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Chapter 892: Be A Part Of The Excitement

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Tangning did not say a word. To be exact, there was nothing she could say.

“You are currently a highly sought after manager and actress. Whether it’s your popularity or your acting, no one can compare to you…”

“Long Jie, that’s enough,” Tangning rubbed her stomach as her gaze darkened.

“OK,” Long Jie sighed helplessly.

Tangning was currently pregnant, so she couldn’t have too much ambition nor ideas. For now, being a mother was her main identity.

Mo Ting put aside his work for Tangning’s sake. So, for the sake of her daughter, Tangning had to take good care of her body.

There was nothing more to think about…

As for Cate, it was best if they didn’t end up using her. But, even if they did, Tangning would never allow Long Jie’s worries to come true.

But, of course, she had no idea that her battle with Cate had only just begun.

It was currently early in the morning.

After resting at the Li Family Home for an entire day and night, Lin Qian finally had the energy to get out of bed.

But, Li Jin was not by her side and she was in someone else’s home. How was she to walk around? It was certainly awkward.

“Aiya, Qian Qian…why are you out of bed?” Mother Li’s voice echoed from the distance. “Li Jin returned to the military base already. He asked me to take care of you. Are you still feeling unwell?”

“No, Auntie…”

“I know it’s hard for you to adjust to this place. The two of you aren’t anything yet and he already brought you here. His father and I were also quite surprised. But, since the two of you have the intention to take things further, we have nothing to say. So, don’t feel so conscientious,” Mother Li said with a grin. “Treat this place like your own home.”

“But, from now on, don’t let people doubt your relationship. After you get married, you can immediately move in here.”

Lin Qian: “…”

“Actually, I still have work to do. I’m going to return to work now.”

“This child. Don’t act like an outsider. Come drink some chicken soup.”

Lin Qian: “…”

Li Qian had never experienced the warmth of a family, so Mother Li’s enthusiasm was a little overwhelming. But, it wasn’t hard to tell that Mother Li was an open-minded mother who held her son’s opinions in high regard. This was something the Lin Qian had never witnessed in the Quan Family.

So, this chicken soup was a little hard to swallow.

“Don’t be so silly from now on. If you wait too long for the rascal and don’t see him, then go find someone else. It’s better to torture the jerk than to torture yourself and make your body suffer.”

This time, Lin Qian felt extremely embarrassed…

In fact, she was beginning to question whether Mother Li was Li Jin’s birth mother.

Luckily, at this time, Xia Hanmo had already finished filming overseas and was back in China. So, Lin Qian was summoned back to her side. If not for this, Xia Hanmo wouldn’t have known how to excuse herself from the villa.

Mother Li didn’t want Lin Qian to leave; she had wanted a daughter for many years. Plus, it was a rare occasion for Li Jin to bring home a woman, so Mother Li had to take advantage of her time to enjoy being taken care of by a daughter.

It was all Li Jin’s fault for being too reliable and not allowing her to experience the joys of being a mother. He grew up way too quickly…

But, apart from growing up, he spent most of his time at the military base and had a cold expression the majority of the time.

“Qian Qian, please visit often.”

“OK, Auntie,” Lin Qian was quite frightened. Even so, she still felt a sense of warmth spread through her entire body.

After arriving at Xia Hanmo’s home, Xia Hanmo stared at Lin Qian and noticed a soft smile on her face. It was obvious that she had made progress in her love life.

“Are you happy?”

“It’s a bit overwhelming,” Lin Qian summed up her experience at the Li Family Home.

“Li Jin is a good person,” Xia Hanmo said in seriousness. “Cherish him well. The two of you have gone through a lot together. If you get married in the future, you will definitely be very happy.”

Hearing the word ‘married’, Lin Qian was suddenly reminded of Quan Ziye.

Quan Ziye was getting married soon.

Later that night, Lin Qian finished work and headed downstairs. As she left the building, she spotted Li Jin’s car and quickly ran over to it.

“My mom told me that you left, so I assumed you’d be back at work.”

“Yeh, Auntie was being too enthusiastic,” Lin Qian said in an overwhelmed tone as she boarded the car.

Li Jin did not say a word. Instead, he leaned over and placed a kiss on Lin Qian’s cheek.

Lin Qian was a little surprised by his action.

“What was that about?”


Li Jin’s lips slightly curved upwards as he started the car and drove Lin Qian home. But, just as they arrived, Lin Qian suddenly said to Li Jin, “My brother is getting engaged. Can you come with me to the engagement party?”

“Since it’s your brother, then, of course, I’ll go,” Li Jin replied without hesitation.


Li Jin knew that the Quan Family was like a black hole. He couldn’t possibly let Lin Qian go on her own and withstand the difficulties and taunting. So, he was not only going there to protect Lin Qian, he was going to turn her into the center of attention.

But, of course, Lin Qian did not know about this. She simply wanted someone to accompany her so she wouldn’t be alone and she would be satisfied.

As Quan Ziye used to be a part of the entertainment industry, there were naturally a lot of celebrities invited to his engagement party; even Mo Ting received an invite because he was once Quan Ziye’s boss. After all, Quan Ziye couldn’t lose out on any gifts.

However, Tangning felt that this engagement party was quite interesting.

Quan Ziye had pursued Lin Qian for many years with no luck, yet, in the blink of an eye, he was marrying another person.

So, Tangning had a feeling that things weren’t that simple.

Quan Ziye had been stuck between Lin Qian and Mother Quan for many years, which meant he wasn’t a person that easily surrendered. So, now that Mother Quan made him lose the love of his life, Tangning expected that he wouldn’t let his mother off so easily.

“Is Lin Qian going?” Mo Ting asked after coaxing the two kids to sleep and seeing Tangning stare at the invite.

“With Li Jin backing her up, what is there for her to be afraid of? Even if she decided not to go, Li Jin would force her to go. So, there’s no doubt that she’s going,” Tangning replied, “That’s why I want to go as well, President Mo.”

“Is there any excitement that you don’t want to be a part of these days?” Mo Ting said as he looked at Tanging. “Fine…if Mrs. Mo wants to do something, then I will accompany her.”

If not because of the child in her stomach, Tangning would not be able to resist the temptation she felt from Mo Ting at that moment.

Although he was already at the age of an uncle, he was still as handsome as ever, and for some reason, he was becoming more and more attractive.

But, before the engagement party was to take place, Xia Hanmo’s first variety program was about to start broadcasting. Everyone had already heard that Xia Hanmo’s reactions while on holidays was quick and witty. But, was she also that loveable on the program?

After all, she had been previously famous because of her bad reputation. Who’s to say that she wouldn’t have a bad reputation again?