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Chapter 977: Why Did You Have To Bully Qian Qian?

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Father Han never expected that Han Yu and Lin Qian would appear at his home again. So, when he went to greet them, he had a confused expression on his face. Why were they here again?

Han Yu smiled but he did not immediately explain why he was there. He simply pointed to Lin Qian and said, “We still haven’t found this woman’s husband and the last place where he was seen was at your home. So, apart from coming here, where else could we go? Please excuse us, Old Han!”

“So, you’re saying that we are at fault for saving him?” Father Han asked angrily.

“Old Han, Li Jin went missing at the Han Family Home. To find him as soon as possible, we have no choice but to come here and ask Miss Han to clarify a few things. I hope you can cooperate with us,” Han Yu finally revealed his motive after going around in a few circles.

“As you know, Lin Qian is in the entertainment industry. If this incident gets blown up, it won’t look good for either of the parties involved. Don’t you think?”

Father Han humphed and turned to Lin Qian, “The Han Family does not have the person you are looking for. There’s no point persisting. So what, if you’re in the entertainment industry? Do you think I’m afraid?”

“Uncle Han, I suggest you bring Han Xiao out to see us. The more you talk, the more difficult of a situation you are putting everyone in,” Lin Qian replied in a polite but unyielding manner.

“Hmmph, don’t women in the entertainment industry work their way up using their bodies? Even without Li Jin, you can still find someone else,” Father Han mocked.

“I don’t care how hurtful your words are. I won’t leave until Han Xiao comes out to clarify the matter.”

Faced with Lin Qian’s stubbornness, Father Han wanted to send her away with another method, but, Han Xiao suddenly stepped out of her bedroom and said to Lin Qian, “What do you want me to clarify? Li Jin’s run away, that’s the fact. This means that he doesn’t want to see you. Why are you still persisting? How dare you raise your voice at my father?”

“There’s no point talking nonsense with these people. The Han Family have nothing to hide. The police can believe us if they want, and if they don’t, they are welcome to do another search,” Father Han said as he waved his arm.

“Lin Qian, let me warn you, if you continue to harass us like this, don’t blame me if I react in a heartless way. I’m going to tell my men to make a move on you, regardless of whether you’re pregnant or not!” Han Xiao threatened.

“Miss Han sure knows how to talk big. Can’t you see that a police officer is standing right here in front of you?”

“Police? Constable Han, I think you should check your police rank before you come here to flaunt your authority.”

“I’m not here to demand for Li Jin,” Lin Qian finally said after the argument went on for quite some time.

“You’re not? Lin Qian, you and your boss are both tricky people. Speak, what are you trying to blackmail us with this time?” Han Xiao asked in an arrogant manner.

“Han Xiao, don’t you know how to turn back before it’s too late?” Lin Qian asked.

“Look at this, you’ve finally revealed your true colors. How disgusting. Who knows? The child in your stomach might not even be Li Jin’s…” Han Xiao scoffed coldly.

“Last night, Li Jin appeared in my dream and told me that Miss Han was the cause of his plane crash,” Lin Qian probed.

As expected, Han Xiao’s expression suddenly changed. To be exact, she appeared nervous.

“Stop talking nonsense.”

“You know better than I do whether I’m talking nonsense or not,” Lin Qian probed further. “You must be afraid, right? You’re afraid that you’ll be discovered and sent to the military court. I wonder how many years you’ll be sentenced to…”

“Lin Qian, stop spreading false rumors in my home!”

“I’m sure Uncle Han knows whether these are false rumors or not.”

“I don’t think I need to describe in detail what Han Xiao has done to Li Jin and what you have done to him as well, right?” Lin Qian asked. “Han Xiao, you once liked Li Jin, but how could you be so ruthless towards him?”

“You were even shameless enough to claim that you saved him. Don’t you have any integrity whatsoever?”

As Han Xiao listened to Lin Qian’su200b questions, she began to feel that something wasn’t quite right.

Lin Qian somehow sounded like she knew everything.

Although Han Xiao was beginning to feel guilty, she continued to maintain her composure.

“I think you’ve gone crazy. Just because you can’t find your husband, you’re releasing your anger on the person that saved him.”

“Lin Qian, no matter what you say, the Han Family are innocent. And, no matter how unreasonable you’re being, this is still the Han Family Home. I demand you to get lost and never show your face around here again. Everyone has been criticizing you about your complex background. Why don’t you reflect on yourself and think about how badly you’ve implicated Li Jin!”

“Constable Han, take your people and leave. The Han Family Home isn’t a place where people like you are allowed to come and go as you please,” Father Han said arrogantly. “Also, based on what Lin Qian has said today, I could always sue her for defamation. My daughter saved Li Jin – this is the undeniable truth – yet she is trying to confuse right from wrong. What an eye-opener…”

Lin Qian and Han Yu looked at each other without saying another word. At this time, a different voice echoed through everyone’s ears.


“There’s no doubt about it!”

“Did your daughter really save me? How come I didn’t know that?” Li Jin stepped out from a hidden spot, approached Lin Qian’s side and hooked his arm around her waist.

At this moment, Father Han and Han Xiao were so shocked that their expressions completely changed.

“Constable Han, since everyone is present, let me clarify this matter for you. Please record everything I’m about to say.”

“No worries,” Han Yu made an ‘OK’ gesture at Li Jin.

A few seconds later, Li Jin began.

“Firstly, my plane crash was due to Han Xiao’s operational error. Although it will take some time to prove it, it is not hard. I’ve already handed the evidence that I have to the military base.”

“Han Xiao caused my plane crash, yet she’s been telling everyone that she saved me. Han Xiao, you are more despicable than any man.”

“Secondly, I’m sure Father Han knows that I was almost buried alive yesterday, right? Although the two culprits escaped, the police have already caught them, so, you’re bound to be condemned for your crime. Worst of all, your crime is more serious because you’re a military official!”

“Thirdly, how many times have you insulted my wife, schemed against her, threatened her and lied to her, Han Xiao? I’m going to write down everything you said in a detailed report and announce it to the entire army!”

“Fourthly, after this incident, the Han Family…”

“That’s enough!”

Father Han began to tremble in fear after hearing what Li Jin said.

“Stop trying to scare me.”

At this time, Han Yu pulled out his arrest warrant and immediately told his men to seize Father Han.

Seeing the scene before her, Han Xiao finally broke down.

“Li Jin, what are you trying to do? Are you trying to destroy my family?”

“It’s what you deserve…” Li Jin replied. “Why did you have to bully Qian Qian, when you had a better path to take…”

“Don’t take my dad…” Han Xiao ran over and pleaded. However, Han Yu stretched out his arm and pushed her away