Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard - Chapter 910 - She Didn't Like To Underestimate Her Enemies

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Chapter 910: She Didn’t Like To Underestimate Her Enemies

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“But I’m worried about Hanmo and my current situation,” Lin Qian said. “For some reason, uncovering another person’s secret isn’t really that great. When I think about how cold and heartless Zhou Qing sounded on the phone, I can’t help feeling scared.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll protect you,” Li Jin comforted. “Since you refuse to move in with me, why don’t you move over to my parents’ house. My mom really likes you.”

“What are you talking about?” Lin Qian glared.

But, Li Jin wasn’t joking. He was seriously considering this option.

After receiving Lin Qian’s phone call, Tangning had no choice but to reevaluate Zhou Qing as a person.

Looking at his information, he appeared perfect: he was publicly acknowledged as the best host, he had a high EQ, he was talented and he had practically no flaws. But, no one imagined that he was hiding so much.

After returning home, Mo Ting noticed that Tangning was looking through Zhou Qing’s information. So, he approached her and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Tangning took some time to explain what Lin Qian had discovered. After hearing everything, Mo Ting fell silent for a few seconds before his gaze darkened, “It’s not easy to deal with someone that’s so good at acting. Zhou Qing has a high IQ and EQ and knows how to judge a situation. I’m afraid he even used you for his own gain.”

Mo Ting was referring to how Tangning helped him transfer to an enemy television station, even though Tangning actually did it for Xia Hanmo’s sake.

But, Tangning did not view Zhou Qing lightly. She didn’t like to underestimate her enemies.

“Ting…if what Lin Qian saw was true and Zhou Qing has been putting on an act. Do you think we should be cautious of him from now on?”

“He will definitely fight for Xia Hanmo,” Mo Ting replied. “Originally, he was going to slowly get close to Xia Hanmo and use her and Superstar Media to confirm his status. But now that Lin Qian has discovered his secret, he will definitely try to drive a wedge between the two women. If Xia Hanmo trusts him, he would assume that you also trust him.”

“After all, Lin Qian’s partner is in the military and military families are strict. As soon as she gets married, she will have to focus on family. So, he probably thinks that a smart person like you would give up on Lin Qian and choose to side with Xia Hanmo.”

Tangning agreed with Mo Ting’s analysis.

“He’s wrong. I’m not giving up on anyone.”

“If he actually plans to play his tricks on Superstar Media…I won’t let him off easily.”

“Let’s keep observing.”

Luckily, Lin Qian reacted fast enough to deny that she knew anything. Tangning was currently dealing with Coco’s matter. If she had found out any later, the results would have been unimaginable. But, not exposing him didn’t mean that nothing would happen. Zhou Qing was too skilled at hiding his true self. All of a sudden, he had completely ruined his image as a good man.

But, was this powerful opponent going to be easy to deal with?

That night, Zhou Qing pretended to worry about his reputation and tried to get information about Lin Qian from Xia Hanmo. He also went to her apartment and invited her out for dinner.

Xia Hanmo had always been grateful towards Zhou Qing. So, all he had to do was make a simple kind gesture and her impression of him would quickly increase.

“Hanmo, you’re honestly very talented. With someone as capable as Lin Qian assisting you, you have unlimited potential.”

“You’ve actually helped me a lot,” Xia Hanmo responded, “Thank you, Zhou Ge.”

“It’s nothing, you don’t need to keep thanking me,” Zhou Ge said before he brought Xia Hanmo to a quiet place for a stroll. “I’ve been to the hospital and visited your brother. I know things weren’t easy for you. Silly girl, you’ve suffered over the years.”

Xia Hanmo was a little surprised. She never expected that Zhou Qing would go and visit her brother.

Most surprising of all, Zhou Qing gently leaned in and hugged her when no one was around.

“Zhou Ge…”


Zhou Qing knew how to play hard to get. He did not take things further, nor did he confess any feelings. He simply triggered Hanmo’s beating heart. He even whispered in her ear, “Although Lin Qian may misunderstand us, I still want to hug you.”

Zhou Qing said this because he expected Xia Hanmo to consider the ‘misunderstanding’ in the parking lot and not tell Lin Qian about what happened tonight.

As expected, Xia Hanmo did not mention a word to Lin Qian.

And for her own safety, Lin Qian did not reveal what she knew. However, she hated this feeling: she hated feeling like her and Xia Hanmo were drifting apart. But, to allow Tangning to investigate Zhou Qing, Lin Qian had to wait patiently.

Meanwhile, Tangning had to quickly settle the matter with Coco so she could focus on Zhou Qing.

So, during Mother Lee’s meeting with Coco, she instructed Father Lee to bring bodyguards and lawyers with him.

Of course, Coco did not want to see this mother of hers, so her gaze was filled with hatred. In fact, when Mother Lee went to hug her, she ended up bursting into tears. Tangning had taught her that if she didn’t want this woman to disturb her and her father again, then this was the best thing to do.

“You’re a bad woman! For the sake of money, you abandoned daddy and I. Yet, you suddenly want to take me back. You aren’t human!”

“You simply want to swindle daddy’s money, you’re horrible.”

Mother Lee did not expect Coco to give such a big response, attracting the gaze of everyone around them.

“Coco, Mommy loves you…”

“You only love money. When I was just two-years-old, you abandoned me in the snow. Luckily, daddy saved me. You aren’t human!”

“Just because I have money now, you suddenly want to take me back. I’m going to take you to court and sue you!”

Regardless of everything else, Coco had to first hold the moral high ground.

She had to first let everyone know that this woman abandoned her daughter before she could do anything.

The little actress did well as everyone began to point and gossip about Mother Lee.

“How could a mother be like this? She must be crazy.”

“Isn’t this the little girl that appeared in a photo with Mo Ting? This woman must have seen that her daughter has money now, so she wants to take control. There’s no one else like her.”

“Let’s take a photo of her and expose her.”

All of a sudden, everyone was scolding this ruthless woman. Meanwhile, Coco returned to her father’s side and let out a sigh of relief.

Soon, some lawyers approached Mother Lee and said to her, “We are the legal representatives for Mr. Lee and his daughter. Madam, I think we need to have a proper chat.”

“In regards to the custody of Miss Coco Lee, we would like you to know that you have absolutely no right. Do you understand?”