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Chapter 889: My Girlfriend

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“I’m hoping to attend a wedding that my brother feels true about. If it’s something casual, then I’d rather not go.” After speaking, Lin Qian walked past Quan Ziye and rushed off to look for Li Jin, even though she didn’t know what to expect.

“How do you know that I don’t have some tricks up my sleeves?” Quan Ziye laughed as he watched Lin Qian disappear into the distance.

He had spent his entire life under Mother Quan’s influence and never truly lived for himself. So, from now on, he was going to let her know that no one could interfere with his life.

Lin Qian started driving with one destination in mind: the military air base. She had to see Li Jin and confirm that he was safe.

But of course, military bases weren’t open to the public. So, after driving for three hours and arriving at the entrance to the base, she was stopped by some soldiers.

“Miss, this is an important military facility, no one can pass.”

“I’m looking for Li Jin,” Lin Qian explained her motive. “I’m his girlfriend…”

“I’m sorry, Miss, but you are strictly forbidden to enter, regardless of who you are,” the sentinel persisted.

“I can’t even visit?”

The sentinel shook his head, “I’m sorry, Miss, please don’t make things difficult for us. It’s getting late, please hurry home. This is a remote location, you won’t be able to find any accommodation nearby.”

Lin Qian knew that the military base was strict, but she didn’t expect it to be strict to this extent. No wonder even Father Li couldn’t find any information about his son.

“Then I’ll just wait here,” Lin Qian’s temper was ignited and no one could do anything about it.

The sentinel shook his head helplessly as he directed her to a safe area to wait. In the end, Lin Qian spent half the day waiting in that one spot.

Eventually, the sentinel finished his shift and was replaced with another one. And this new sentinel, of course, treated Lin Qian in the same way. He had no choice. After all, military orders could not be revoked.

Soon, a few military vehicles drove in and out of the base. In order to get information about Li Jin as soon as possible, Lin Qian stopped each one.

“Xiao Fang, what is up with this lady?” one of the commanding officers spotted Lin Qian as he left the base and couldn’t help but question the sentinel.

“Reporting sir, this lady claims she is Major General Li’s girlfriend. She is here to check on his current situation,” the sentinel replied. “To prevent a spy from entering the base, we did not notify anyone of her presence.”

“I see. In that case, how long has she been waiting?”

“She has been here since the afternoon…” the sentinel replied.

“Then send someone to escort her out of here. This is a military base. Unauthorized people are not allowed in,” the commanding officer said before he wound up his window and left.

After receiving his order, the sentinel had no choice but to say to Lin Qian, “Miss, why don’t I send someone to escort you back to town. There’s no way you’ll be allowed in here.”

“I’ll just wait here,” Lin Qian replied stubbornly.

The sentinel had no choice but to return to his post as he watched Lin Qian lean against the corner.

Because she couldn’t block the path going in and out of the base, she had no choice but to stop her car a few kilometers away and walk to the entrance. At this point, she couldn’t possibly return to the car on her own because she’d be putting herself in even more danger.

Either way, Lin Qian was determined to camp out here until she saw Li Jin.

So, after one night passed, Lin Qian continued to stand outside the entrance…

The sentinels changed over and over again, but Lin Qian still did not receive any news about Li Jin.

“Miss, go home. You need food and rest.”

“I don’t need it,” Lin Qian shook her head.

“This is not the place to show off your endurance and perseverance. This is a military base.”

“My boyfriend is in the military and I’m worried about his safety. What else can I do?” Lin Qian asked helplessly. “I won’t make things difficult for you, but I hope you won’t make things difficult for me either…”

“You’re too stubborn…” the sentinel felt defeated.

Lin Qian had just recovered from a serious illness and now she spent an entire night in the middle of nowhere, so she was beginning to feel a little dizzy. But, she couldn’t let herself fall over.


…a loud bang was soon heard coming from her corner. The sentinel quickly responded to the sound and ran to Lin Qian’s side, “Miss, Miss…don’t faint.”

Left with no choice, the sentinel could only call for some soldiers to send Lin Qian to the nearby military hospital.

As the doctor took care of Lin Qian, she ended up falling unconscious.

12pm. Li Jin and his comrades drove out of the military base after completing a special mission. He had been in charge of escorting a criminal back to China for trial. As the criminal had a lot of underlings, it was a long and arduous process which took up a lot of time. It was so long that Li Jin had lost track of time.

Finally, the mission was handed over to someone else and Li Jin left, completely exhausted. But, his subordinates were still in the same car as him.

As the car pulled up at the gate, the sentinel was shocked to see Li Jin. But he quickly decided to tell him, “Sir, I have something to report.”

“What is it? Speak,” Li Jin was extremely exhausted.

“Yesterday afternoon, a young miss came to the base looking for you. As the base has its regulations and outsiders are not allowed in, she ended up standing outside for an entire day and night and eventually fainted. She said she was your girlfriend.”

The subordinates in the car laughed as they heard this, “Chief, when did you start having a girlfriend?”

“I know, right? Aren’t you aware that Han Xiao has had a crush on you for ages? She only transferred to this base not long ago because of you.”

But, Li Jin didn’t hear a thing as he asked the sentinel, “Where is she now?”

“She’s been sent to the military hospital.”

After hearing this, Li Jin immediately drove off at full speed towards the hospital.

No one believed that he had a girlfriend. After all, he and Han Xiao matched each other so well. Did he not like Han Xiao?

To verify the situation, Li Jin’s comrades and subordinates ended up following him to the hospital and quickly located Lin Qian’s room.

At this moment, Lin Qian was still unconscious. Although her face wasn’t as pale as when she first fainted, her cheeks hadn’t returned to its usual rosiness either.

“Nurse, how is she?”

“She was simply too exhausted,” the nurse answered.

Li Jin sat down on the edge of Lin Qian’s bed before he turned on his phone. At this moment, one message after another appeared on his phone from Lin Qian.

“Chief, she’s…”

“She’s my girlfriend,” Li Jin admitted.

“Errr…since that’s the case, then we won’t bother you.”

The men were stunned; there was actually someone in this world that Li Jin acknowledged as his girlfriend. They originally thought that he had never been involved with any woman because he had Han Xiao by his side and already treated her like his woman. Who would have thought that a Cheng Yaojin would unexpectedly show up and ruin the plan 1

Li Jin remained seated by Lin Qian’s side. At this moment, he had no one else in his eyes. All he felt was a deep sense of guilt.

He never thought that he’d make his partner worry about him so much.

Lin Qian’s appearance made him feel both sweet and heartbroken.