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Chapter 971: Not Suitable

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When Lin Qian finally arrived back in Beijing, she was greeted by people from the military base.

“Hello, sister-in-law, I am the chief’s communications officer, my name is Chen Yan.”

“Chen Yan, can you tell me where Li Jin is and what his condition is like?” All Lin Qian cared about was when she’d see Li Jin.

“Actually, the chief was saved a while ago and plenty of people within the air force already knew about it. However, no one contacted the Li Family because…” Chen Yan wasn’tu200b very tall, but he was strong and built. From the looks of it, he was a loyal and honest person that could be trusted.

“If there’s something you want to say, just be honest,” Lin Qian was mentally prepared for anything because she had already guessed that something was going on. Since they had already saved him, there was no reason why they wouldn’t contact his wife.

“It was Miss Han that saved the chief. Right now, the chief is being kept in the Han Family’s hospital. They deliberately kept the information under wraps and restricted people from telling anyone. No one knows what Miss Han has planned.”

“She wants to replace me,” Lin Qian guessed. “Do you know which hospital he’s at?”

“Yes, I do…”

“OK, I’ll return to the Li Family home and think of a plan.” But, before that, Lin Qian was going to go see Tangning first.

Superstar Media had worried so much about her, so it was only right for her to subdue their worries.

Soon, Lin Qian arrived at Hyatt Regency. Although Tangning knew that she had already returned, she was still relieved when she saw her in person. She could finally let her worries go.

“You scared me to death.”

“Sorry, Ning Jie.”

“It’s fine, I understand you,” Tangning took a deep breath before she asked, “I’ve heard about Li Jin’s situation. Where is he right now?”

“He’s with the Han Family.”

“Is it the same Miss Han that pretended to be Li Jin’s godsister and tried to give you attitude before?” Tangning quickly recalled what happened with the woman.


“She’s keeping someone else’s husband in her home and not telling anyone. What is she trying to do?” Tangning scoffed. “Even if she wants to replace you, isn’t she asking to be ridiculed by doing this and creating a frivolous image for herself? After all, the two of you are already married. She’s in the military, she should know the consequences of ruining a military marriage. Especially since you are pregnant.”

“I was just about to return to the Li Family Home to discuss this matter with mom and dad and see how we can get him back.”

After Tangning heard this, she shook her head, “Since the Han Family managed to keep hold of him, they must have a substantial reason. If you turn up without careful consideration, it may not be of benefit to you.”

“I still have to go, though. He’s my husband,” Lin Qian furrowed her brows. “I don’t care what their surname is and I don’t care if I’m headed into a tiger’s lair or a dragon’s den. I simply want to bring my husband back.”

Tangning nodded her head and patted Lin Qian on the shoulder, “This is your own family matter, so I shouldn’t get involved. I’ll let you resolve this on your own. But, always remember that Superstar Media is here to support you.”

“Thank you, Ning Jie,” Lin Qian’s eyes suddenly turned red. “You’re the only person that’s stuck by me through thick and thin.”

“Don’t say something so cheesy. Hurry, go get your husband.”

With Tangning’s prompt, Lin Qian quickly left Hyatt Regency and returned to the Li Family Home. She then explained everything to Mother Li and Father Li.

After hearing what happened, Father Li slammed his hands on the table angrily, “Does that family have any shame? Not only is Jin Er already married, even if he wasn’t, this would be a complete joke. Their daughter isn’t married yet, yet they are keeping a man in their home. If people find out about this, how’s Han Xiao going to live up to it?”

“Old man, that Han Xiao was already obsessed with Jin Er in the past. In theory, we should thank the Han Family for saving our son, but what they’ve done is completely ridiculous. They’ve even kept his condition and whereabouts a secret from his own parents.”

“Madam, don’t panic, Qian Qian and I will head over to the Han Family Home this afternoon to demand for Jin Er…I don’t think this family has the right to keep my son from me.”

“Yes. Don’t be afraid Qian Qian, we will always be here to back you up.” Mother Li hated women that broke apart happy families. Yet, this woman actually dared to seduce her son in front of her.

Even if she was to chop Han Xiao up into a million pieces, she wouldn’t feel like she had gone overboard.

Lin Qian gently nodded her head as she went upstairs to get some rest. As she was pregnant, it was easy for her to get tired.

“Baby, don’t be afraid, Mummy will definitely bring Daddy back.”

“When that time comes, you need to behave…”

As soon as Father Li found out that his son was in the possession of the Han Family and no one had told him, he immediately stormed over to the military base. He couldn’t understand what their reasoningu200b would be?

How could the Han Family do something like this?

When the military officials heard from Father Li, they were shocked, but they could only reply, “Old Li, no matter how wrong this family is, they still saved your son’s life. Even if you don’t like the way they handled it, you should take the pride of both families into account.”

“Why should I care about anyone’s pride when I can’t even get my son back. I’m heading home right now to get my daughter-in-law…”

Everyone knew that the Han Family’s actions were unreasonable, but they were still Li Jin’s saviors and he was still unconscious. If they were to suddenly move him, it would definitely effect his recovery. That’s why the military turned a blind eye to the situation. Unfortunately, the Li Family found out much quicker than expected.

Father Li was angry. Just the thought of it made him frustrated.

The almighty Li Family Major General was currently unable to return to his own home!

Father Li couldn’t tolerate what was happening, so he immediately took Lin Qian with him to the hospital owned by the Han Family. However, when he arrived, he discovered that the simple hospital was heavily guarded.

But, Father Li wasn’t scared. He immediately stormed up to the reception desk and said to the nurses sitting there, “I am Li Jin’s father, tell Han Xiao to come see me.”

The two nurses looked at each other. Unable to withstand Father Li’s oppressive presence, they immediately called the inpatient department.

A moment later, Han Xiao came out to greet the old man, “Uncle Li, you’re here.”

“If I didn’t come, would my son have ended up with your surname?” Father Li scoffed.

“Uncle, I think you have a misunderstanding. The situation isn’t the way that you think it is. Let me explain,” Han Xiao tried to change the subject, but Father Li wasn’t easy to fool.

“I don’t care what reason you have. Li Jin has a wife and parents. It’s not suitable for him to stay here.”