everything that happened for the past few days, she realised that the more her memories got clearer and polished, the more things she found hard to explain.

Han Bing Ning’s father and mother looked at each other, their daughter had a face full of thoughts, both of them was initially slightly worried, but they got increasingly worried.

Her father coughed lightly: “Bing Ning, heard that you made a new friend today?”

Han Bing Ning awoke from her deep thoughts, and subconsciously gave an ‘oh’ sound: “En, a rather interesting person.”

A rather interesting….

Her father and mother looked at each other once again, the worry immediately diffused out from their eyes to their face, interesting? When had their daughter ever praised other people, calling them interesting? Their daughter had attended school for so many years, but never ever before in front of them praised any boy to be interesting!


For the first time!

There’s a problem!

“My daughter!” Han Bing Ning’s mother could not resist: “Although I know that you like Shangguang Qian Hui, you cannot go and fall for her man too!”

Han Bing Ning expression froze on her face, she wrinkled her eyebrows: “Why would I like him?”

That kind of man, crude, deranged, a constant face of uncertainty, why would I fall for such a person?

Her father stared: “Shangguang Qian Hui? What is with Shangguang Qian Hui? Our Bing Ning, is comparable to Shangguan Qian Hui! At most they can compete!”

Han Bing Ning did not know what to say, as she speechlessly watched her parents.

She always had no idea how to deal with her parents, so she said: “I am going to practise swords.”

Behind her back, her parents intensely discussed.

“Competing? Why did you mention about competing? How can a rascal like Tang Tian match up with our daughter?”

“What a short vision! How many could kill an Ink Black Iron Rhino of a middle stage fourth level? It seems that Qian Hui was the wise one! Think about it, to be able to see such a potential in Tang Tian, it’s not simple!”

“Even so…”

“Don’t you understand? Who else has our daughter ever praised? With her icy cold personality, she finally fell for someone and you still won’t encourage her? Unless you’d like our daughter to remain single for life? Do you think she is someone who will accept if we force our way in?”

“That makes sense! That’s truly logical! Old man, you definitely have far sight!” Han’s mother suddenly saw the light and slapped her thigh continuously; “No way, we have to find a chance to scout…”

“No hurries! A ray of brilliance shone through Han’s father’s eyes: “Let’s not inadvertently alert her. Our daughter is shy and if we talk about it everyday, she’d not be able to take it…”


Tang Tian went back to the Jaded Swamp Sea of Bamboos to cultivate his lousy light body techniques. Previously, he did not know how he claimed the victory when he fought the Ink Black Iron Rhino. The bruises covered almost all of his body. If it were not for little Nan Nan’s bamboo queen bee’s plaster, he probably would be on his last breath now.

These kind of victories, would be better if there were fewer of them.

To be called a godlike man, all his victories should bring his heart’s content!

“Big brother!”

Little Nan Nan’s joyful calls rang from the forest of bamboo. A pink shadow bounced in between the bamboos as if she were a little meat ball. She made use of the elasticity of the bamboos and flew quickly.

Whish, little Nan Nan used a part of her energy and drew a high curve in mid air, throwing herself into Tang Tian’s arms from afar.

Tang Tian looked at the sky in doubt, hmmm, it seemed wrong.

The parabola flew past his head with no intentions of stopping.

“Waaaaa, big brother, quick, catch hold of me!”

Tang Tian reacted quickly. He stepped out his right foot to separate his legs, and eyes wide, opened with his face swelling as if he wanted to drink his mother’s milk, he ran with all his might.

At the final step, Tang Tian fixed his foot firmly on the ground and leapt forward and grabbed hold of little Nan Nan at a critical time.

“Big brother is amazing!” Little Nan Nan clapped her meaty palms happily.

Tang Tian glared with his soul still unsettled and roared: “What’s amazing? Nonsense!”

Little Nan Nan’s lip flattened as her eyes welled up with tears: “Nan Nan just learnt her light body techniques…”

Tang Tian noted a twist of events and smiled happily like a flower: “Yayaya, that’s what I’m saying. No wonder young miss could fly in the sky with such graceful postures!”

“Really? Are you sincere?” Little Nan Nan’s face lit up, and the tears disappeared.

“It’s all from the bottom of my heart!”

“What does that mean?”

Every day, Tang Tian sweat as if it were raining. Not far away from him, Nan Nan would always be carrying a bag of snacks, eating happily. Be it dried meat, preserved honey food or nuts, her petite mouth would be filled as though there were endless food supplies.

A few days passed, and the bruises on Tang Tian’s body had all disappeared. New skin had grown and there were no scars left.

Although he could not remember the hard-fought battle, Tang Tian very soon found out that the Crane Body in his body had become more solid. Although the True Power did not increase, after the Crane Body had been strengthened, Tang Tian noticed that whenever he had a thought to instigate the True Power, the True Power would flow from all sources continuously.

He used True Power more with his heart.

He finally perfected the [Aerial Wood Stake], and so Tang Tian started cultivating [Eight Steps Overtaking Cicada].

[Eight Steps Overtaking Cicada] was a rank three light body technique that involves the skill to utilise True Power more heavily. Amongst rank three light body techniques, [Eight Steps Overtaking Cicada]’s explosive power, could be considered one of the top three.

The explosive power within the eight steps was extremely astonishing.

Yet its weakness was clear, it consumed a large amount of True Power, and was not suitable for hastening long journeys, it was a light body technique modeled to suit battles.

Yet what Tang Tian had not expected, was that training Aerial Wood Stake made him really desire to vomit blood, but he mastered Eight Steps Overtaking Cicada very quickly. After meddling for half a day, Tang Tian realised that Eight Steps Overtaking Cicada relied more on utilising True Power.

Yet to the Crane Body, it was actually not a difficult thing.

Tang Tian hadn’t expected that when the Crane Body was at its peak, it would actually make the True Power flow like waves. Together with the eight steps and his True Power, he did not actually show any signs of fatigue.

The Crane Style Qi Manual was indeed an authentic tradition of the Crane Sect.

Old Fart Wei still had some smuggled goods on hands!

Tang tian was enormously proud of what he had achieved.