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Chapter 931: Silly Qian Qian

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“I won’t do it,” Lin Qian said confidently after a moment of silence.

She knew that if she compromised this time, she would have to compromise next time.

Feng Jing stared at Lin Qian in disbelief as she asked furiously, “Aren’t you afraid that the Li Family will find out?”

“If the Li Family refuse to accept me, then Li Jin and I must not be fated to be together. I will never back down for you, so you can tell the Li Family whatever you want. I will not be threatened by you.”

Feng Jing never imagined that Lin Qian would be so tough.

Even after being threatened in such a way, she was not affected. What was her heart made of?

“Fine, you said it. Don’t blame me for being heartless!”

Lin Qian glared at Feng Jing coldly before she turned around and left. She was firm without a trace of hesitation.

Feng Jing sat in her chair in disappointment. Why was Lin Qian so disobedient?

Since that was the case, there was no reason for her to be considerate of their relationship.

In reality, Lin Qian did not leave the hotel. She simply stepped into the room next door and pounced into Tangning’s arms as soon as she saw her.

Lin Qian did not cry, but Tangning knew that Lin Qian’s heart was probably broken into pieces.

Tangning did not try to comfort Lin Qian straight away. Only after a little while, did she say to Lin Qian, “I trust in Li Jin’s love for you, so I think you should also trust in it too.”

“Don’t worry, I would never bow down to the pressures of evil, especially not someone like Feng Jing.”

Tangning knew that Lin Qian had been strong, so even though she was pressured by Feng Jing, she did not buckle.

“I will definitely avenge you for this.”

Lin Qian nodded her head as she left with Tangning. At this time, she received a phone call from Li Jin.

But, Lin Qian did not pick it up…

Soon, Lin Qian returned to the Li Family Home. She saw Li Jin, but she did not say a word. Only after quite some time in silence did she finally pounce into his arms and punch his chest, “What took you so long to come back?”

The first thing that Li Jin took note of as he was returning from his mission was the entertainment news. So, on the way home, he had already heard that Feng Jing had created a web of lies.

Thinking about all that Lin Qian must have suffered, he pulled her tightly into his arms, “Qian Qian, I’m sorry.”

Lin Qian couldn’t hold back her tears as she began to cry. Afraid that his parents would hear her sobs and misunderstand them, Li Jin quickly carried Lin Qian into his room.

“Qian Qian…”

Lin Qian cried for some time before she regained her composure and said, “Did you already know about my background? Even Feng Jing knew about it, so you must have already known.”

Li Jin took a deep breath and nodded his head as he hugged Lin Qian, “I didn’t want you to know about it.”

Lin Qian laughed and shook her head, “Unfortunately, someone couldn’t let me live in peace.”

“Did you know, Li Jin? Feng Jing even tried to threaten me today. She said that if I don’t help her, she would tell your parents about my father.”

“What’s wrong with your father?” Li Jin asked as he tried to remain calm. In actual fact, his heart was tearing apart. Lin Qian was his precious gem, yet someone kept trying to hurt her…

“She said that I was the result of her getting raped…”

After hearing this, Li Jin held Lin Qian tightly in his arms, “Lucky you didn’t trust her words.”

“Huh?” Lin Qian looked at Li Jin questioningly.

Li Jin released her from his embrace and went to fetch the documents from his study room, “I asked a friend to investigate Feng Jing and found that she had been dating a young heir before becoming Luo Yinghong’s assistant. But, because of her indecent behavior, the heir ended up dumping her…”

“You were born a little after that, so there’s no doubt that your father is that heir.”

“Silly Qian Qian, lucky you didn’t fall for her lies!”

Lin Qian felt like a huge load had been lifted off her shoulders as she looked at the information.

“If you want to reunite with your father…”

“There’s no need,” Lin Qian refused. “I think things are fine as they are. I don’t want to be abandoned again.”

Lin Qian’su200b worries weren’t unreasonable. If the man had such a good background, then he was bound to be married with children by now. So, if she was to pop up out of nowhere and claim to be his daughter, she would be ruining a happy family.

Lin Qian didn’t think it was necessary.

Li Jin retrieved the documents and placed them to the side. He then moved in close to Lin Qian and once again pulled her into his arms, “If that woman wants to destroy herself by looking for my parents, then go ahead. You need to trust that my parents aren’t easy to fool.”

Lin Qian leaned into Li Jin’s embrace and finally nodded her head, “I trust you and I trust auntie and uncle.”

Li Jin cupped Lin Qian’s cheeks in his hands and tried to kiss away her tears. However, as their kiss became more and more passionate, the couple almost lost control of themselves.

Luckily, Li Jin controlled himself before they took things any further and gently patted Lin Qian on the head as he placed her down on the bed, “Have a nap. I’ll call you when dinner is ready.”

“OK,” Lin Qian was tired. Truly tired!

After coaxing Lin Qian to sleep, Li Jin headed downstairs to discuss Feng Jing’s matter with his parents.

After hearing the entire story, Li Jin’s parents were furious. Especially Mother Li, who slammed her hands on the table, “How could there be such a monster in this world? She even tried to use her own daughter.”

“Mom, Qian Qian has suffered a lot!”

“Don’t worry, if this b*tch comes looking for me, I’ll put on a good act for her, so she learns that she can’t just provoke and bully anyone as she pleases. If she doesn’t want Qian Qian, I’ll have her,” Mother Li humphed loudly.

After hearing this, Li Jin relaxed.

“As for you. You keep going on missions and leaving Qian Qian to suffer on her own with no one to comfort her.”

“Mom, when I’m not around, you can look after Qian Qian.”

“Hmmph, if you weren’t my son and you weren’t working for the country, I would have beaten you to death,” Mother Li complained. She was obviously surprised that her son could find someone as good as Lin Qian; she was much too good for him.

Li Jin didn’t mind suffering on his own. As long as his mother treated Lin Qian well, a man could handle a bit of complaining.

“Then I’ll just wait to watch a good show…”

Lin Qian was unaware of all this, but the Li Family were determined to get justice for their daughter-in-law. At the same time, Tangning wasn’t about to sit idly by either. How capable did Feng Jing think she was? Soon, she would find out what it meant to offend someone that shouldn’t be offended…

There was no doubt that Feng Jing acted quickly and confidently.

On the surface, she invited the Li Elders to discuss Li Jin and Lin Qian’s marriage because she wanted to be a good mother. But, everyone knew that she was actually there to cause trouble.