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Chapter 895: No Adoptive Mother, Just A Future Mother-In-Law

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“Auntie, it’s already getting late, you need to tell me when Ziye is making an appearance. He is the groom-to-be.”

Mother Quan was initially confident, but slowly, she began to question what Quan Ziye was doing.

Did he actually run off to look for Lin Qian?

As Quan Ziye’s mother, this was the first time that she felt like she couldn’t control her son and had no idea what he was thinking.

There were so many guests present and the Ye Family was also there. Yet, Quan Ziye disregarded everything. Was he trying to force her into a dead end?

As more and more people began to point and gossip about Miss Ye, the Ye Family finally approached Mother Quan impatiently to question her.

“What is happening here? Why is Ziye nowhere to be seen? My daughter is out there greeting the guests on her own. What is the meaning of this?”

“My dearest in-laws, I’m so sorry, I will immediately send someone to contact Ziye. I’m sure he isn’t such an irresponsible person. Please give me some more time,” Mother Quan comforted.

“It’s already been half an hour. I’ll give him another 10 minutes. If he doesn’t show up, I’m not sure what I am capable of doing.”

Mother Quan simply smiled. It wasn’t easy for her to gain 10 minutes, but no matter how she tried to contact Quan Ziye, there was no way of getting through to him.

In a rage, she began to suspect that Quan Ziye had actually gone to look for Lin Qian, so she decided to contact her.

“If this unfilial son actually went to look for Lin Qian, I’m going to kill him!”

At this moment, Miss Ye overheard Mother Quan’s words. So, she turned to her and said, “I can’t believe that Ziye is actually involved with his own sister. Your entire family are a bunch of liars.”

After speaking, Miss Ye ran out into the middle of all the guests.

Mother Quan quickly ran after her. She couldn’t let the bride run off as well.

“Xiao Ye, things really aren’t the way that you think they are…”

“I already heard what you said. You said that Quan Ziye went to look for Lin Qian. If there isn’t something going on between them, why would Quan Ziye look for her on the night of our engagement? Your entire family is a joke.”

“No, Ziye would never go look for that sl*t. Trust me,” Mother Quan began to panic.

“If he didn’t go look for her, then tell him to come out here immediately. Do you know that the entire room of guests are laughing at me behind my back?”

“I haven’t even married into the Quan Family yet and I’m already being humiliated.”

“The Quan Family sure know how to bring up a good son and daughter. They’re so good that they are f*cking each other.”

Miss Ye was so angry that she almost said these words out loud. But, no matter how she tried to control her volume, a few of the surrounding guests heard what she said.

So, they began to think that their assumptions were correct: that there was really something going on between Quan Ziye and Lin Qian. In fact, they may have even run away together on the night of Quan Ziye and Miss Ye’s engagement.

“Xiao Ye, to be honest, Lin Qian is a little sl*t and our family did indeed invite a wolf into our home, but Ziye was only tempted by her…”

“I can believe you when you say that Lin Qian is a sl*t, but why is Quan Ziye still not here?”

“The two of them teamed up to humiliate me at a place like this!”

Mother Quan was also angry. She never expected Quan Ziye to cause such a drama.

She shouldn’t have let her guard down and allowed Quan Ziye to leave and prepare a so-called surprised.

More and more guests began to point and gossip as the Ye Family reached their limits. Finally, Miss Ye said to Mother Quan, “I will not let the Quan Family off for this. Especially not Quan Ziye and Lin Qian.”

This time, Miss Ye did not hold back as she yelled these words across the room.

All the guests were shocked. They did not expect things to end up like this.

Meanwhile, Tangning sat among the guests with a meaningful smile. She had come here to watch a show, so she was enjoying herself as she leaned comfortably in Mo Ting’s embrace.

Could it be that Lin Qian and Quan Ziye actually eloped?

Could it be that Lin Qian was unwilling to let go of Quan Ziye, so she decided to seduce him away?

Could it be…

Actually, there weren’t that many ‘could it be’s’. Because, just as everyone was insulting Lin Qian by calling her a sl*t and making disgusting assumptions about her relationship with Quan Ziye, Lin Qian suddenly arrived at the engagement party with Li Jin.

All of a sudden, everyone was looking at Lin Qian and the soldier with a sense of irony.

Mother Quan was certain that Lin Qian had seduced her son away, but…

…Lin Qian unexpectedly showed up in front of everyone.

As soon as Miss Ye saw Lin Qian, she rushed over to her and asked, “Did Quan Ziye go looking for you? Are the two of you planning to elope?”

After hearing these words, Lin Qian furrowed her brows, “Miss Ye, are you suffering from a serious case of paranoia? I was simply late to the party…I’m not sure what’s happening here.”

“Stop acting. Speak, where have you hidden Ziye?” Mother Quan suddenly asked.

Lin Qian leaned into Li Jin’s embrace and laughed, “Mrs. Quan, are you also suffering from paranoia?”

“Then explain yourself,” Miss Ye decided to give Lin Qian a chance to explain.

“Firstly, there’s nothing going on between Quan Ziye and I…”

“What evidence do you have?” Miss Ye cut in.

“Am I not her best form of evidence?” Li Jin asked coldly. “Qian Qian simply came to attend her brother’s engagement. Things aren’t as complicated as you think they are.”

Hearing Li Jin’s response, everyone finally turned their attention towards him. Looking at his uniform, many of them quickly recognized his military rank.

He was a major general.

So, everyone began to trust in Lin Qian’s words more than what the Quan Family was saying. After all, the man beside her was a symbol of ultimate power.

Miss Ye was also slightly taken aback. Because Lin Qian was staring dead straight into her eyes.

“I’m not sure why you would think I’d elope with my brother. I would like to know who started this rumor.”

“You will need to ask your adoptive mother about that,” Miss Ye glared at Mother Quan.

At this time, Li Jin said to Miss Ye, “Qian Qian has already broken all ties with the Quan Family. Mrs. Quan even demanded Qian Qian to pay her back $30 million for the care she provided. So, I’m sorry, our Qian Qian no longer has an adoptive mother, she only has a future mother-in-law.”

“Oh God, Lin Qian actually found herself a major general.”

“If I had to pick between Quan Ziye and a major general, I would also choose the latter.”

“Does this mean that Lin Qian has always been innocent and the Quan Family has been slandering her all along?”