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Chapter 830: Don’t Go Meddling With My Artist

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During the times when Luo Sheng had nothing to film, he would take note of the progress of ‘Journey’.

In fact, he roughly remembered that Long Jie mentioned that the artist newly signed by Tangning was called Xing Lan. So he specifically took notice of this young woman and realized that she didn’t really stand out amongst the crowd but she was filled with confidence.

This was one thing that Luo Sheng liked about her. Particularly when he heard that she entered the competition using a children’s song, he was sure that she had the ability to win first place.

At this time, he also remembered what Long Jie said about getting to know the director; even if they couldn’t become close friends, he could at least be an obedient actor.

So, later that night, while Luo Sheng was waiting to film his next scene, he noticed the director was a little unsettled as he listened to a series of phone calls.

So, Luo Sheng approached him and asked, “Director, what’s wrong?”

As soon as the director saw Luo Sheng, he put away his phone and smiled, “It’s nothing. Let’s get back to filming.”

“If you are having any difficulties, you can talk to me about it,” Luo Sheng didn’t have much to say except for this.

The director had always liked people that were obedient, talented and hardworking, so when he heard what Luo Sheng said, he joked, “I’m in debt. Can you lend me some money?”

“How much?”

“$1 million.” The director was simply scaring Luo Sheng. After all, a young man like Luo Sheng who was still a rookie actor couldn’t possibly pull out so much money. However, Luo Sheng did not hesitate for a second and immediately called Long Jie to borrow $1 million.

Seeing that Luo Sheng was being serious, the director immediately shook his hands, “I’m just joking. I’m still a director. Don’t make me feel like I’m taking bribes!”

Luo Sheng put away his money and smiled, “My manager said you’re a righteous person, so if you’re really in trouble, I’m more than willing to help.”

“Oh?” the director squinted his eyes and led Luo Sheng to the stairs. As a result, the two men sat down and ended up having a chat, “I know that you used to be a part of a boy group and used to sing. Afterwards, you signed with a new agency and found a new path. Young man, from now on, why don’t you work for me?”

Luo Sheng thought for a moment and shook his head, “No. I can be friends with you, but I will never leave my management agency.”

“Tell me which agency you’re with.”

“Superstar Media.”

“I haven’t heard of them before,” the director said as he shook his head. “It must be a new agency. I don’t think there’s much of a future with them. You will need to struggle for at least another three years before you see any results.”

“It won’t take that long. I believe that I’ll be famous within one year,” Luo Sheng said confidently.

“Who’s your boss? How can you be so confident.”

Luo Sheng remained silent for a few seconds as he remembered what Long Jie had said about being honest with the director. So, without hesitation, he told him, “Tangning.”

“Who?” the director’s eyes almost popped out in shock.

“Tangning!” Luo Sheng repeated. “It’s none other than the actress, Tangning.”

“My good boy, this is big news. I had been wondering what Tangning went to do after she stepped out of the limelight. It turns out, she went to be a manager. Since she’s your boss, then there’s no point trying to convince you. If she can achieve a Best Actress award for herself, then helping you won’t be an issue,” the director exclaimed. “How come no one mentioned this?”

“She hasn’t revealed it yet…”

The director understood and nodded his head, “Don’t worry, righteous young man. I will keep this a secret for you. You’re going to be a future superstar. You actually have a real talent for acting, so after this film is over, I will recommend you to other directors and help you develop a relationship with some big names in the film industry.”

“Thank you, director,” Luo Sheng immediately thanked.

“There’s no need to thank me. These days, there aren’t many sincere people in the industry. Tangning is definitely one. I’m her fan. But, it’s a shame that she won’t be filming ever again.”

This time, Luo Sheng finally got a chance to converse with the director, heart to heart. Of course, Luo Sheng had yet to find out the broad spectrum of contacts that the director had access to. But, after today, Luo Sheng treated Tangning’s words like a royal decree.

Meanwhile, Quan Ziye finally discovered that Lin Qian had become a manager and was managing a young woman that was competing in a singing competition.

As her older brother, Quan Ziye felt it was only right for him to give a response. So, on the eve of the top 300 elimination round, when Lin Qian escorted Xing Lan home, she found Quan Ziye in the dark, leaning against the wall, just outside Xing Lan’s door.

“Why are you here?” Lin Qian furrowed her brows with a cold expression.

“He is?” In the darkness, Xing Lan could not see Quan Ziye’s face properly. She simply felt that this man was extremely tall.

“You can go up first,” Lin Qian instructed.

“What? Are you afraid that I’d hurt her?” Quan Ziye took a couple of steps out of the dark, revealing himself in the light. He then stretched out his hand charmingly towards Xing Lan, “Hello, I’m Quan Ziye.”

“Quan Ziye…”

“Xing Lan, my brother is a jerk, just ignore him, he’s dangerous,” Lin Qian immediately said to Xing Lan. “No matter how he tries to get close to you, don’t trust him. Understood?”

Xing Lan figured that the two had some personal grudges between them.

“I’ll leave you two to chat. I’m going to go upstairs first.”


As soon as Xing Lan left, Quan Ziye immediately stood in Lin Qian’s way, “You seem scared that I’d make a move on her.”

“If you want me to hate you for the rest of my life, feel free to do it,” Lin Qian replied. “I hate people that can’t separate business from their private matters.”

“You don’t hate anything. You simply hate me,” Quan Ziye laughed coldly.

“You’re right.”

After speaking, Lin Qian jumped into her car. But, just before she started it up, Quan Ziye ran over and threatened her, “Are you not worried that I’d ruin her chances in the competition? Hasn’t she already made it into the top 300?”

“By doing this, you are simply forcing me into a dead end,” Lin Qian glared at Quan Ziye. “Do as you please. After all, I still need to thank the Quan Family for supporting me, don’t I?”

“What exactly happened between you and my mother?”

“Aren’t you great at investigating? You must have put in a lot of effort already. So, why haven’t you found anything yet?”

Quan Ziye had previously asked his housekeeper to arrange a dinner with his mother so he could try and get some information out of her. But he didn’t receive any answers.

“Haha. How about this? I’m not young anymore and your artist seems decent. Why don’t I pursue her?”

“You can pursue whomever you want. Just don’t go meddling with my artist,” Lin Qian said before she started her car and drove off.

Quan Ziye laughed and quickly disappeared into the night. His Qian Qian seemed to still have her guard up around him. But, if she wanted to be a manager, he was going to let her. As for the grudge between Lin Qian and his mother, he was going to find out about it sooner or later.

Either way, he didn’t think that Xing Lan could win first place without depending on some form of backing.

Tangning was dreaming…