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Chapter 872: I Don’t Think My Feelings Are One-sided

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As expected, Qiao Sen ended up rejecting Chen Xingyan. He had already seen all the information about Chen Xingyan that Tangning had given him, but he felt that she was too young and wasn’t suited to their film.

Even when An Zihao and Chen Xingyan appeared outside his office door, Qiao Sen still said the same thing to Tangning, “I still feel you are the most suitable. Why don’t you recommend someone else to me? Based on your current performance, I’m not very satisfied.”

“You should give Xingyan a chance to audition,” Tangning requested.

“I originally agreed to a fresh start because I was moved by your acting…” Qiao Sen was persistent, “I honestly don’t think she’s suitable.”

“I’ve always known that Director Qiao Sen is extremely strict. After today’s experience, I’ve realized that you are indeed far from average,” An Zihao said after realizing that Tangning hadn’t made any progress. “Tell me what she’s lacking and we can transform her into a suitable actress.”

Qiao Sen glanced at Tangning before he turned back to look at An Zihao, “I’m sorry, but I can’t let an actress that still requires training to partake in my film. I just can’t.”

“So, before we decide on an actress, I’m going to go home and wait for you to find someone suitable before I return.” After speaking, Qiao Sen left the office without giving Chen Xingyan the slightest chance.

But, Chen Xingyan and An Zihao weren’t angry as they turned to Tangning and shrugged their shoulders, “I guess, you’re destined to take the role.”

“But, I honestly can’t do it,” Tangning shook her head helplessly.

“Is it because of Xu Xin?”

“It’s because I’m pregnant again,” Tangning said as she pointed to her stomach.

“Then I guess there’s no way around it…” An Zihao laughed. “However, I have a suggestion that I don’t think Director Qian will reject. Why don’t we get President Mo to take the role. I’ve read through the script. Although it is originally a female role, men ultimately run the world.”

“Previously, when you were an actress, President Mo supported you behind-the-scenesu200b. So, why can’t the two of you swap roles this time?”

“It’s still considered as a mutual benefit.”

“Zihao has said a lot today. But these last words were the most realistic,” Chen Xingyan agreed with An Zihao’s suggestion. “Everyone has witnessed both of you act. I’m sure Director Qiao Sen won’t reject this.”

Tangning took a deep breath and was suddenly put in a difficult position.

After returning home, she explained An Zihao’s idea to Mo Ting. But…she didn’t want Mo Ting to work so hard. He already had enough on his table with Hai Rui and taking care of the kids. How was he to have enough energy for acting as well?

Mo Ting did not say a word, but it was clear what he was thinking.

“Actually, Ting…” Tangning said emotionally, “I want you to be a part of my creation, just like how your creation involved my efforts.”

“OK, that’s all I needed to hear,” Mo Ting replied.


“Don’t think about it too much…Get some rest,” Mo Ting said, “Unless you have a better idea.”

Tangning clearly knew that there wasn’t.

“I can play the role of a superhero. When the kids grow up and understand things, they will be proud of their father.”

For some reason, Tangning felt that Mo Ting had softened a lot after becoming a father. Plus, he had made a lot of sacrifices for her and their kids.

Afterwards, Tangning called Qiao Sen to tell him about this. Qiao Sen was quite surprised to hear that Mo Ting could act. But, Tangning did not say anything. She simply showed him the drama they had previously acted in. After Qiao Sen watched it, he returned Tangning’s phone call, “It’s set.”

Mo Ting was going to starr in ‘Purgatory’.

Long Jie and Lin Qian were also shocked by this news. They had all expected Tangning to take the role. But in the end, the result turned out this way. Was Mo Ting planning to pursue this path from now on?

No, he wasn’t!

Tangning gave instructions at Superstar Media to focus on Luo Sheng’s recovery and told Long Jie to take good care of him. As for Lin Qian, Xia Hanmo was about to return and she needed someone by her side. Tangning also told the two women that if they discovered any new artists, they should hold off signing them and give them help and support instead.

“Are you focusing on behind-the-scenes work from now on?” Long Jie asked.

“Yes, I’m going to place all my focus on that,” Tangning nodded.

“Good. Although I don’t understand it, I support your every decision.”

“Me too,” Lin Qian raised her hand.

Seeing Lin Qian’s delayed reaction, Long Jie couldn’t help but laugh, “I heard from Xing Lan that ‘someone’ has been going on blind dates…”

“It was to help the police with their investigation,” Lin Qian rolled her eyes.

“Did the investigation involve going to someone’s house and helping them with their cleaning and cooking?”

“I don’t know how to explain myself,” Lin Qian wanted to cry; her innocence had been completely ruined by Xing Lan’s big mouth. That’s why one should not make friends recklessly.

“I heard that the man is from the military. They are usually good in ‘that aspect’.”

Lin Qian’s face burned red, “Long Jie! You’re too dirty minded!”

The three women continued to chat in the office until Mo Ting arrived downstairs in his car. As soon as Long Jie spotted him, she was a little surprised, “Boss specifically came to pick you up?”

“Isn’t this something that he does often? What’s so strange about it?”

“The strange thing is the time,” Long Jie replied as she shook her head.

Tangning smiled without giving an explanation as she left the office holding her handbag. Long Jie was a little confused as she looked at Lin Qian questioningly, “Isn’t she a bit abnormal?”

Lin Qian glared at her and stood up with her handbag. She didn’t want to talk to this dirty-minded woman.

But, when Lin Qian reached downstairs, she spotted Li Jin’s tall and built figure waiting for her.

“How did you find this place?”

“I drove you here last time,” Li Jin replied with his usual coldness. He practically had no expression. “Let’s go.”

“Where are we going?” Lin Qian asked. This time, she wasn’t about to let him randomly abduct her.

“To eat.”

“I need to go home,” Lin Qian said before she headed towards the other exit. But, Li Jin pulled her towards him and pushed her into his car, “I don’t like it when people disobey my orders.”

“I’m not your subordinate and I’m not that familiar with you, Mr. Li,” Lin Qian yelled angrily.

“But, you knew I was the person that you were supposed to be match made with, yet you didn’t avoid me. Doesn’t that mean you wanted to take things further? Did I make a mistake?” Li Jin asked straightforwardly.

Lin Qian froze as her face turned even more red, “That’s all a misunderstanding.”

“I’ve been analyzing you. I don’t think my feelings are one-sided.”