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Chapter 923: Savor This Game Slowly, You Still Have Plenty Of Opportunities

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Some people walked the same path, but some reached the end while others fell off the path into the abyss.

This was what they called the vicissitudes of life. Even if Tangning tried her best, she couldn’t avoid it.

Xia Hanmo’s incident didn’t just hurt Lin Qian, it also made Tangning understand that giving up and saying goodbye were important lessons that she had to go through.

Xia Hanmo was aware that she picked a path that sacrificed herself in order to get back at Zhou Qing. But, from what she saw, she had no other choice. From the moment that Zhou Qing betrayed her, she no longer cared about the long-term nor the future. She simply wanted Zhou Qing to pay the price for what he had done.

Before the meeting started, President Liu instructed inside the villa that he bought Xia Hanmo, “Don’t be too ruthless. After all, you were once lovers. You should leave him a way out.”

Xia Hanmo was dressed in a little black suit, looking mature and vibrant. There wasn’t much of an expression on her face because her feelings for President Liu were too complicated. Towards a man that used a sneaky method to possess her, it was only right for her to hate his guts, but he ended up giving her a new home and she willingly chose to be with him.

She was originally on a wide and open path with plenty of potential, yet she chose to take the road to ruin. Now that she ended up like this, who could she blame?

Xia Hanmo suddenly remembered the night at the abandoned amusement park. The night when Lin Qian appeared in front of her, covered in wounds. How hurt was Lin Qian at that time?

Probably it would take her an entire lifetime and she still wouldn’t be able to make up for the guilt that she felt towards Lin Qian.

“OK,” Xia Hanmo eventually agreed. However, they both knew deep down that Xia Hanmo couldn’t possibly let Zhou Qing off.

Soon, Xia Hanmo arrived downstairs at Dongsheng Film Studios. As soon as the staff saw her, they realized that she was their new boss.

“How did this happen? Superstar Media got rid of this woman and then she followed Zhou Qing back to their old television station, didn’t she? Why is she now our new boss?”

“What other reason could there be? She must have crawled into President Liu’s bed.”

“I was wondering why he would put such a big project into the hands of a clueless woman. It turns out he’s trying to please her.”

“Let’s not talk about it anymore. Since things have gotten to this stage and President Liu arranged it, then we should provide Miss Xia with our assistance.”

Although President Liu’s private life wasn’t something to brag about, he was well known for being reliable and experienced in management. On top of that, the company’s staff trusted him and were loyal towards him. Of course, this was closely related to the fact that he gave them a lot of benefits.

Soon, Xia Hanmo entered the Television Director’s office and officially took control.

“Director Xia, the meeting is about to start.”

Xia Hanmo looked at her new secretary and nodded her head, “Call me when everyone’s arrived.”


The secretary knew how Xia Hanmo got her position, but she still maintained her respect because Xia Hanmo’s life was interestingly filled with ups and downs.

Soon, everyone involved in the program gathered in the meeting room. Zhou Qing also arrived, right on time. But, the Director’s seat was still empty. So, everyone looked at each other confusedly.

“President Liu said the new Television Director will be in charge of this program. Where is this person?”

“Calm down everyone, the Director will be here very soon,” Xia Hanmo’s secretary reassured before she stepped out of the room.

A few minutes later, the meeting room door flew open and Xia Hanmo stepped in.

Everyone was so shocked that their eyes almost popped out of their sockets. In particular, Zhou Qing thought she had come to cause trouble, so he immediately walked over to her and said, “You shouldn’t be here. If you wanted to look for me, you should have waited outside.”

Xia Hanmo glanced at Zhou Qing mockingly and said in a cold tone, “I’m not here to look for you, Mr. Zhou. I think you’ve misunderstood.”

“Since you’re not here for me, then why are you here?”

“I’m sorry Mr. Zhou, but everyone’s waiting for Director Xia to start the meeting,” Xia Hanmo’s secretary warned.

“Director Xia?” Zhou Qing stuttered.

“That’s right, I’m the new person in charge here, Xia Hanmo. I am looking forward to everyone’s guidance.” After introducing herself, Xia Hanmo walked over to the head of the table and sat down.

Zhou Qing’s face immediately turned pale. He never imagined Xia Hanmo to do something like this.

How did she turn around and become his boss?

“Is President Liu sure that he wants to use a person like this as his Television Director?” Zhou Qing looked at Xia Hanmo with doubt.

But, as mentioned earlier, President Liu managed his people well. So, since he had made his decision, everyone followed fit.

“We trust in Director Xia and will not question her background. Since Director Xia is in charge now, everyone here at Dongsheng will support her. What’s wrong with that, Zhou Ge?”

Zhou Qing looked annoyed as he was rendered speechless.

“Mr. Zhou, if you plan to continue working here, I suggest you improve your attitude towards me,” Xia Hanmo sneered. “Everyone thinks you’reu200b a great person, but we all know who you truly are. Why continue with the act? You should be grateful for this opportunity that President Liu has given you. If you have any ulterior motives, I will immediately kick you out.”

Zhou Qing’s face went from pale to red; Xia Hanmo had completely humiliated him.

“Without further ado, let’s begin the meeting.”

President Liu had already prepared everything, so Xia Hanmo’s appearance was just for formalities. In reality, her existence made no difference.

Meanwhile, Zhou Qing was struggling to accept this outcome. He wanted to meet with President Liu and ask him for an explanation; even a phone call would do. But, when he called President Liu’s number, the person to pick up was Xia Hanmo.


“It’s Xia Hanmo.”

“Why did you pick up the phone?”

Hearing this question, Xia Hanmo laughed in response, “Do you still need to ask? Didn’t you deliver me right to President Liu’s bed? Now that I’ve done what you wanted, why are you still questioning me?”

“Xia Hanmo, you’re disgusting!”

“I can’t compare to you, Zhou Qing. President Liu has already confirmed the incident with the Station Manager’s son: you were the one that broke his arm. Do you still think that you have a way out?”

“Must you be this ruthless?” Zhou Qing ground his teeth angrily.

“I can go even further!” Xia Hanmo said before she hung up. She really needed to thank President Liu for this result.

“Has this satisfied your hatred?” President Liu asked as he took a puff of his cigar.

“It’s not enough yet,” Xia Hanmo replied.

“Haha, savor this game slowly, you still have plenty of opportunities. Let me be honest, Zhou Qing has nowhere to run…”