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Chapter 961: Otherwise, I Will Help Him Disappear

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“What I’m trying to say is, ever since the incident with Xu Xin, she’s retreated from acting indefinitely. Is this related to that? Is something bothering her?”

“You sure know how to dig up old news,” Mo Ting praised before he replied, “Her refusal to act is not a hindrance to anyone. So, she doesn’t need a reason for why she doesn’t want to do it and I don’t think there’s any problem with that.”

In other words, he had no control over people’s speculations.

“But, I feel as though Tangning’s displaying a sense of rebellion against the film industry. She’s so talented, yet she no longer trusts this environment. I feel it’s quite a shame. This is why I think something’s bothering her.”

No one expected that the host would ask such a deep question. Most importantly, she actually sensed that something was upsetting Tangning.

“Whether as a model, an actress, or a manager, my wife has always given her all. She’s also done all she can to protect and care for the people around her. She appears to be simply a vengeful person, but she is also someone that is extremely grateful for even the slightest show of kindness.”

“When she became an actress, she was only one step away from being an international supermodel. But, because of ‘Stupid’, she was willing to start from scratch for my sake. Ever since her debut, a decade or so ago, she has never done anything wrong by anyone. She’s not someone that’s afraid of failure, nor does she care what the public thinks about her.”

“Just like you said, her actions are like that of a child that refuses to admit defeat. That’s why Superstar Media was formed and that’s why she’s decided to help artists that have experienced huge ups and downs in the industry.”

“And the turning point, was Xu Xin’s suicide.”

“Why? Is it because of the public’s blame?” the host asked. “We all know that Xu Xin’s suicide was entirely her own choice. Even though she claimed that Tangning forced her to do it and people that followed the story attacked Tangning for a while because of it, the matter has already passed and most people have realized the truth now. They simply didn’t want to except that Tangning had no involvement at the beginning.”

After hearing the host’s words, Mo Ting couldn’t help but laugh, “In that case, why should Qiao Sen’s death be my wife’s fault?”

The host was dumbfounded.

“Besides, the public are still saying that my wife is responsible for two deaths. Doesn’t that mean that Xu Xin’s matter will never truly be over?”

“The old scandal continued to accumulate until another scandal appeared. This entire process simply reminded everyone of what Tangning has done in the past and increased their hatred towards her. No one cares about the truth, they simply want gossip.”

“My wife will never cry about being wronged, nor will she ever waste time trying to explain herself. Since the public kept telling her to stay away and not to ‘hurt’ people, she decided to give up her identity as an actress. She may not have said it out loud, but I’m sure she’s already made a promise to herself.”

“In that case…does President Mo think we can redeem ourselves?”

Mo Ting shook his head with certainty.

“She knows that the public don’t think highly of her, but she still has the right to make her own decisions.”

The interview lasted for exactly 40 minutes, not a second less. And during this time, Mo Ting answered every single question in seriousness.

There were some tricky questions and some some very depressing questions. Although Mo Ting answered many of the questions in a roundabout way, the host could clearly feel that Tangning was a sentimental and interesting person.

She maintained her own personality, stopped acting when she said she would, and firmly stuck to her promises.

This was an interview that both the host and the audience couldn’t create hype from. Although the host’s questions were all tricky, the fuse that she lit was quickly exterminated by Mo Ting’s responses.

Those that watched the interview couldn’t find any flaws or points to criticize. After all, Mo Ting was good at avoiding controversial matters. But, in reality, he had actually revealed many things.

For example, Tangning’s worries after Xu Xin’s suicide and her rebellious response.

Tangning could have been slandered for these points, but for some reason, after watching the interview, the public felt like they had developed a deeper understanding towards her.

It was like they finally saw through to her soul.

After the interview, the host stood up and said to Mo Ting, “President Mo, I completely admit defeat.”

Mo Ting also stood up. After neatening his suit, he said to the host, “Tell your director to immediately disappear from the industry. Otherwise, I will help him disappear.”

After speaking, Mo Ting left the scene in a domineering manner.

On the way home, Lu Che said to Mo Ting through the rearview mirror, “President, tomorrow is Qiao Sen’s memorial service. The Madam will definitely be heartbroken. Should we prepare something?”

“Focus on security. Leave everything else to me,” Mo Ting had nothing else to instruct apart from telling Lu Che to ensure the safety at the memorial service.

However, Lu Che never imagined the importance of security even though he already put in his best efforts.

9pm. Mo Ting returned home to find Tangning still sitting on the sofa staring at the television. So, he quietly approached her side.

Tangning took this opportunity to wrap her arms around Mo Ting’s waist as her tears began to soak his shirt.

“For a long time, I thought about Xu Xin’s death while looking at the comments online and almost believed that I was actually the cause.”

“So, I indeed stopped acting because of the incident with Xu Xin.”

“I had grown afraid of fans.”

“They could support you one day and abandon you at the bottom of a well the next day, all because of a simple rumor. Although I’ve always known that fans are fickle, I was truly hurt by them. That’s why Xu Xin’s incident made me promise myself that I’d never act again.”

Even if Tangning didn’t explain this, Mo Ting already knew.

After being married for so long, how could he not understand the reason for her rebellious attitude?

“That’s enough. You still need to send Qiao Sen off tomorrow. You can’t look too bad for the service, so go have a bath and get some sleep.”

But, because of President Fan’s attendance the next day, Tangning was going to look bad even though she didn’t want to…