Undefeated God of War - Chapter 014 – Close Quarters Combat Expert

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Chapter 014- Close Quarters Combat Expert

Translated by: BerrryBunz.

Edited by: Robin and Boost Turtle.

Ah Mo Li also became attentive, and perked up his ears.

“Heaven’s Road uh.” Old Fart Wei’s face looked like he was recalling the past fondly, yet brought about a tinge of ignorance saying: “That place is a place full of opportunities and is also very dangerous.”

He glimpsed at Tang Tian and Ah Mo Li, and changed his words: “Alright, you both are still very far from learning about Heaven’s Road. Let us now talk about a more current problem.”

“Current problem?” Tang Tian twitched his mouth in discontent. “Hey, Old Fart, you are not planning to cheat us into doing bad things again are you?”

Ah Mo Li was amazed: “ Fundamental Tang, You too have seen through his plots?”

“That!” With a proud face, Tang Tian bellowed: “In front of a godlike man, whatever demons and ghosts, will all show their real colors! With such a vulgar character, when will he ever freely treat us to a barbeque? One who unaccountably shows interests always hides evil intentions!”

“That’s right! Hiding his evil intentions!” Ah Mo Li repeated in a high pitched voice.

Old Fart Wei: “…..”

“Don’t deny it, old fart. Seeing that you are our principal, oh, we can talk about anything.” Tang Tian gave off a “I know” feeling.

“Yes, The heaven will quote a price, and the ones below will pay the price!” Ah Mo Li added.

(TN: Meaning that Old Fart Wei just has to say it, and the two of them will do it)

Old Fart Wei remained silent and slapped on his thigh very hard: “As expected, these two are worthy of being called geniuses! There’s nothing that can escape from your eyes. Good, then I shall tell you!”

The two remained still, and looked at Old Fart Wei.

Old Fart Wei felt pressured and coughed slightly: “Regarding that, two days ago, I just checked our academy’s points only to find out we did not accumulate enough. You know, if an academy does not accumulate sufficient points, the academy will be disqualified. Oh, it’s almost time for the Star Wind Martial Meet, if the both of you attend it, and achieve outstanding results, then the academy’s points might make the cut. As the academy’s talents, both of you can’t just watch the academy’s downfall yeah?”

“Can’t you?” Tang Tian suddenly turned to ask Ah Mo Li.

Ah Mo Li did not understand :”Why can’t I?”

Tang Tian turned back, with a righteous yet stern look : “I can too.”

The Old Fart Wei paused then jumped in rage :”As the students of our academy, how can you just stand by and watch? Are all of you cold blooded? Are you still a man? You…”

Both of them squat and sat down, opened their big eyes, innocently looking at Old Fart Wei, gazing at him with a pure look.

This method did not work, Old Fart Wei gritted his teeth: “Say, what conditions do you want?”

“Housefly cow, come right here!” Tang Tian waved like a Big Boss.

Ah Mo Li’s copper eyes shimmered, with he gestured with his coarse fingers as thick as carrots: ‘It’s not easy to earn any points now, all students in the Star Wind City are eligible to attend this meet. Ohohoh, to think of the cruel process can make my hair stand. How many people must we fight…”

He babbled nonstop and his saliva splattered all over.

Blah blah blah, Ah Mo Li spoke non stop for three full minutes before stopping.

Old Fart Wei smiled widely and asked: “Finished?”

Ah Mo Li and Tang Tian looked at each other, a premonition harboring in their hearts.

Old Fart Wei flung one hand, and rascally said: “I forgot to say, I have already sent in your names to participate.”

Tang Tian: “…”

Ah Mo Li: “…”

The truth was told, a dishonest business could never win a rogue.

Not able to benefit from it, Tang Tian and Ah Mo Li were disappointed.

“Rank three mental cultivation arts, young rascal, what do you think of it?” Old Fart Wei looked at Tang Tian and added: “Your True Power is already at the second level, and it’s logical to enter the third level as soon as possible!”

“Rank three mental cultivation arts? What are you saying?” Tang Tian asked.

“You’re asking the right person!” Old Fart Wei looked as though he had a lot to teach: “to enter the third level, other than mental cultivation, you need to be clear of your developmental path. Greediness will only disperse your energy, causing you to get nothing done.”

Stunned, Tang Tian said: “That sounds pretty logical.”

“Honestly, you spent so much time on the fundamental martial techniques, you have already missed the window period.” Old Fart Wei looked serious: “A person’s most prime five years are the age of twelve to seventeen years old. And in these five years, you spent it all on fundamental martial techniques. Many would think you’re wasting your time, but I think it’s to your advantage.”

“Oh, quickly say it!” Tang Tian’s spirit rose. After so many years, when everyone talked about him, they felt sorry for Tang Tian and did not understand his plight. It was the first time he heard someone say it was to his advantage.

“You used five years on the fundamental martial techniques. Your fundamentals are very solid, and very holistic. This would help you in your future path of cultivating martial techniques. When you cultivate the other martial techniques, it will be a lot easier to master them. As long as you can persevere, the time you lost can always be earned back. Young rascal, I see potential in you!”

Without an ounce of humility, Tang Tian nodded: “Hahaha, Old Fart, you have good taste!”

“Haha!” Old Fart Wei laughed: “Yet your road is destined to be tough, you need to be mentally prepared.”

Tang Tian shook his head thoughtlessly: “An arduous road is nothing to a godlike young rascal like me!”

“You’ve got ambition! I like young rascals with ambitions!” Old Fart Wei said: “Let’s talk about your developmental path. Your body features are outstanding, your fundamentals are strong, you have fast reaction speed, and you’re powerful. You’re ferocious. These are all your advantages. Do you know what this is suited for?”

Engrossed, Tang Tian asked hurriedly: “What is it suited for?”

‘Close quarters combat!” Old Fart Wei splurted out these words: “Close quarters combat requires proportionate body features, a super fast reaction speed, a ferocious power, a heart that fears nothing, and lastly, it has an unrealistic expectation of the fundamental martial techniques. So how? Young rascal, isn’t it enticing? Doesn’t close quarters combat expert sound macho!”

Tang Tian’s eyes shined and nodded: “I like this! I like to fight the most! Old Fart, I couldn’t tell but you’ve got a knack for this!”

“Hey hey, wait till you grow oh, oh your woman will definitely love this title!” Old Fart Wei looked vulgar.

“Will Qian Hui like it too?” Tang Tian’s eyes glowed.

“Oh, of course!” Old Fart Wei almost choked on his saliva, coughing he said: “However, your distance to being a close quarters combat expert is still very far. To become a qualified close quarters combat expert, other than preparing for the unique characteristics, you also need to bring your opponent close quick enough. If your light body techniques are not stable, you’re dead.”

“That’s right!” Tang Tian banged the ground with one slap: “It is a must to cultivate light body techniques!”

“You need to prepare all sorts of unarmed technical abilities. Remember, you are a close quarters combat expert, not a fist martial master. All the fist, palm, finger and joint techniques must be practiced. You need to be sure that when you pull your opponent close enough, you have sufficient methods to kill the opponent swiftly.”

“Makes sense! I want to learn everything!”

“You have to improve your reaction speed, give yourself even less time to react, be even more precise when you attack.”

“Absolutely correct! It is a must to improve!”

Old Fart Wei continued: “If you are able to do all this, then you are qualified, so much that you will be an outstanding close quarters combat expert.”

Ah Mo Li raised both of his hands: “I want to be a close quarters combat expert too!”

Old Fart Wei ignored him.

Tang Tian did not make a sound, but looked at Old Fart Wei with a weird look on his face.

Old Fart Wei felt… felt awkward being stared at by Tang Tian, touched his face: “Is there something on my face?”

“Qualified? Outstanding? I want to be like a godlike close quarters combat expert!” Tang Tian said like it was a matter of course, but shortly changed to being unhappy. “You actually looked down on me! Hmph Hmph! Too little trust in me!”

Old Fart Wei replied with a laugh: “I see ambition, but, to even be qualified as a close quarters combat expert, you have to endure quite a bit of suffering.”

“I am not scared of suffering.” Tang Tian shook his head and spoke seriously.

“Oh.” the shine in Old Fart Wei’s eyes faded: “Keke, let’s get back to mental cultivation arts. Since you have chosen to be a close quarters combat expert, I have an awesome mental cultivation art Spirit Card, but this mental cultivation art is not easy to cultivate.”

“Is it that awesome?” Tang Tian asked curiously.

“Very!” Old Fart Wei nodded.

“Then it shall be it!” Tang Tian’s eyes brightened up.

“It’s very hard to learn.” Old Fart Wei reminded.

“Don’t belittle me!” Tang Tian widened his eyes.

“Keke, such ambition you have, young rascal!” Old Fart Wei chuckled and took out a card: “I hope you don’t humiliate this Spirit Card.”

Tang Tian glanced at the Spirit Card and stood in shock: “Silver Grade Spirit Card?”

The Silver Grade Spirit Card card shone brightly. On top of the card was a white shadow seated down. The card felt cold and hard in his hands. Tang Tian never thought that Old Fart Wei would pass him a Silver Grade Spirit Card.

The price of a Silver Grade Spirit Card of a rank three mental cultivation art was something he could never imagine.

“Wow, old fart, didn’t you mention you only had one Silver Grade Spirit Card?” Ah Mo Li was surprised as though he had discovered a new road: “You are definitely cunning! However, since you have already given it to Tang Tian, I shall not haggle with you. Fundamental Tang, it looks awesome, better start cultivating soon!”

Yet, beyond Old Fart Wei and Ah Mo Li’s expectation, Tang Tian shook his head and pushed the Spirit Card back to Old Fart Wei: “I don’t want it.”

“You don’t want it?” Old Fart Wei was confused: “Why?”

“It’s too expensive.” Tang Tian looked up and stated: “This is too expensive. I can’t accept it.”

Surprised, Old Fart Wei looked at Tang Tian and laughed: “I didn’t give this Silver Grade Spirit Card to you for free. I have something to ask of you. If you can’t be a close quarters combat expert, then I don’t have any hopes for my task. Oh, you dare not accept, unless you have no confidence in yourself?”

Tang Tian stared at old Fart Wei in anger: “Old Fart, who dares not accept it? Who doesn’t have confidence?”

Slap, Tang Tian snatched the Spirit Card from him and said seriously: “I know you are doing this for me, Old Fart. I will become a close quarters combat expert no matter what. I’ll give my all. What do you have to ask of me?”

Old Fart Wei chucked: “It’s useless to tell you now. Wait till you have become a close quarters combat expert, then I’ll tell you.”

“Good!” Tang Tian nodded and raised his palm.

“What’s this for?” Old Fart Wei was confused.

“We’ll clap our hands together to make a vow! Wow, old man, you’re sure old-fashioned!” Tang Tian disdainfully said.

“You ruined little child, don’t learn this from the adults. What do you know about clapping hands to make a vow?” Old Fart Wei countered back with the same look of disdain.

“Rubbish!” Tang Tian looked in anger: “You belittled me. I have clapped my hands with Qian Hui to make a vow!”


An old and a small hand clapped heavily.

“Great!” Tang Tian was satisfied.

“This ruined little child sure has many tricks up his sleeve.” Old Fart Wei muttered.

“I’m coming too! I’m coming too!” Ah Mo Li squeezed in and extended his hands, but nobody bothered about him.

“Oh, let us now talk about this Spirit Card.” Old Fart Wei suddenly turned stern: “I have long gotten this card but I was past the third level already, so I’ve always kept it by my side. This Spirit Card is known as the [Crane-Style Qi Manual], and it is an Ancient Mental Cultivation Spirit Card.”

“An Ancient Spirit Card?”

Tang Tian and Ah Mo Li were excitedly moved.