Undefeated God of War - Chapter 016 – The reason for the suppression

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Chapter 016 – The reason for the suppression

Translated by: BerrryBunz.

Edited by: Robin and Boost Turtle.

The morning sun rays shined into the interior of the hut through a wooden window, bringing along the cold morning air, but showing signs of warmth and hope.

The first thing he did when he woke up was to write a letter to Qian Hui.

“Qian Hui: Recently, I have made a friend called Ah Mo Li, and he is a rather interesting guy. Although he is ugly and looks really ferocious, he is actually an excessively nice person. He is a chatterbox with a bad brain, and more stupid than me. At times, he can be slightly annoying, and frequently provokes me, I call him housefly cow. His goal is to chase and create his very own Martial Dao, but I worry about his IQ. Even so, I will definitely help him, because he calls me a godlike man. Oh, I feel that this nickname really suits me a lot. Qian Hui, let me tell you some good news. I have already begun training in rank two martial arts. I have just gone through ten extremely powerful days of training, although it was really difficult, to a godlike man, all this tough training is just a small dish on a plate. Oh, I easily passed it. However, I will not be proud, I do not have much time, and cannot waste a second. Although the new Principal looks vulgar, he is actually a nice person, and he gave me a Silver Grade Mental Cultivation Spirit Card, and what’s more is that it is an Ancient Spirit Card. I will quickly come to Immortal Constellation to find you, you have to take me to eat some golden coconuts….”

Every word and stroke was focusedly written by Tang Tian.

He was diligently narrating his heartfelt thoughts, and narrating about his life.

As soon as Qian Hui receives the letter, he will have become even stronger!

He must definitely obtain the five years of time back, find Qian Hui and head on to Heaven’s Road.

He carefully sealed the letter.

Once he finished the most important thing, Tang Tian had nothing to be concerned about, and resolved to start cultivating the [Crane-Style Qi Manual]. Silver Grade Ancient Spirit Card, both the fact that it was Silver Grade, and that it was an Ancient Spirit Card, implied its considerable value, and when those two things were combined, even someone without a business brain like Tang Tian, could determine its expensive worth.

Carefully taking out the silver card, and poured his True Power into it.

The Spirit Card suddenly exploded with rays of light, with the silver light dazzling the entire room. Suddenly the cry of a crane was heard inside Tang Tian’s mind.

Tang Tian’s heart shivered, a clear and distinct crane cry, seemed like it contained some sort of power.

The silver light that lit the whole sky, changed into one arrow of light, and entered Tang Tian’s body.

Tang Tian’s palm heated up, like the arrow of light was attracted to it, dug into his palm.

As expected… Southern Cross Constellation Hardship Plate….

Tang Tian arrived at the Cross Door, as expected, on the door was a red-crowned crane that was flapping its wings, seemingly vivid and alive. Its eyes were as sharp as arrow tips, claws like steel, a graceful figure with a sharp beak.

“It seems like it is not to be trifled with.” Tang Tian whispered.

Like the last time, he moved his entire body across the red-crowned crane on the Cross Door. Crossing the door, his body shuddered, and the crane on the Cross Door crashed with a bang.

An indescribable feeling filled his body, and Tang Tian’s complete second tier dantian pool, suddenly exploded with a big portion of power.

Pa. In a flash, the complete Dantian pool crashed.

On top of the dantian pool, a very strong attractive force was emitting. The True Power in the pool became somewhat thinner, and starting flowing upwards. In the blink of an eye, there was an entirely new Dantian pool formed above the second tier Dantian pool.

The new Dantian pool’s capacity was multiple times bigger than the one below. For example, if the second tier Dantian pool were a small tea cup, the third tier Dantian pool would be considered to be the size of a basin.

On the edge of the third tier Dantian pool, there were countless meridians connected to it, which were the passages for the third level of mental cultivation. Every level of mental cultivation touches upon different methods, thus inducing different kinds of meridians.

At this moment, Tang Tian activated the ‘possession’, of the Spirit Card, and [Crane-Style Qi Manual]’s various secrets quickly flew into his mind. With a thought, he activated the [Crane-Style Qi Manual], and instantly, a mental image appeared in his mind.

Tang Tian then understood why Old Fart Wei had said that the [Crane-Style Qi Manual] was very difficult to train in.

[Crane-Style Qi Manual] was very complicated, as there were boundless ways to cultivate it, forming a path-like system. Compared to it, [Secrets of Cultivating Qi] was as simple as reading a white sheet of paper.

Tang Tian couldn’t help but be speechless, the ancient martial artists were so powerful, to cultivate and learn these complicated arts. His brain was already swelling and giddy.

However, since he had already bragged that he would do it, Tang Tian had no choice but to force himself to cultivate. He began by following the same path he had followed in order to master the [Secrets of Cultivating Qi], carefully working his way up by activating his True Power.

Such a complicated path, led Tang Tian to almost faint with blurred vision.

He stared at the paths blankly, and suddenly, he made an ‘eeeh’ sound in surprise, as if he found something big.

This, this, this… isn’t this in a shape of a crane?

The more he looked the more he felt it, ah ha, I definitely am a genius, with one look I can clearly see the essence of it.

Tang Tian’s mind was aroused, he urged his True Power back and forth a few times, and then he was more certain, [Crane-Style Qi Manual]’s ‘paths’, coincidentally drew the outline of a shape of a crane.

No wonder he felt that the entire technique was so complicated. The Crane Spiritual Master was seriously so bored to the extent that he would go as far to create such a strange path diagram.

The Crane Sect really deserved to decline!

If not for his own ability to recognize the crane, such a complicated mental cultivation technique, wouldn’t it be almost impossible?

Tang Tian disapproved of the Crane Spiritual Master. From what he saw, in the world, the simpler something was, the better. Tang Tian also correctly guessed one portion of it, that the Crane Sect’s mental cultivation art was too complicated, and was definitely the significant reason why the Crane Sect declined.

Since he could discover the [Crane-Style Qi Manual]’s secrets, it was not a problem for Tang Tian anymore. He simply followed the crane shape a few times, before he memorised the entire path.

The third tier Dantian pool gradually calmed down, Tang Tian persistently circulated the [Crane-Style Qi Manual]. This time the training lasted for exactly two hours, and the Dantian pool was replenished again.


Entering the third level, the sudden increase of True Power led Tang Tian to feel that he would never be able to use up all his power, as it was unprecedentedly strong.


At this moment, he suddenly realised that there was a line of words behind the Cross Door.


“First Cycle of Hardship complete. Completion done quite well, Second Cycle of Hardship activation, in ten days.”


Tang Tian was pleasantly surprised, as expected it was a good thing. Ever since he started the Hardship Training, he never came back into the Cross Door, and did not expect that there was a second Cycle of Hardship.

Looks like he managed to do fine!

Yet, Tang Tian did not jump straight into the Hardship Training, as the last time he went in, led him to feel fearful. Continuously doing the crazy Hardship Training, was basically a type of torture. How he managed to pull himself out of it, he could not clearly remember, but it was definitely frightening.

Even godlike youths had limits.

Tang Tian suddenly became rigid, when his eyes swept across a sentence of words.

“….You do not have time to waste….”

He stood up, resolution replacing the hesitation on his face, he once again became firm and unwavering. Yes, he did not have any time to waste, if he couldn’t even take this level of suffering, how can he talk about any dreams of his?

He thought of Qian Hui, thought of the promise he made to everyone, and thought of the promise he swore.

Simple-minded Tang Tian immediately seemed rejuvenated, once again having the will to fight.

“Wa wa wa, Young Tang has nothing to fear! Go, go, go!”

Tang Tian raised up both arms, shouting a rally cheer like a hero.


“Do you know why you are being suppressed by Tang Tian?” Old Fart Wei suddenly asked, with a broken knife in his hand, with rarely seen seriousness.

Immediately, Ah Mo Li was attentive: “ Why, why?”

He also found it weird, why all of a sudden, every time he sparred with Tang Tian, he would always be suppressed. He just could not figure it out.

“You are too attached to doing useless things. For example, why are you fighting with your hands? You specialize in blade arts, and you actually use fists to fight with Tang Tian, you don’t think there is something wrong about it?” Old Fart Wei squinted his eyes.

“Yea, it seems like so.” Ah Mo Li looked like he was thinking hard.

“This means, you do not value Tang Tian enough.” Old Fart Wei was somewhat instigating: “I heard that defeating Liang Qiu is your goal, if you fought with him, would you use your bare hands?”

An oppressing silhouette appeared in Ah Mo Li’s mind, he shook his head and, without the slightest hesitation, said: “No way.”

“That’s why, you must learn to use all your strength when sparring with any individual. This is a sort of respect that every martial artist should receive, you ought to know that. And, although you have more talent than Tang Tian, you fall short when comparing with his ferociousness.” Old Fart Wei said.


“Exactly, ferociousness.” Old Fart Wei continued squinting: “If Tang Tian has a figure like Liang Qiu as a goal, he will not hesitate at all to rush for the kill. Even if he was defeated, he would go again in two days, and fail again, and again, until he attains victory.”

Ah Mo Li was speechless, Tang Tian’s ferociousness, left a very deep impression on him.

It was true, although he admired Fundamental Tang, in truth he did not value him enough. And he was not as ferocious as Tang Tian, therefore he would be suppressed.

“Tang Tian’s forte is that he is not afraid of anything. He is like a newborn that does not know what fear is. You are unable to do that. Having fear is not a shameful thing, it is a human instinct. Yet if you want to become even stronger, you have to get rid of it.” Old Fart Wei rarely spoke in this tone, where even half of his sloppiness could not be seen, just like an unsheathed mad knife.

“Your talent is outstanding, with a simple and honest character, you are very suitable for blade arts. That is the potential I see in you. You’re more suitable in using the blade than Tang Tian, and he is a naturally gifted close quarters combat expert.” Old Fart Wei said deeply. “I know you are determined to find and create your own Martial Dao, and this is a mighty dream. Many people will laugh at you for not knowing your own limits, but from what I see, this dream is mighty. Those who laugh at you, are those who have no dreams, and are weaklings. They are all standing at a lower position on a small land, looking at a faraway summit, and do not have any thoughts of bravery.”

Ah Mo Li’s eyes started to turn red. He clenched his fists tightly as this was the very first time he was lectured this way.

“All noble dreams may sound amusing, but all great paths are meant to be arduous. So what? Other than standing still at the starting point so that you won’t be tripped by any obstacles, which path in this world is a shortcut? Your life is destined to be tough, and if you don’t even have dreams, then your life will be incredibly dull.”

“We’re all human, Ah Mo Li. I had the same dream as you when I was younger, and I didn’t manage to realise it, yet it was not a pity. What’s a pity is that now I’m old, and I can’t move like I used to. Ah Mo Li, I hope you will walk further than me, and I hope you can realise this great dream of yours, that dream that I once had.”

“I will try my very best, using all the things that I’ve learnt. I don’t mind you passing on this train of thought, I just wish you’ll take fewer shortcuts. Such a noble dream is destined to be filled with sufferings and hardships. What I’ve been through is just a small portion of it. And what I can provide you is only just this much.”

Old Fart Wei was determined, seeming powerful as though he were a changed man. His white hair flew in the air.

“This world is filled with so many different swords, Ah Mo Li, what are you willing to learn?”