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Chapter 843: Not Tangning’s Style

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“With the amount of attention that is currently on Xing Lan, Hai Rui can easily sign her on based on preference,” Fang Yu said to Mo Ting in private. “That way, the higher-ups will stop pressuring Tangning.”

“It’s not the right time,” Mo Ting replied. Although a lot of attention was currently placed on Xing Lan, she still had the potential to advance further. Plus, Xing Lan was a good starting point for Superstar Media. Since the public weren’t aware of Superstar Media yet, it wasn’t right to transfer Xing Lan to Hai Rui so soon.

Hearing Mo Ting’s response, Fang Yu laughed, “Tangning’s quite ambitious. But, there are so many talented people in the industry that have been neglected. Can she possibly save them all? Why is she so determined to make the entertainment industry fair when it has always been dependent on luck?”

Mo Ting lifted his head and glared at Fang Yu, “It’s none of your business…”

Fang Yu shrugged his shoulders unamused.

The public were fighting for Xing Lan and plenty of famous agencies were throwing her offers with great conditions. If Xing Lan couldn’t resist temptation and ran off with another agency, wouldn’t Tangning be left with nothing?

Fang Yu’s worries weren’t unreasonable. After all, some people even contacted the Li Parents in private…

…and Xing Lan was a passive person…

After returning home, Mo Ting told his wife about Fang Yu’s worries, “Fang Yu’s worries make sense. You need to be careful when handling this matter.”

Tangning laughed and placed her son into Mo Ting’s arms before she said with raised eyebrows, “Both Xing Lan and Luo Sheng know that they will become nothing if they leave Superstar Media because no one in this world is willing to help those that have failed, except for me.”

“You’re that confident?” Mo Ting looked into Tangning’s eyes as he lifted her chin.

The meaningful look in his eyes was filled with love and yearning.

“My confidence comes from the fact that I have an invincible husband,” Tangning replied proudly. “You are the King of Entertainment, so I must become the undisputed Queen. That way, we can protect the kingdom that we have both strived to maintain.”

“What about these two rascals?” Mo Ting asked as he looked down at the little brat in his arms that was currently nibbling on his shirt.

“Their our sons. So, obviously, they can do whatever they want…”

Meanwhile, Xing Lan skyrocketed in fame because of the incident.

This was a result that was completely beyond what Xing Lan expected. However, it was all thanks to Tangning’s careful planning behind-the-scenes, otherwise, Xing Lan would still be a music teacher that was being blackmailed.

Xing Lan was aware that many agencies had come looking for her, both openly and secretly, to sign contracts because Lin Qian did not keep them a secret and placed every single contract in front of her.

“You currently have a good thing going. If you want to sign with another agency, you are welcome to look at these contracts.”

But, Xing Lan did not look at a single one of them and directly brushed them aside, “Ning Jie gave me a second chance at life, so it’s only right for me to stick with her.”

“You need to think it over. According to Ning Jie’s instructions, she wants you to continue with the competition and take the winner’s throne. That’su200b the best way to prove yourself.”

“I’ve thought it over too. I don’t want to take any shortcuts and miss such a good opportunity to show what I’ve got,” Xing Lan replied confidently.

“Good. Then from now on, you should focus on the next round of the competition,” Lin Qian nodded.

“I will try my best.”

Afterwards, Xing Lan returned to the competition. But, due to her accumulated popularity, there were reporters everywhere she went.

When the other contestants saw this, they did not look pleased. After all, she had caused such a huge stir, so her popularity was bound to be higher than everyone else. Wasn’t this unfair to the other contestants?

In response, some of the contestants even teamed up to complain to the organizers.

But, Xing Lan did not break any rules, so it was unreasonable for the organizers to request for her withdrawal from the competition.

“She already has the opportunity to sign with a good agency. Why is she still competing with us?”

“I know, right? Is she trying to show that she’s hardworking?”

“Does she really think she can win first place?”

“I’ve never seen someone as selfish as her…”

Xing Lan couldn’t understand why everyone looked at her weirdly. All she knew was, she suddenly felt that they bad intentions towards her because their gazes were filled with ridicule and judgment, which made her very uncomfortable.

“Xing Lan, we heard that you didn’t accept the offers from some well-known agencies. Why? Are they not good enough for you?” One of the contestants asked Xing Lan during a meeting with the producers. “Everyone thinks you already have the ability to debut. So, why are you still struggling here with everyone else?”

“My agency is Superstar Media. I have no intention to change.”

“But no one’s heard of them.”

Xing Lan smiled without giving an explanation.

As a result, the conversation soon turned into one about Xing Lan disregarding invites from agencies and how she assumed she’d rank highly in the competition.

“This Xing Lan is quite arrogant!”

“I don’t know what she’s so arrogant about. After this phase is over, she will simply be a normal contestant.”

Soon, news of Xing Lan acting arrogant before debuting began to circulate.

The media could not find a chance to interview Xing Lan about this, but they heard many rumors and thought they knew everything about her.

During this time, even though Xing Lan was still in the midst of rumors, the 100 to 64 elimination round quickly crept up on everyone.

Even so, Tangning did not ask Lin Qian to rectify the rumors. After all, a bigger piece of news was about to be released.

However, before this was to happen, Tangning asked Long Jie to arrange a meeting with Luo Sheng.

Caring for one person and losing sight of another was not Tangning’s style.

Even though, in reality, Luo Sheng did not feel it was unfair that Tangning placed more focus on Xing Lan. After all, he had discovered where he belonged.

But, he was still very excited when he saw Tangning.

“Ning Jie, I am who I am today because of you. Although I am just a secondary lead, I’ve already secured some big contracts myself. They will be announced to the public soon. I will fight hard for you!”

“I like this feeling of working earnestly and not depending on others. Plus, I’ve discovered that acting is quite addictive. Don’t worry, even if I don’t reach your level, I will still treat you as my goal and put in my best efforts.”

“Soon, everyone in the world will know of Superstar Media. They will know that we only accept the best and not just anyone.”

Tangning’s words ignited Luo Sheng’s motivation even further, because he knew that Tangning only accepted those that were talented but had no fate with fame.

Tangning gave second chances to those that thought their career was already over!

“I have faith that Superstar Media will go down in the history books just like Hai Rui.”