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Chapter 848: Don’t Want To Make Her Upset

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Xia Hanmo was so frightened that she immediately returned to Superstar Media; she had discovered that practically every room in her apartment was equipped with pinhole cameras.

Long Jie immediately handed her a shirt, “You can’t continue living there.”

“Should I lay the cards on the table? I don’t know what else my manager has in her hands. In fact…”

Xia Hanmo was trembling. She never expected that she had been under surveillance for so long.

“Pssh, I’ve never seen someone as despicable as this manager. The rules in this industry have all been broken by this piece of trash,” Long Jie couldn’t help but complain.

Tangning looked at the two women and instructed Long Jie, “First, take control of the paparazzo that’s been working with the piece of trash. Get as much evidence that benefits Xia Hanmo as possible.”

“That’s easy,” Long Jie gestured OK with her hands.

While she was gone, Xia Hanmo was too afraid to return to her apartment and ended up sitting in a daze at Superstar Media for quite some time.

Later that afternoon, news arrived from Long Jie that she had secured the necessary evidence and had forced the paparazzo to shut up. After all, Superstar Media and Hai Rui were closely linked, so the paparazzo did not want to risk being destroyed over a small benefit.

“You can now speak to your management agency and see if they are willing to deal with your manager.”

“I’m afraid…it won’t be that easy.”

“I know it won’t be easy. But, at least, you’ll get to watch them fight amongst each other. You will eventually leave them anyway,” Tangning said quietly. When she was an artist, Tangning often took note of her identity and focused on her professionalism. But, after becoming a manager, her maturity was suddenly apparent.

“Just do as I say…”

Xia Hanmo thought about it for a moment and nodded her head.

Xia Hanmo didn’t need to care about attending the event that night, but to prevent her from being called a snob, Tangning asked Long Jie to deal with it.

Afterwards, Xia Hanmo drove back to the headquarters of A Thousand Pictures Media. Although the agency wasn’t that famous in the industry, they did have a few famous artists signed with them.

As soon as Xia Hanmo entered the building, she directly told her boss’ secretary, “I want to see President Lin.”

“OK, I’ll ask President Lin if he’s got some time.” After the secretary finished talking, she gave President Lin a phone call.

In the end, Xia Hanmo ended up waiting two hours, even though she could obviously hear a woman laughing in his office. Eventually, her patience wore out and she directly threw open the doors…

“Xia Hanmo, do you know the rules?” her boss yelled as the woman beside him quickly left the room.

Xia Hanmo hesitated for a few seconds before she stepped forward and threw the evidence she had onto the President’s table, “I would like to ask you whether a manager that has installed cameras all over my house deserves to be kept around.”

As soon as President Lin saw the evidence, he was a little surprised, “Have you made a mistake?”

“If this gets exposed to the public, I’m sure you know what the consequences are for your agency. President Lin, I would like to change managers and take legal action on this woman.”

“Xiao Mo, is this all a misunderstanding?”

“There’s no misunderstanding. You either do as I say, or A Thousand Pictures Media gets destroyed.” After speaking, Xia Hanmo moved to the side and added, “I’ll give you one day to give me an answer.”

She then left the office. Even though, she didn’t actually know why Tangning had instructed her to do this.

After Xia Hanmo left, President Lin gave Xia Hanmo’s manager a call, “You’ve been discovered by Xia Hanmo. Come to my place tonight.”

On the surface, these two appeared to be employee and boss, but in reality…they were actually lovers.

So, the reason why Tangning asked Xia Hanmo to reveal that she was being monitored, was so they could get evidence of the couple meeting in secret. If she didn’t take this opportunity to destroy A Thousand Pictures Media, Xia Hanmo would forever have something to worry about.

Most importantly, this agency also had a past grudge with her.

Although Xu Xin’s matter had already passed, it still existed in Tangning’s heart and the list of names that she previously compiled, were imprinted deeply in her memory.

At this moment, Hai Rui already knew what was happening. Lu Che had heard about Tangning’s plan from Long Jie and mentioned it to Mo Ting, “President, does the Madam want to get revenge?”

“As long as she’s happy,” Mo Ting said calmly. “Check in detail whether there are any flaws in her plan and make sure nothing goes wrong. I don’t want these insignificant people to make her upset.”

After hearing this, Lu Che sighed.

As usual, in Mo Ting’s world, Tangning was always number one. No one could ever replace her.

If Tangning wanted to sign Xia Hanmo, it didn’t matter whether she could clear her name yet, she needed to first free Xia Hanmo from her current agency. And getting rid of them once and for all was the best method.

Xia Hanmo’s image could temporarily be put aside, but A Thousand Pictures Media had to first disappear.

Night hit…

Xia Hanmo’s manager quietly snuck into President Lin’s villa. As soon as they saw each other, they had a moment of passion before they began to talk about serious business.

“The organizers replaced Xia Hanmo at the event tonight…I didn’t know and turned up at the event on my own. How embarrassing.”

“We can’t keep Xia Hanmo around anymore. Since her contract is ending soon, suck up her last drop of blood and get rid of her,” President Lin said as he wrapped his arms around the woman. “Who told you to slip up?”

“Hmmph! How could that piece of trash complain to you about me? No one in Beijing likes her, yet she’s being so opinionated,” the manager scoffed. “I would like to see how she gets torn apart by anti-fans after she leaves our agency and joins another,”

“What are you talking about? Apart from us, who would dare to sign her on?”

The manager laughed before she once again fell into a moment of passion with the man. However, they had no idea that their every move was being recorded from the villa opposite.

As for their question about who would dare to sign Xia Hanmo…

Wasn’t the answer obvious?

Even though Xia Hanmo got famous because of her bad reputation, she still had a considerable amount of fame in Beijing. Tangning never reacted the same as everyone else, so she didn’t actually dislike her.

So, the disgusting couple would have to wait and see who had the better strategy.

But, before that, the public’s opinions had to be considered…

“Xia Hanmo is disgusting!”

“The reason? I have none. I simply dislike her!”

“I have no opinion. I just know that she’s done a lot of embarrassing things.”

“She’s a big-boobed, brainless bimbo and she’s a huge flirt!”

In reality, half of Xia Hanmo’s brain was filled with sentimental thoughts and had no space for other things. So, even at this moment, she had no idea about Tangning’s plan – and Tangning had no intention to tell her.

The next day, Xia Hanmo’s manager contacted the usual paparazzo with big news. She had a large collection of nude photos…

But, the paparazzo had already been contacted by Tangning, so he offered to buy everything in one go.

The manager easily agreed. After all, she wanted to exchange hands as soon as possible and separate herself from the bimbo. Plus, this was the last time she was doing this. So, there was no point holding onto the photos.