Undefeated God of War - Chapter 013 – Spectators

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Chapter 013 – Spectators

Translated by: BerrryBunz.

Edited by: Robin and Boost Turtle.

The power coming from Tang Tian’s fists was unusual!

Unexpectedly with the exchange of fists, there was a weird strength.

Something’s wrong! The power he is producing is unusual! Ah Mo Li’s eyes grew round and frantic, seeing Tang Tian producing this kind of power, both feet slightly in the air. As the distance between them was miniscule, if Ah Mo Li was not attentive, he would never have felt it.

To actually use this method to escape the seismic wave, sure enough he is worthy to be Fundamental Tang!

Instead of being depressed, Ah Mo Li became even more excited.

He had long identified that Tang Tian was using the Flash Fist Technique. the characteristics of the Flash Fist were very unique, and so it was easy to recognize. Out of all rank two martial techniques, [Flash Fist] was not considered isolated. As the number of martial artist cultivating this fist technique was not very high, it did not belong to the popular martial techniques. However, Ah Mo Li was no stranger to it.

After all, there was an expert of the [Flash Fist Technique] in the Beast Academy, Wang Zhen, who was ranked third in the entire Beast Academy. He focused on fist arts, and when he reached the second True Power level, he specialised in the [Flash Fist Technique].

Wang Zhen developed a profound understanding for the Flash Fist, one in which Ah Mo Li had never experienced before.

However, Wang Zhen’s Flash Fist and Tang Tian’s Flash Fist were so different.

Wang Zhen’s Flash Fist punches were fiercer, and when they disappeared in mid air, powerful shockwaves would send ripples through the air. Tang Tian’s punches did not create such shockwaves, his fist’s speed was a lot faster, and was concealed swiftly, you would have no idea where Tang Tian’s fists would reappear again.

Also, Tang Tian’s frequency of attacks was higher, fiercely and heavily pressuring the opponent until he had no space to breathe.

Comparing both martial artists’ Flast Fists, Ah Mo Li was amazed to find out that he could not determine whose Flash Fist was actually stronger.

The more important point was….

Martial artists who practise the Flash Fist Technique, were not be able to produce a Flash Fist with every punch, and to produce 8 flash fists out of 10 punches was already considered the expert level. Beast Academy’s highest record was set by Wang Zhen. Wang Zhen previously continuously punched 100 times, producing an astonishing record of 83 Flash Fists. This astonishing record, previously stirred a sensation in Star Wind City. And from then on, Wang Zhen was publicly recognized as Star Wind City’s number 1 Flash Fist expert.


Ah Mo Li waved both his hands continuously and guarded the epicenter.

In his eyes, there were innumerable fist shadows emerging from the sky without any warning as though they were raining on his face.

What would happen if Wang Zhen saw Fundamental Tang’s Flash Fist…

Ah Mo Li lost count of how many fists Tang Tian had pulled on him, but up till now, Tang Tian had not failed a single one of his Flash Fists.

Fundamental Tang, you are really someone who exceeds everyone’s expectations!

Ah Mo Li was suppressed completely, his Epicenter Twelve Dispersing Palm, was thoroughly suppressed. Yet Ah Mo Li face glowed a brilliant radiance.


On the outskirts of the training grounds, about forty feet away, there were two shadows standing on a tree branch. One of them was Liang Qiu, and by his side was a man wearing a grey martial uniform. He looked honest and on both his hands, thick calluses formed. He stared at the fight between the two men without blinking.

He was Wang Zhen.

“That was a pretty Flash Fist!” Liang Qiu was surprised, yet his expression remained straight: “The rumors about Tang Tian being weak definitely aren’t true. Though Ah Mo Li didn’t use his rank three martial techniques, they are both using rank two martial techniques. Yet Tang Tian can actually suppress Ah Mo Li, he is not too bad.”

If the outside world knew that Liang Qiu actually complimented Tang Tian as being ‘not too bad’, they might think they had heard it wrongly.

“Haha, now you don’t have to worry about Ah Mo Li. I feel that Little Ah (TN: A more intimate way of calling someone) may sound unreliable at times, but he’s always had a mind of his own.” Wang Zhen smiled and subconsciously loosened his fist, but his gaze never left Tang Tian once.

Liang Qiu did not wish for Ah Mo Li to fall into depravity, and quietly followed Ah Mo Li to investigate.

“Huh, it’s best not to believe in rumours. The fact that Shangguang Qian Hui saw something in this person, means there must be something special about him.” Liang Qiu stated blandly: “What a pity, when Shangguan Qian Hui was around, my strength was still too weak. It was a regret to not be able to spar with her at least once.”

“Yea! There won’t be another person like Shangguang Qian Hui, the true absolute strength. Yet Tang Tian’s Flash Fists, are making me itch for a fight already.”

“He is in a frenzy.” Liang Qiu said. “Take a look at his eyes.”

The so called “frenzy”, was hinting to a person who was provoked into somehow entering an explosive state. The person’s potential will abruptly break out, and at this time, all aspects of the martial artist’s strength will increase, becoming exceptionally formidable.”

“Even though he is in a frenzy, his Flash Fists are executed beautifully. In addition, his steps and the rhythm of his punches are all very outstanding. If I didn’t see it for myself, I would not had believed that a retainer would have such powers.” Wang Zhen was moved.

“You’ll have your chance.” Liang Qiu peeped at Wang Zhen: “Caramel Academy does not have enough points.”

“Not enough points?”

‘Hmm, I’ve checked Caramel Academy’s points. If they want to remain qualified, they will not be able to accumulate enough points relying on these two people in the prefecture test’s results.”

“You’re saying…” Wang Zhen was stunned, but he knew that Liang Qiu was always very careful with the things he did, if that was the case, then there must be some truth to it.

The points system in Star Wind City determines the ranking of every academy. The results from the tests determine the points the academy will receive, and the final accumulated points relate to how the academy will be financially supported, have their facilities upgraded and what they were qualified for.

“Caramel Academy practically accumulated zero points this year, and apart from the official exam, they have to participate in Star Wind City’s Martial Meet, and still need to get a good placing, before being able to garner sufficient points.” Liang Qiu said suggestively.

Wang Zhen laughed: “That’s interesting!”

Such a Flash Fist, Wang Zhen was very eager to try it out.

Suddenly, Wang Zhen thought of a question: “If Caramel Academy is in a bad condition, how are you going to persuade Ah Mo Li to come back?”

“Beat him until he follows.” Liang Qiu coldly said.

Wang Zhen was shocked, and smiled soon after, as he felt Liang Qiu was definitely capable of doing such a thing.

“Let’s go, this time we will let him off the hook.” Liang Qiu turned without hesitation. “During the Martial Meet, we will see if he has improved or not.”

Wang Zhen turned back and looked at Tang Tian with a flash of blazing red in his eyes, before turning back and following Liang Qiu, disappearing.


Just when Liang Qiu and Wang Zhen disappeared, Old Fart Wei, who was sleeping on the bed, woke up. He glanced in the direction that Liang Qiu and Wang Zhen disappeared. His face was compressed full of wrinkles, it was hard to tell if he was happy or angry, but he was definitely thinking of something.

His gaze landed on the two who were fighting and an unusual look flashed across his eyes.

Although Ah Mo Li was constantly controlling his strength and did not utilise his rank three martial techniques, and although Tang Tian had entered the frenzy mode, Old Fart Wei was surprised that Ah Mo Li was completely suppressed by Tang Tian.

The first time Old Fart Wei met Ah Mo Li was many years ago, and Ah Mo Li was someone with the highest potential he had ever seen. Ah Mo Li’s physical criterias and his enlightenment regarding martial arts shocked people. He had a pure mental state, and did not complain in the face of hardships. Ah Mo Li was then able to at such a young age, become one of the known experts of Beast Academy.

Old Fart Wei also saw Ah Mo Li in a new light, as for those students whose reputations were far better than Ah Mo Li’s, it was simply due to Ah Mo Li’s young age, since they had cultivated for a longer time than him.

Comparing them, Tang Tian’s potential was lacking quite a bit, and the only point worth praising about him, was that Tang Tian had solid foundations.

Yet the Tang Tian in front of him, had completely overturned his image of Tang Tian of a few days ago.

He had been observing Ah Mo Li secretly for years. How great Ah Mo Li’s body features were, he knew it all. This was the very first time he met someone whose body features were as good as Ah Mo Li.

And, the [Flash Fist Technique] Spirit Card, it had just been a few days since he gave it to Tang Tian…. [Robin: This is what it says in the raws, but I’m pretty sure it’s only been a single day, feel free to correct me :D]

Old Fart Wei looked at them with hundred percent concentration.

Both sides’ body qualities were similar, and considering martial arts attainments, Ah Mo Li was the victor. Tang Tian was then in a state of frenzy, and his strength had exponentially grown. According to common logic, both of them should be actually on par.

Yet, Ah Mo Li was being totally squashed right in front of Old Fart Wei.


Old Fart Wei’s eyes glimmered. Tang Tian was possessed and was unusually vicious. He suppressed Ah Mo Li as though he was fighting life and death, without any logic, he attacked with a rhythm like the raging storm. Even if Ah Mo Li had positioned himself to defend, dangers sprung up all around.

“Frenzy….” Old fart Wei mumbled to himself.


Attacking time and time again, Tang Tian’s anger was burning fiercely. His eyes had turned entirely blazing red. He was releasing sounds of snarls from his mouth, the tempo of his attacks from both his fists was continuously increasing.

Ah Mo Li only felt the pressure increasing. He was getting tired and the [Epicenter Twelve Dispersing Fist] was suppressed continuously.

Unless, he had to use the rank three martial arts?

Ah Mo Li clenched his teeth unyieldingly. If he had to use his rank three martial arts, wouldn’t it be the same as admitting his loss?

Right this this moment, a gush of fragrant barbequed aroma filled the air.


The two of them froze.

Tang Tian sniffed and his stomach grumbled. His blood red eyes darted in the direction in which the strong aroma came from. A strong sense of hunger took over him and sucked out all his energy. Behind the Cross Door, he would not feel hungry, but biologically, his primitive instincts were still present. He had not eaten anything for the past ten days and was immediately caught off guard by the barbeque meat aroma.

Tang Tian turned his head, not knowing when, there was a bonfire behind him, and Old Fart Wei was there leisurely barbecuing meat.

Noticing Tang Tian was looking at him, Old Fart Wei raised his right hand and waved: “Ahah, please continue the both of you, continue!”

Without saying a word, Tang Tian ditched Ah Mo Li and cried towards Old Fart Wei: “Give me some, I want some! I want some!”

Ah Mo Li stood exactly where he was looking stunned. All this happened too quickly, so fast that he was in daze.

Quickly, the confusion in his eyes dispersed.

He saw the shadow who was shouting and throwing himself, and clenched his fist.

Fundamental Tang, I will not lose to you!

Half an hour later.

Tang Tian who was just filled with murderous intent, had a face of satisfaction while sitting down half paralyzed, gently caressing his protruding belly, with a look of intoxication. “So good, such good food! Old Fart, I couldn’t tell, but your cooking skills ain’t half bad, all the future stomach saving missions, will be passed to you!”

Ah Mo Li was not any better than Tang Tian, his huge and jaded body lay in disarray and revealed a horrendous hairy leg. Picking his teeth : “Old Fart, did you work as a chef previously?”

Looking proud, Old Fart Wei replied: You are both still young. I, as a Heaven’s Road senior, have to tell you this, if you both have the intention to travel around the Heaven’s Road, then you have to first master the art of cooking.”

“Heaven’s Road?” Tang Tian was stunned, and subconsciously sat back up.

Ah Mo Li’s satisfied face was kept, sat up straight and asked: “Old Fart, you’ve been to Heaven’s Road?”

“Hehe, when I was young I ventured for a few years.” Old Fart said laughing.

Tang Tian and Ah Mo Li became serious. Wu An Star was a celestial body, though the name of it originated from humans, after tens of thousands of years of development, Wu An Star was obsolete.

The people who are able to step onto Heaven’s Road, are definitely not normal people.

“Hey, Old Fart, what exactly is Heaven’s Road like?” Tang Tian asked inquisitively.