Undefeated God of War - Chapter 004 – An Unforeseen Event

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Chapter 004 – An Unforeseen Event

Translated by: BerrryBunz.

Edited by: Robin and Boost Turtle.

Furiously, Tang Tian’s attacks became faster as his chest fumed with a blaze. All of his movements were fairly simple. After umpteen times of practising the same simple fundamental martial arts, they were all instinctual moves to Tang Tian.

His hands’ movements were reacting faster than what his brain was processing.

Pa Pa Pa!

Ah Mo Li’s gaze blazed with passion, he could clearly feel that Tang Tian’s speed was incessantly increasing.

Definitely without a doubt he is Perfect Fundamentals Tang! (TN: this name is getting annoyingly stupid)

In an instant, Tang Tian’s speed had reached the theoretical limit of fundamental martial arts. The speed was so fast that afterimages appeared, moves overlapping moves in thin air.

One after another, the afterimages were like a growing flood, trying to drown Ah Mo Li.

Ah Mo Li was getting excited as what he was seeing with his own pair of eyes was unexplainable.

He wasn’t interested in Tang Tian because he was bored. From the first time they met, he was delighted, each time they sparred, Ah Mo Li gained a lot and so, he did not mind running over time after time.

No one was interested in the fundamental martial arts. Like others, he had no interest in it until he met Tang Tian.

Everyone knew the importance of mental cultivation arts, and that higher ranked martial arts were more important than low ranked martial arts.

As long as they truly cultivate, with the use of Spirit Cards, it was easy to get a hang of martial arts. It was a waste of time to focus on low ranked martial arts. Ah Mo Li was cultivating the Rank Three Earthen Element Martial Art, [Groundbreaking Chop].

The first time he met Tang Tian, he was delighted. Ah Mo Li used the fundamental martial arts and sparred with Tang Tian, and as expected, he was defeated.

It was the very first time Ah Mo Li lost so badly. He had never been so battered before, even when he fought with the top notch expert Liang Qiu in the Beast Academy.

After he got back, he made a discovery. The long bogged down bottleneck in his cultivation showed signs of loosening up. Ah Mo Li was elated though with a tinge of suspicion, he started to ponder on the cause of it.

The cause of it was very important to him.

Two days later, he finally understood. The spar he had with Tang Tian was the reason the bottleneck became looser.

Ah Mo Li was not a hundred percent sure, so he ran to Andrew Academy again to spar with Tang Tian, and was badly thrashed once again.

However, the sparring had also confirmed his hypothesis. That is, sparring with Tang Tian was definitely the cause to loosening his bottleneck.

Ah Mo Li was a stubborn rascal. From that moment on, he would find Tang Tian for a sparring session from time to time. Yet, unlike the past, where he seeked Tang Tian at his house, he went to Andrew Academy instead.

After sparring so many times, Ah Mo Li also managed to discover the reason why his bottleneck loosened, which was the fundamentals of martial arts! He ascertained that the more familiar he grew with the fundamentals of martial arts, the more the power of his [Groundbreaking Chop] rose.

Unknowingly, Ah Mo Li’s bottleneck loosened completely, but he never stopped finding Tang Tian for a sparring session.

He was way more powerful, and in terms of martial arts, Tang Tian was no match for him. The fundamental martial arts were not difficult for Ah Mo Li, he just did not put his heart into it. After sparring a few rounds, Ah Mo Li’s fundamental martial arts standard improved tremendously.

Yet he had never thought that he would still not be able to beat Tang Tian.

He hadn’t won once!

This crazy Tang Tian used the fundamental martial arts to step all over him.

Ah Mo Li was infuriated. He was an expert of the Beast Academy, yet he could not beat a student of the Andrew Academy, whose rank was at the bottom. If this got to the ears of others, how embarrassing wouldn’t it be. Everyone knew how to use fundamental martial arts. Furthermore, he had spent a lot of time on them, how could he have lost still?

On the other hand, Tang Tian did not give much thought about it. In his eyes, Ah Mo Li was useless. Though he looked like a bull, he actually behaved like a housefly, and it was irritating to him.

What was more unforgiving was that this darn housefly cow tried to hit on Qian Hui!

Unable to contain his anger, he exploded.

Of course, Ah Mo Li came prepared. No matter how ruthless Tang Tian’s attacks were, Ah Mo Li stood sturdy. Obviously, Ah Mo Li spent quite a great amount of time and effort on fundamental martial arts, so his standards were almost similar to Tang Tian’s.

To enter the higher realm, one must begin with low level martial arts, this was not hard. This was also the reason why Tang Tian was ridiculed for cultivating fundamental martial arts for 5 years.

Both of them got caught up in a deadlock.

Both had outstanding qualities. Ah Mo Li’s strength was his forte and for Tang Tian, his speed and grace were his best strengths.

Tang Tian’s attacks were slowly slipping out of his control, and he went into a weird state.

His attacks were actually faster than his thoughts.

This was the first time Tang Tian had met with such a state. Normally, he would be surprised. But right now, he was burst from his state and forgot about himself.

Tang Tian had reached his limit. He was attacking at a speed that was undetectable.

Ah Mo Li could feel the intense pressure.

Stunned, the first thing that came into his mind: this was impossible!

What was a limit? It was impossible to break through one’s limit! Theoretically, limits were unsurmountable.

Unless Tang Tian cultivated a rank three mental cultivation art and increased his potential, then maybe it could help to surpass the limit of martial arts.

However, both parties had sparred innumerable times, he understood Tang Tian. He must be cultivating the second ranked: [The Secrets of Cultivating Qi], and he had a bit more to go to master it.

Just as Ah Mo Li was distracted for a split second, a ray of biting cold light flashed through Tang Tian’s eye. His big built body became agile like a cat. Once he set his foot on the ground, he rushed towards Ah Mo Li.

Stunned, Ah Mo Li grabbed with his left hand subconsciously.

Tang Tian’s left hand was hitting onto Ah Mo Li’s left hand, with the Fist Art’s Fundamental Technique [Pull], he made use of this power so that his body moved like liquid. In addition to the swift movements of his foot, he completed the three broken steps from the Light Body Art’s Fundamental Technique [Broken Steps].

He appeared again on Ah Mo Li’s left side like a ghost, with his body twisted and right fist posed.


Shouting, the power transmitted from his waist to his wrist. Making use of the fact that he had the upper hand, he threw his fist!

This fist came extremely quickly!

Just like a shooting star!

Panicking, Ah Mo Li leaned his body towards the right.

Tang Tian’s fist rolled out smoothly and landed on Ah Mo Li’s left shoulder.

A tremendous power transmitted through, and Ah Mo Li’s expression changed. Not in time to react, he flew.


Like a sandbag, Ah Mo Li crashed onto the floor and glided at least seven to eight metres before he stopped.

The training ground was filled with dead silence and everybody’s faces was planted with shock.

Maintaining his graceful steps and powerful punches, Tang Tian looked in front of him. Ah Mo Li laid on the ground, making up an extremely weird scene.

This… This… This…

Hu! Hu! Hu!

Tang Tian could only hear his own deep breaths as he felt his surroundings quiet down. His conscious mind slowly crawling back, Tang Tian eventually came back to his senses.

The loud voices around him caused him to momentarily go deaf.


“Oh…my god! Oh… my god! Heavens!”

“Am I blind? I must have gone blind…”

“Tang… Tang… He… He…”


Ah Mo Li struggled to get up, as a look of confusion spread across his face. He could not feel his arm as if it was too numb, or perhaps broken.

How could this be? How could his limit be broken through?

“Tang Tian!” Ah Mo Li looked at Tang Tian with explosive passion, and raised his voice. “Come and join my Beast Academy! You’re such a talent, you shouldn’t be wasting your time here! Come to our Beast Academy, Perfect Fundamentals Tang, and you will definitely blossom!”

“Bullshit!” Tang Tian opened his eyes wide, not moving an inch, and scolded,”Housefly Cow! Trying to cheat me to go to some broken Wild Beast Academy, and then coming back here to conspire for Qian Hui! Tell you what, dream on! I have already seen through your schemes!”

“Tang Tian, What are women worth! As a man, what’s important is to discover your own Martial Dao! Come, come to the Beast Academy, and the two of us, we will create an entirely new Martial Dao! What can be as exciting as this…” Ah Mo Li would not give in, as he opened his big eyes with excitement.

“Peh!” Tang Tian did not move and said in disgust, “This kind of blockhead, still dares to use these kinds of discriminating moves to plot against me, you’re too naive!”

“Tang Tian, you can be sure that I will not give up!” Ah Mo Li snarled with fiery eyes.

“Humph, Housefly Cow! Let me warn you, if you have any ideas on hitting on Qian Hui, I will have you beaten until you become beef slug!” Tang Tian warned him with disdain.

“You’re such a degenerate of a man!”

Ah Mo Li stared at Tang Tian for a long time, before resentfully turning to leave.

“Hold up!” Tang Tian suddenly shouted.

Ah Mo Li stopped in his tracks, turned around with excitement written all over his face.” Perfect Master Tang, I knew it, You have a martial artist’s heart, and are unwilling to accept the peaceful life, come and join me to create a new Martial Dao….”

“Hey, support me for a bit.” Tang Tian maintained his posture without moving an inch, and coldly snorted: “I’ve pulled my waist! Argh, This time the pain will hurt for a few days…”

Ah Mo Li was petrified.


As Tang Tian and Ah Mo Li were fighting vigorously, the atmosphere in the headmaster’s room was terrible.

“I am shocked to know that your school has such a rubbish student!” A middle aged man with rosacea waved his right arm agitatedly and yelled: “I can’t imagine! My family has been funding Andrew Academy since my grandparents’ time. Each year, they gave their money and emotions to get this in return. How dare you accept a garbage student who has such a despicable moral character. He has stayed in this academy for five full years! Don’t tell me Andrew Academy has been reduced to this level! You, being the headmaster, have to take full responsibility…”

Beside the middle aged man stood a swollen faced boy who seemed arrogant. He was the student Tang Tian had lectured at the academy’s entrance. Tang Tian did not know that the boy he had lectured was a descendant of the Zhou clan, Zhou Peng.

The Zhou clan had great authority in Star Wind City. They had engaged with Star Wind City for a hundred years and had connections everywhere. As the Zhou clan patriarch’s son, the moment he entered the school gates, he was almost beaten to death by somebody. This had made the Zhou Clan the laughing stock of Star Wind City

Zhou Clan’s young master, could take advantage of any girl in the nation, could tyrannize people, could regard people as mere worms, but he absolutely could not be humiliated by others!

Zhou Clan’s Patriarch was obviously flustered and angry beyond doubt. He originally brought his son to Andrew Academy, because it fell under the Zhou Clan’s territory. With regards to any Clan, the nurture and growth of a young man is the most valuable investment. In the Zhou Clan’s hundred years of history, the donations to Andrew Academy had never stopped.

The headmaster kept a flattering and engaging smile plastered to his face the entire time, despite having the middle aged man spitting saliva across his face. He absolutely did not dare offend the gold mine in front of him. If the school suddenly lost income, it would not take long for him to be stripped of his position as headmaster.

After scolding for close to an hour, the middled age man finally stopped. He calmed down and said to the headmaster: “No matter what, my son almost got killed in the academy the Zhou Clan is funding. That’s right, this is attempted murder! I can’t accept such things, neither can the Zhou Clan. You have to explain this to the Zhou Clan!”

After he said that, without looking at the headmaster, the middle aged man turned and brought Zhou Peng away.

The headmaster looked gloomy and yelled fiercely: “Get Tang Tian in here!”