Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard - Chapter 915 - You've Yet To See The Truly Heartless Side Of Me

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Chapter 915: You’ve Yet To See The Truly Heartless Side Of Me

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“Long Jie, I’m aware that I might sound a little unreasonable at the moment, but I simply want to see Tangning.”

Long Jie knew that no words would get through to Xia Hanmo at the moment, because her mind was completely focused on Zhou Qing. She simply thought that everyone had misunderstood her and Zhou Qing.

Long Jie lowered her head and thought for a second before she gave Tangning a phone call, “Xia Hanmo wants to see you.”

“If it’s possible, I also want to see Lin Qian.”

Right now, all Xia Hanmo wanted to do was clear Zhou Qing’s name. She wanted everyone to know that Lin Qian created the mess.

That everything was a plan set up by Lin Qian…

This was perhaps what people meant by ‘observers viewing a game better than the competitors’.

In the end, Tangning agreed to meet with Xia Hanmo. But, when the two women faced each other again, things were no longer how they used to be. Neither woman had any sentiments for the other person.

“What else do we have to talk about?” Tangning asked as she sat down. “I’ve already said everything last night.”

“I want you to give me a chance to prove that Zhou Qing is innocent and that Lin Qian is slandering him.”

Hearing this, Tangning’s gaze turned even colder than it already was.

“She did it because she can’t control me anymore…”

“Do you actually believe what you’re saying?” Tangning asked patiently. “Lin Qian has no reason to slander Zhou Qing and you know it. You simply refuse to believe it. There are so many suspicious points in this incident that you are refusing to face, instead you choose to trust Zhou Qing and point the sword at your own people.”

“Because of you, Lin Qian is scarred and battered. Even now, she’s still at the hospital. I’m sure you know what type of person Lin Qian is, yet, for the sake of your lover, you’d rather fabricate lies to slander her than to trust her. All this because Zhou Qing appears perfect.”

“No, you’re wrong…”

“Stop denying the truth, Xia Hanmo. I’ll simply think of Lin Qian’s kind gesture last night as feeding the dogs. From this moment onwards, you no longer have anything to do with Superstar Media.”

After she was done talking, Tangning looked down and yelled, “Get out.”

“What can I do to make you believe that Zhou Qing is innocent?”

“What can I do to make you believe that Zhou Qing has deliberately hurt others?”

“Tangning, I know you’ve always done whatever you wanted. With you around, Zhou Qing and I won’t be able to survive in this industry. If you want to get revenge, please direct it towards me; don’t target Zhou Qing. He hasn’t done anything wrong.”

After hearing this, Tangning let out a laugh, “Towards those outside of Superstar Media, I always deal with them fairly. But, when someone tries to use Superstar Media for their own benefit, I will destroy them. Whatever they’ve gained from Superstar Media, I’ll make them pay it back completely.”

“As for you, there’s nothing I can say. Since I’ve already torn you apart in public, there’s no reason to get involved with you again.”

“While I’m at it, the amount of confidence you have today, is the amount of regret you will feel in the future.”

“Since you’re so magnanimous, you should find another way to help Zhou Qing.”

“Don’t ever step foot into Superstar Media again.”

After speaking, Tangning picked up the intercom and called security.

“Tangning, must you be so heartless?”

“You’ve yet to see the truly heartless side of me.” After speaking, Tangning told the security guard to kick Xia Hanmo out of Superstar Media.

But, even up until this moment, Xia Hanmo still couldn’t understand why Tangning wouldn’t give her a chance. She couldn’t figure out where she had gone wrong.

It didn’t matter though, because Tangning was in no rush and Lin Qian would never waste her time on her again.

After all, Zhou Qing would eventually help them teach Xia Hanmo a lesson. Now that Xia Hanmo had lost her purpose, would Zhou Qing still treat her wholeheartedly?

Tangning doubted it!

Afterwards, Xing Lan and Luo Sheng both visited Lin Qian separately. Xing Lan had a tight relationship with Lin Qian, so when she saw how badly she was hurt, she was so angry that she almost bit someone.

“I can’t believe, for the sake of a man, Xia Hanmo actually betrayed all of us at Superstar Media!”

“You are no longer a part of Superstar Media,” Lin Qian reminded with a laugh.

“How am I not? I was born as a part of Superstar Media and I will die as one too,” Xing Lan humphed. “I’m going to sit back and watch the tramp being abandoned. When that day comes, she’ll finally realize who the good people are.”

“It doesn’t matter anymore,” Lin Qian shook her head. Although it hurt to think about Xia Hanmo, it was time to let her go without hesitation.

“And that Zhou Qing, I can’t believe he has such a good reputation, but he’s actually a complete fake. He sure knows how to put on an act.”

“How’s public opinion like at the moment?” Lin Qian was most concerned by what the public thought. She was worried that Tangning got into a mess because of her again.

“How else do you think they’d think? They’re all curious and waiting to watch a good show. Everyone wants to know why Tangning tore apart her own artist.”

After hearing what Xing Lan said, Lin Qian lowered her head.

She would never forget Tangning’s reaction the previous night.

“Now that Xia Hanmo has nothing, I wonder how Zhou Qing plans to use her.”

Although the matter had gotten beyond his control, Zhou Qing wasn’t suffering as badly as everyone would imagine. After all, his act over the years wasn’t for nothing. So, while Xia Hanmo was at Superstar Media, he personally went to the hospital to visit the Station Manager’s son. On the surface, he appeared to be asking for a truce, but in reality…

“What do you want? You just joined the enemy and now you’re trying to grovel up to me?”

“I know who hurt your arm?” Zhou Qing said calmly as he looked at the man’s arm. “I came today as a final favor for your father.”

The young man looked at his completely paralyzed arm and suddenly lost control of his emotions, “Tell me, who was it?”

“It’s Superstar Media. I came today to ask for mercy for Hanmo. After all, she’s already gotten into a huge argument with her agency because of this matter. Tangning wanted to frame me, but Hanmo wouldn’t allow it. That’s why a conflict happened yesterday.”

The Station Manager’s son glared at Zhou Qing and grabbed onto his shirt threateningly, “If I find out that you lied to me today, I am going to destroy you.”

“Superstar Media’s trying to frame me anyway, so you might as well destroy me now,” Zhou Qing sneered. “Can’t you remember that an actress previously died because of Tangning? Haven’t you heard of how sinister she is?”

The young man thought for a second and still felt that everything was quite suspicious, “Why would Superstar Media try to hurt me?”