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Chapter 863: Tangning, Luo Sheng’s Ruined

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“It’s easy to say that, but there’s honestly no end to your mother… Does she want to control our lives so badly?”

“She’s stopped being my mother a long time ago,” Lu Che replied coldly.

After hearing this, Long Jie suddenly felt pity for her husband. Sometimes, family members were like this, but one couldn’t choose their own family.

So, she stretched out her arms and gave Lu Che a hug.

Lu Che did not want to continue with this depressing topic, so he naturally changed the subject, “Now that the Madam is invested in film production, it will consume at least a year of her time. What’s happening with Superstar Media? Doesn’t she intend to sign another artist?”

“I haven’t asked her about it.”

“If she succeeds with this project, her status in the film industry may possibly exceed some of the most creative and artistic people. A sci-fi film is like a black hole. Others are too afraid to touch it. Even Hai Rui needed to hesitate. Yet she jumped headfirst into it.”

“Isn’t this typical of Tangning?” Long Jie laughed. “Now that I think about it, I can actually step up and go find some artists on my own. I can work harder and make your mother regret that she ever looked down on me.”

“You don’t need to do that. As long as we are happy, that’s all that matters.”

These words were easy to say, but this was because he had never experienced being looked down upon by people. On the other hand, for Long Jie, making Lu Che’s mother regret was something that she had to do.

Perhaps Lu Che understood this, so he did not stop her.

The couple hugged each other tightly, joining at their hearts. At this time, Long Jie received a phone call from Luo Sheng. His voice was slightly excited, “Long Jie, I am going to negotiate a role in a big IP production for next year. I may need to meet with a few people. Could you please get some time off from my current drama for me?”

“Leave it with me, you don’t need to personally go…”

“But I want to go…”

“Have you done your research and fully understood it?”

“Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing,” Luo Sheng said confidently. After all, he had already built a network of contacts in the industry. Otherwise, he couldn’t have possibly secured a big project like ‘Red Flame’.

However, Long Jie wasn’t completely convinced. On the surface, she did not stop Luo Sheng, but in private, she looked into the script of ‘Derivative’. She discovered that it was a super IP. The script was fine, but what about the production team behind it?

The person that Luo Sheng was meeting with was the investor of the film, a person also with the surname Luo; a professor in the US.

But, at this moment, this was all that Long Jie knew.

So, there was no way she could stop Luo Sheng in time.

A few days later, Luo Sheng told Long Jie that he had already secured the male lead of the new IP drama.

However, from Long Jie’s understanding, nothing was actually happening with the project…

In the end, Long Jie helplessly reported the matter to Tangning, “Luo Sheng will be meeting the investor again tonight. On the surface, it appears exactly as it sounds, but for some reason, I have a feeling that something isn’t quite right. Tangning, help me analyze the situation.”

“Accompany Luo Sheng there tonight.”

“I was planning to do that, that’s why I gave Luo Sheng a phone call, but he hasn’t picked up,” Long Jie was a little worried. “I also gave the set a phone call, but the director said he didn’t see Luo Sheng tonight. Am I not being responsible enough towards Luo Sheng?”

“Give Lu Che a phone call and tell him to find out where the man with the surname Luo is.”

“OK, I’ll immediately make a phone call.”

Long Jie wanted to head out. However, the rain prevented her from going outside. Either way, even if she was to go out and look for Luo Sheng, she didn’t know where to begin anyway.

Long Jie suddenly felt really guilty as Luo Sheng’s confident expression appeared in her mind.

Time ticked by, minute by minute. Lu Che tried his best to investigate where Luo Sheng was, but it wasn’t until late at night before he finally reported back to Long Jie that Luo Sheng wasn’t at the investor’s house.

Long Jie immediately rushed out into the rain. But, just as she boarded her car, her phone finally began to vibrate. However, when she picked up, she realized it was the police calling!

“Hello, are you Luo Sheng’s family member? This is the police calling.”

The police!

Long Jie immediately drove over to the police station, only to find Luo Sheng sitting inside, soaked to the bone, hugging his knees.

“What’s this all about?” Long Jie asked the police.

“We found him on the side of the road. His head appeared injured and he couldn’t recognize anyone, so we found your contact through his phone and called you. Hurry and take him to the hospital.”

Long Jie looked at Luo Sheng in shock. As she noticed his bloody right eye, she felt a piercing pain in her heart.

Soon, Long Jie delivered Luo Sheng to the nearby hospital. According to the doctor’s diagnosis, Luo Sheng had been hit in the head by a hard falling object. The worst outcome would be for him to remain confused like this forever.

After hearing this, Long Jie stepped back in shock, “Please try your best to fix him. He is an actor with a promising future.”

“Miss Long, we will try our best, but we can’t guarantee anything.”

Long Jie froze as she stared at Luo Sheng who was laying in the hospital bed and held back her emotions. Only after she stepped out of the hospital room did she begin to cry.

Afterwards, she gave Tangning a phone call, “Tangning, Luo Sheng’s ruined…”

Tangning had just coaxed the two kids to sleep when she heard from Long Jie. After hanging up the phone, she rushed straight to the hospital.

Not only had Luo Sheng’s brain been damaged, his right eye was also affected.

“What will our Luo Sheng do from now on? How will I explain this to his parents?”

Tangning glanced at Luo Sheng before she pulled out her phone and called Tang Yichen, “Sis, I have an artist that’s been seriously injured. You’re the only person I can rely on.”

“If you have a patient, then send them straight to me. Even if you weren’t my sister, I wouldn’t just sit idly by,” Tang Yichen immediately replied.

“I’ll transfer him straight away then.”

“OK,” Tang Yichen hung up the phone and walked into Lu Guangli’s office. She then leaned on his desk and said, “A patient will be delivered here in a moment, will you help me treat him?”

Lu Guangli put down the medical journal in his hands and glanced at Tang Yichen, “No!”

Tangning immediately signed Luo Sheng’s transfer papers and placed all her focus on finding the truth behind what happened.

Although she knew that Luo Sheng had recently made a lot of enemies, it really angered her to know that someone had gone this far…

Either way, if someone had instigated Luo Sheng’s attack, then there was no way they could keep it hidden. It wasn’t easy for Luo Sheng to get to where he was today. If he had to retreat from the industry to recover, it would be equivalent to starting all over again.

Tangning knew that Long Jie had been truly frightened and felt extremely guilty…

But, apart from helping Luo Sheng recover and keeping his career stable, there was nothing else she could do.

Soon, Luo Sheng arrived at Tang Yichen’s hospital.

After admitting Luo Sheng, Tang Yichen asked Tangning and the others to wait outside the emergency room while she examined him.