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Chapter 837: How Did Ning Jie Do It?

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They were both their daughters and they were twins. So, for parents to be bias to this extent, was extremely shameless.

But, Xing Lan was also someone that had embarrassed them. So, the two elders avoided their daughter like the plague. To be exact, they kept her under surveillance. Because, while they avoided her, they were also afraid that she’d do something even more embarrassing.

Hence, no matter how Li Can treated her sister, the two elders did not think it was wrong. In fact, they felt that Li Can was very thoughtful for taking responsibilty of Li Xin.

The elders had been living a luxurious life because of their songstress daughter, so they couldn’t allow someone to ruin it.

As soon as they heard Li Can say that Xing Lan was participating in a competition, the two elders felt their hearts tighten.

Xing Lan explained her situation with her parents to Lin Qian. Since Li Can had begun to cause trouble, her parents were definitely not far behind.

“After the top 100 is officially announced, the nature of the competition will change. You will need to attend a meeting about it later…” Lin Qian explained as she looked at the email sent by the organizers. But, Xing Lan’s mind seemed to be elsewhere. “What’s wrong?”

“Ning Jie asked me to endure the attacks from the public. That’s easy, I can do that. But…I’m afraid of my parents. They are ruthless people.”

They were blood related, so it was very different to strangers.

Even if she didn’t care, how would the public view her?

Her parents had obviously never upheld their responsibilty as parents.

“There’s no point being afraid. Whatever will be, will be. Ning Jie will help you handle it. Don’t worry, she’s an expert and she’s already given me thorough instructions.” Lin Qian then handed her phone to Xing Lan. “Look through the email yourself. I’m not going to read it to you.”

Xing Lan wanted to believe in Tangning, but she had already dealt with the cruel couple for so many years that she didn’t think anyone could subdue them.

Lin Qian could tell that Xing Lan was still worried. But, when it came to matters like this, one had to witness it first hand to know that Tangning could handle whatever rubbish was thrown her way.

Tangning had never been one to sit idly by. So, when it came to Xing Lan’s parents, she preferred to take the initiative.

While the two elders were deciding how to cause trouble for Xing Lan, Tangning sent someone to invite the couple to a dinner at a five-star hotel.

Of course, Long Jie was the most suitable person for this task.

“Miss Long, where are you taking us?” Mother Li asked curiously.

Long Jie did not say a thing as she delivered the two elders to the hotel, where they could eat and drink to their hearts’ content. This was treatment that the couple had never experienced.

That night, Mother Li also received a $1 million cheque from Long Jie.

“Your daughter asked me to give you a gift.”

“Can Er is so good to us,” the two elders were extremely satisfied as they repeatedly praised Li Can. However, Long Jie had to discourage them at this time.

“I’m sorry, but all that you’re enjoying today, including this cheque, is from your elder daughter, Xing Lan; also known as Li Xin.”

“This…” the two elders were shocked.

“Xing Lan is a filial person. After she signed with a good agency, she decided to give her first paycheck to you and did not pocket a single cent for herself,” Long Jie added. “Also, she mentioned that she’d buy a house overseas if she wins first place because it’s her parents’ biggest wish.”

“Uncle, Auntie, I know you have another daughter, Li Can, who is currently known as the Queen of Ballads. But, to be honest, what has she done for you over the years?”

“Xing Lan has mentioned the disagreement between her and her sister, and we have done some investigation into it. We discovered that Li Can has been scheming against her sister because she doesn’t want her to win first place. By saying this, you might think that I am driving a wedge between you, but I hope you can look at the situation objectively.”

“Xing Lan spoke to me already. If you guys need anything, you can always contact me. She told me that she believes her parents are temporarily blinded by her sister’s lies and that your intentions aren’t truly bad.”

“If Xing Lan wins the competition this time, her future will not be limited to being a singer in a small agency, she may end up signing with a top class agency.”

“Is this something that Li Can can do?”

“I know that the two of you dug into your savings to buy Li Can a house because you want to live with her. But uncle, if you don’t believe me, you should give it a try. I bet Li Can will find a reason to shrug you off.”

“I’m sure the two of you know what to do. If you need anything, let me know. I’ll leave it at this for now.”

After speaking, Long Jie boarded her car and left.

The two elders looked at the cheque in their hands with mixed emotions.

Mother Li immediately pulled out her phone and gave Li Can a phone call, “Can Can…”

“Mom, what’s wrong?” Li Can thought her mother had already spoken to Xing Lan and was waiting for the good news.

“I wanted to ask if you’ve finished with the renovations on the house that we helped you buy. Your father and I are planning to move over and live there for a few days…”

“Mom…the house is still being renovated…”

“It’s already been half a year. Hasn’t it finished yet?” Mother Li asked.

“It takes a while to renovate,” Li Can lied. “Either way, aren’t you and dad living well at home? If you want to spend some time together, I can check my schedule to see if I have any free time.”

“No need,” Mother Li immediately hung up the phone angrily.

Xing Lan had just signed a contract and she already gave them $1 million. In contrast, Li Can wouldn’t even let them stay at her place for a few days. They must have been blind in the past.

“Old man, I think Xin Er is genuinely a good daughter. This money is enough for us to place a deposit on another house. Plus, her management agency seems to be quite rich. On the other hand, didn’t Can Er say that her agency is still owing her money?”

“Hmmph!” Father Li snorted. “We supported that conniving fox for nothing. I bet she’su200b deliberately keeping her income a secret from us.”

“What should we do now? It looks like Can Er wants to prevent her sister from advancing in the competition and wants to use us as cannon fodder.”

“In that case, we will just let Miss Long clarify what happened three years ago and let Xin Er win first place. After all, she is more filial and more promising.”

“OK, it’s decided then.”

Like this, the two elders ended up changing sides.

Long Jie had given them enough benefits and these two were easy to deal with because they were blinded by their own interests.

Afterwards, Lin Qian received a message from Long Jie, “They’ve been dealt with. Don’t worry, these two may even help Xing Lan in the long term. It’s perfect.”

Lin Qian showed Long Jie’s message to Xing Lan, “Feel better? Your parents are now on your side.”

“How did Ning Jie do it?” Xing Lan was surprised; her parents were greedy and shameless.

“A mastermind will naturally have a plan.”