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Chapter 906: The Female Lead Has Been Dismissed!

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Actually, she had already predicted things to turn out this way. She was hoping that they’d be able to hold on until filming was completed, but obviously, Cate was too hard to control. She had absolutely no self awareness. So, it only seemed right to abandon this chess piece.

Cate actually insulted Tangning. How dare she insult Tangning?

Didn’t she consider what would happen if Mo Ting found out?

“No, I want to continue. You were the ones that invited me here. You have no right to send me away.”

However, Mo Ting turned around and left without glancing back.

“I will send you a contract cancellation agreement soon…” Qiao Sen notified. He knew that Mo Ting had been tolerating Cate for a long time. Fortunately for her, she had only done a few physical tricks up until this point. But this time, she was stupid enough to insult Tangning…

She was obviously digging her own grave. President Mo was the kind of person that could tolerate anything directed at him because he was tough on himself. But, it was impossible for him to see Tangning suffer in any way. Especially when he caught someone insulting her.

Cate cried and screamed as she questioned Qiao Sen.

But, her manager completely abandoned her as she went off to pack her things and call their agency to report that Cate had screwed up and was being dismissed.

“Is this the way you bully actresses from overseas? I am going to sue you…”

She was welcome to give it a try. But, did she really think that Mo Ting was a pushover?

Cate had been testing Mo Ting’s bottom line for a while. She thought that Mo Ting would continue to tolerate her. But of course, that would have been the case if she didn’t insult Tangning.

“Director, the female lead has been dismissed. Should we continue filming?”

Qiao Sen let out a sigh, “Of course not. Go home and wait for my notification instead.”

After everyone packed and left, Cate finally thought of chasing after her manager. However, her manager boarded her car with no intention of letting Cate on.

“Cate, I’ve endured you for many years. Now, I can finally be free. You can go ahead and book your own flight back to France,” the manager said before she left.

“B*tch! Come back!”

Cate chased after the car, but her manager did not turn back.

Afterwards, Qiao Sen reported the entire incident to Tangning over the phone, “President Mo overheard Cate insulting you, so this was the result.”

“OK,” Tangning replied.

“Although Cate doesn’t have many scenes, replacing her means that we will need to start again. The biggest problem is, we don’t have anyone suitable for the role.”

Qiao Sen’s biggest worry was the fact that they hadn’t found a suitable actress.

However, at this time, Tangning smiled and asked, “Since we have to find a new actress, why don’t we take this opportunity to change the script a little?”

“What are you suggesting?” Qiao Sen asked.

“I have an idea.”

It was impossible for Tangning to act in the film because she was pregnant. But, it also didn’t seem right to hire another actress. At this rate, the film was to be stuck at a standstill. So, Tangning had another idea.

But, while Tangning and Qiao Sen were discussing the matter and figuring out how to deal with it, Cate stormed into the French embassy and completely blew the incident out of proportion.

Of course, the French embassy simply ignored her because she was obviously being unreasonable.

But…the issue got leaked out in the end. Although people within the industry had previously doubted Tangning and Qiao Sen, they couldn’t believe that they still went ahead and decided to create a sci-fi film.

So, now that the female lead was causing a commotion, was Tangning’s sci-fi dream still possible?

More and more people watched on in curiosity.

“Tangning actually gave up being an actress to pursue an unrealistic dream. Has she been bewitched in some way?”

“Although I support Tangning, the domestic sci-fi market is so bad that I don’t think it can be saved.”

“Just wait and see. They’re going to start off with the intention to film something completely produced by the domestic market, but they will end up using resources from Hollywood instead.”

“I hope Tangning doesn’t go down a dishonest path like that…”

In the eyes of observers, Tangning was likely using dishonest methods.

So, with Cate’s matter on top, no one was willing to believe in Tangning’s sci-fi film. They thought she was crazy.

But, if Tangning actually cared what others thought, she wouldn’t have started with the film and she wouldn’t have invested all her efforts into it.

So, while everyone was expressing their doubts, Tangning met up with Qiao Sen.

“Hai Rui will handle Cate’s matter. Meanwhile, I’m going to tell you my idea.”

“I think the backstory of ‘The Ant Queen’ can be changed…” Tangning showed Qiao Sen a diagram that she sketched out. “Sci-fi films in recent years have long abandoned the need for a hero and a damsel. It’s such an outdated plot. I don’t think the film needs a woman.”

“Huh?” Qiao Sen didn’t quite understand. “Are you saying…”

“We can abandon the need for a woman, but we can add in a girl. We can tell the story of a father and daughter instead. It will give the film an extra degree of depth. Plus, films like this have already been successful overseas.”

“Moreover, this is a sci-fi film. If we throw a helpless little girl into the mix, the film will have more suspense and it will trigger the protective instincts of the audience and make the scenes appear more dangerous. I don’t think that having a girl in the film will be any less appealing than having a woman.”

“Most importantly, I’ve already selected someone suitable for this role,” Tangning placed some information in front of Qiao Sen, “This little girl is called Coco Lee 1 . Because her father is Canadian, this little seven-year-old has beautifully mixed features. However, this is not the main point, the main point is that she is a true acting talent.”

Qiao Sen didn’t know how to react to Tangning’s words. But, as business partners, Tangning’s suggestion was indeed the best option for them.

So, after taking a moment to compose himself, Qiao Sen finally asked Tangning, “How did you think of this idea?”

Tangning had to thank Zichen, the little rascal.

A one year old child watching television actually helped his mother solve a difficult problem.

“This is like killing multiple birds with one stone. Most importantly, I don’t need to live in fear while selecting a female lead to play alongside President Mo,” Qiao Sen was still cautious around Mo Ting.

“By the way, have you discussed this matter with President Mo yet?”

Tangning nodded her head. On the night that she discovered this little girl, she had already mentioned her idea to Mo Ting, “Did you think I was capable of doing all this on my own? Even if I did, it would have taken me a few days. But, for Mo Ting, it only took one night.”

Mo Ting wasn’t just powerful because he was smart. Most importantly, he was great at devising strategies.

There were many things that he didn’t need to do on his own. As long as he made proper arrangements, then everything would fall into place.

“So, are you saying that President Mo deliberately blew up the matter with Cate?”

In regards to this matter, Mo Ting was truly angered.