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Chapter 901: All The Tramps Should Step Side

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In this world, no other man knew how to keep his distance from a woman as well as Mo Ting.

Even after so many scenes with Cate, he never looked her straight in the eyes. So, no matter what Cate did, she did not even receive a single interested glance her way.

Apart from Tangning, he had no other desires.

So, Tangning did not need to worry that a typical scandalous scene from a drama would happen to her in real life.

Especially since she was pregnant.

Lin Qian realized she was being a bit ridiculous, so she added, “Mo Ting has always been the same Mo Ting. He would never do anything to betray you.”

Tangning smiled without responding.

Meanwhile, as a result of their conversation, Lin Qian began to think about Li Jin who was currently on a mission. As they spent more time apart than together, she started to wonder if their relationship would really last.

Tangning noticed Lin Qian’s uncertainty, but she did not ask her about it. Instead, she offered, “If you have any difficulties, you can speak to me.”

Lin Qian nodded her head, packed her things and went home to Xing Lan’s apartment.

However, she was well aware that Xing Lan now belonged to Hai Rui and she knew that living with Xing Lan in the long term wasn’t feasible because she’d be a hindrance to them. So, after careful thought, Lin Qian decided to find her own place. Of course, at this time, she did not consider moving in with Li Jin.

She had gotten used to living on her own and did not want to suddenly rely on a man. Plus, she wanted things to remain as they were.

However, at this time, Lin Qian did not expect that she’d receive an unexpected guest. The guest was a woman; to be exact, she was a female army officer. As she wore the same uniform as Li Jin, Lin Qian could roughly guess her identity and her reason for showing up.

“Hello, I am Han Xiao.”

“Although I don’t know who you are, don’t you think it’s a bit rude to dig through my private information and find your way here?” Lin Qian asked.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t dig through your information. The only reason why I know where you live is because Li Jin told me,” Han Xiao replied politely. “I didn’t come today to break the two of you apart or anything along those lines, please don’t misunderstand me. As his godsister, I simply wanted to see what kind of a girlfriend my brother has found. That’s not asking too much, right?”

“Godsister?” Lin Qian furrowed her brows.

“It seems, he hasn’t told you,” Han Xiao laughed. “But, it’s fine. He must have been afraid that you’d misunderstand, even though it would have been better to be honest. The two of us have fought side-by-side for many years and have even saved each other’s lives.”

“Even though you’re his godsister, I still don’t understand why you are here.”

“I simply came to tell you of my existence. I hope you don’t mind. You need to know that life in the military is beyond one’s control. We are going to continue working together and be in contact with each other. I don’t want him to drag me over to explain anything to you later on.”

“Then I need to thank Miss Han for specifically making this trip,” Lin Qian replied confidently. Although the woman was tall and intimidating, Lin Qian did not feel overshadowed by her.

“I’m not going to nag you about other things, but I need to remind you that Li Jin is in the military and you are in the entertainment industry. I hope you can take note of your image and not make things difficult for him.”

Lin Qian suddenly wondered who was actually Li Jin’s girlfriend.

This so-called godsister was certainly hard to bear.

After all, Lin Qian did not feel like she was in any way an embarrassment to Li Jin.

But, Han Xiao’s approach reminded her of the way that Mother Quan previously insulted her. Back then, she let Mother Quan bully her because she was still young and stupid. But, she was no longer the same young girl who didn’t know how to protect herself.

“This is all I have to say. I hope Miss Lin knows what to do.”

Lin Qian was angry and annoyed, but she did not let it get to her head.

Firstly, although she hadn’t known Li Jin for long, she knew he would never cheat on her because he was very decisive in this aspect.

Secondly, she believed that Han Xiao was a comrade of Li Jin’s, but she did not believe that she was his godsister.

Thirdly, before Li Jin personally admitted to anything, she wasn’t going to give him a death sentence, even though she was boiling up inside.

After returning home, Lin Qian was in no rush to contact Li Jin, but her anger remained plastered to her face. It wasn’t like she was selling herself, she was a pure and innocent young woman, but for some reason, she always came across disgusting, arrogant people.

Later that night, Xing Lan returned home to Lin Qian’s sour expression, “Did Li Jin bully you?”

Lin Qian shook her head.

“That means yes. Tell me what happened.”

Unable to withstand Xing Lan’s persistence, Lin Qian ended up venting about the entire incident with Li Jin’s godsister. In response, Xing Lan laughed, “Lin Qian, oh Lin Qian, you had this coming for you. Do you know how cute you look when you’re jealous?”

“Must you make fun of me at a time like this?”

Seeing that Lin Qian was seriously angered, Xing Lan quickly comforted her, “OK, that’s enough. Don’t be angry. As long as you don’t believe it, this entire matter will eventually clarify itself.”

“Pfft.” After giving her response, Lin Qian returned to her room, tidied up a little and slept until the next morning.

But, Xing Lan ended up making a phone call to Mother Li.

“Auntie, a woman claiming to be Jin’s godsister came looking for Lin Qian today and really upset her. At this rate, you’re going to lose your daughter-in-law soon…”

After hearing the whole story from Xing Lan, Mother Li was furious.

“How did Li Jin meet a dirty woman that would go directly to look for Qian Qian?”

“She claimed to be a comrade? What kind of comrade ruins other’s relationships? Old man, hurry and give the rascal a phone call. Ask him what’s going on and tell him to explain himself. Otherwise, tell him to get lost and never appear in front of me again! This is so frustrating!”

“Maybe you misunderstood your son.”

“What do you mean misunderstood? He let another woman approach his girlfriend without him knowing. Is there a man as stupid as him? He’s going to end up losing his girlfriend at this rate,” Mother Li groaned. “Why didn’t he inherit any of my EQ? Qian Qian is such a lovely girl. She may appear cold on the surface, but when something serious happens, she’s the only that would go to the military base and wait a few days and nights for our son.”

“All the tramps should step aside.”

Father Li was left with no choice but to contact his son. But, Li Jin was in the middle of a meeting and his subordinates and Han Xiao were by his side.


“Your mother has something to say to you,” Father Li didn’t want to do the talking, so he left the matter with Mother Li.

So, Li Jin ended up discussing Han Xiao on the phone with Mother Li right in front of her.

“Is this how you show Qian Qian that you like her? By allowing a love rival to show up at her doorstep?”