Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard - Chapter 997 - You Are The Second Miss Of The Tang Family

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Chapter 997: You Are The Second Miss Of The Tang Family

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Tang Yichen humphed. Without turning around to look at Lu Guangli, she closed her laptop and left the room.

Lu Guangli watched in surprise as Tang Yichen left. A moment later, he chased after her and said, “You can save your sister if you want, but don’t get me involved.”

“Firstly, the hospital chief’s daughter invited you to go camping, but you didn’t go, that’s not my problem. Secondly, the professor spoke to me because she wanted to know my standpoint and I don’t think there was any problem with my response. Did you think that I wanted to get involved with you?”

Tang Yichen then added angrily, “I know you’re used to being cold and you don’t have many relatives at home so you don’t understand how it feels to worry about a suffering loved one. I won’t blame you.”

“Tang Yichen, I dare you to say that again!”

“I am happy to say it multiple times. You can listen to it if you want.” After she was done speaking, Tang Yichen pushed Lu Guangli aside and slammed the door shut behind her.

Lu Guangli did not look pleased as he also left soon after.

After returning home and stepping foot into his own territory, Lu Guangli finally felt a sense of security again. That’s when he sat down and thought carefully about his behavior. Had he been too harsh on Tang Yichen?

Was his actions not very likeable?

Because of this, Lu Guangli gave his older brother a phone call and told him about Tang Yichen’s matter. After his brother finished listening, he simply laughed, “Oh please, if I was the girl that you liked, I would hate your guts! Can’tu200b you stop picking on her?”

“Me? Picking on her?”

“You made her do overtime, you increased her work load, you humiliated her and you caused her to be threatened. What do you think?”

Lu Guangli thought about it. They had always been like that. Plus, Tang Yichen was the only woman he treated like that.

Other women had no right to even get close to him.

“Come on, bro, let me teach you a thing or two.”

Tang Yichen was truly angered, that’s why her reaction was so extreme. After all, no one enjoyed being picked on the way that Lu Guangli picked on her. So, she couldn’t tolerate it any longer.

Since Lu Guangli disliked being connected to her so much, then she was going to stop begging the professor…

After Tangning heard about this, she was obviously displeased. The almighty Second Miss of the Tang Family was actually being bullied to this extent?

So, when she saw Tang Yichen, she directly said to her, “Is there a reason why my surgery must be done by the professor?”

Tang Yichen was a little surprised. She never expected that Tangning would hear about her matter so quickly. So, she replied, “She is an authoritative figure in the field…”

“In other words, most other doctors can handle my surgery, so it’s not necessary to look for her…” Tangning said to Tang Yichen. “Even if you must ask for her help, you are still the Second Miss of the Tang Family. In terms of status, you aren’t someone that she can bully and threaten. Don’t you know that?”

“I don’t like discussing my identity in the hospital…”

“Even if you don’t like it, it’s the undeniable truth,” Tangning replied. “You don’t have to use your identity to bully others, but you can’t let others bully you.”

“I guess. It seems, even you can’t stand seeing me act so cowardly.”

Tangning nodded her head.

“I’ve already told the medical staff that I don’t need the professor. My original doctor can handle the surgery. You don’t need to worry about it…”

However, Tangning’s reaction attracted the attention of the hospital chief. In particular, when he heard that his daughter tried to use her auntie to achieve her own personal motive, he was so angry that he immediately threw a slap across her face.

“Are you lowering yourself for a man to this point?”

“You actually asked your auntie to threaten Tang Yichen?”

“Do you think the Tang Family are easy to bully?”

“Moreover, aren’t you aware that the person requiring surgery is Tangning? If you continue to act so recklessly, then get out of my sight.”

After being hit and scolded, the hospital chief’s daughter was obviously displeased. But, who told her to bite off more than she could chew?

So, the next morning, the professor personally showed up at Tangning’s hospital room to provide an apology, “Miss Tang, I didn’t contact Yichen with any ulterior motives. I simply…”

“I already know the entire story, Professor. My sister was naive for breaking the hospital’s rules. I’ll apologize on her behalf!”

On the surface, Tangning seemed to be pointing out her sister’s flaws, but any clever person would be able to tell that Tangning was actually mocking the professor for breaking the rules by trying to threaten Tang Yichen.

“Since it’s all a misunderstanding, I’ll continue with your surgery…”

“No need. I have faith in my doctor. I don’t want to trouble the professor,” Tangning replied coldly.

The professor did not receive a good response from Tangning, so she simply smiled and left. Meanwhile, Tangning’s show of power proved to everyone in the hospital that the Tang Family shouldn’t be provoked.

But, what was Tang Yichen doing during this time? She had contacted an obstetrics expert she met during medical school. This doctor was honest and didn’t play tricks. However, she opened her own hospital and the hospital’s facilities weren’t as good as the military hospital’s.

Tang Yichen turned and asked Tangning, “Are you willing to transfer there? I want to do all I can to ensure the safe arrival of my niece.”

“Since you trust her, then there’s nothing for me to worry about,” Tangning replied.

“If that’s the case, then everything is a lot easier to handle. I’ve already prepared my resignation papers. I’m planning to move there…” Tang Yichen revealed. “I’m not that old yet, but I’m not young either. I can’t continue living so naively.”

Tangning didn’t completely understand what Tang Yichen was referring to, but she could tell that she wanted to let go of something.

Or, perhaps, someone!

It didn’t take long before Tang Yichen went to the hospital chief’s office to hand in her resignation. However, she overheard the hospital chief’s daughter whining to her father.

“Dad, you’ve already hit me. You shouldn’t be mad anymore, right? Besides, auntie’s already apologized to Tangning. It’s not her fault that Tangning is ungrateful. The hospital’s already spent so much effort on training Tang Yichen anyway. What’s wrong with letting me have my way once?”

The hospital chief’s secretary also heard the conversation as she looked at Tang Yichen awkwardly.

Tang Yichen smiled and shook her head before she knocked on the half-opened office door, “Can I come in?”

“Oh, Yichen…come in.”

As soon as Tang Yichen was allowed into the office, she walked in and placed her resignation letter on the hospital chief’s desk.

“This is…”

“I don’t think I’m suited to staying in the military hospital anymore. Thank you for your years of care and concern.”

“Yichen, is this because you were wronged recently?” the hospital chief immediately asked. “Do you view me as someone that can’t differentiate from right and wrong? You know I would never be biased towards my daughter.”

After hearing this, Tang Yichen lifted her head and looked at the hospital chief’s daughter. With a sneer, she said, “Chief, I’m not just a doctor, I am also the Second Miss of the Tang Family. If someone in my family needs my help, I will do all that I can for them.”