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Chapter 821: He Can’t Step On Us And Become Famous

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Even SMY’s agency felt that Luo Sheng was stupid for not taking the opportunity to join a new agency.

“With that face of his, if he was smart, he would already be famous throughout the entire nation and not be at home selling vegetables for his father.”

“It’s lucky that he isn’t famous. Otherwise, our current mess would be even harderu200b to clean up. I was already careful, how did these scandals start?” the manager of SMY said to the boss of the agency.

“As someone sitting at the bottom level of the entertainment industry, did you still think that you could have secrets?”

Everyone felt lucky that Luo Sheng was at home working hard as a commoner with no involvement in the current matter. After all, if an artist had no background and was unwilling to take part in under-the-table transactions, then they deserved to be stuck in a dead end.

SMY’s members didn’t like the fact that Luo Sheng was the only one that received praise, so they instructed some people to cause trouble at Luo Sheng’s store.

“Tell your son that he better hide himself well and not show his face. Otherwise, we will hit him everytime we see him.”

The trio of burly men arrived at Luo Sheng’s store, smashed everything they saw and frightened Luo Sheng’s parents pretty badly.

Afterwards, Mother Luo kept the entire incident to herself in order not to affect Luo Sheng.

As a result, Luo Sheng was completely oblivious. However, Long Jie had sources everywhere and knew exactly what had happened, so she noted down this vengeance on behalf of Luo Sheng.

Soon, the television drama featuring Luo Sheng as the secondary lead, began to broadcast during primetime on a famous channel.

Although the cast consisted of new faces, they were all undeniably handsome and beautiful. Plus, their characters were evil, cold and intelligent. Even though their performances weren’t extremely outstanding, their acting was consistent. So, after two episodes, they already received a huge response from the public.

“Oh! Have you guys seen the latest idol drama? My girly heart is beating out of its chest.”

“Phwoar, everyone is so good looking. Even through the screen I can sense the high levels of collagen.”

“I feel like I’ve returned to my youth.”

“Only two episodes have been released. After watching it, I feel it’s OK and not cheesy. That’s quite rare.”

“Chase! Chase! There’s a drama to chase now.”

As there had only been two chapters, the secondary male lead barely appeared on screen. But, the cold school bully played by Luo Sheng immediately made the female viewers squeal in excitement as soon as they saw him.

He was wearing a clean white shirt and a pair of white sneakers. As he walked past his fellow schoolmates, he gave off a distant vibe even though he was physically close to them.

“This young man is quite clean cut.”

“Why does he look so familiar?”

“Oh, I looked at the names of the cast. He is Luo Sheng!”

“He is super handsome. Luo Sheng, I want to have your babies!”

Indeed, as Tangning expected, those that had been searching desperately for information on Luo Sheng were filled with excitement after seeing Luo Sheng’s television drama.

Especially when it came to younger women. How could they not blush when seeing Luo Sheng’s handsome face?

It didn’t take long before the television ratings for ‘The Devil’s Out’ began to rise. So, from the third night of airing onwards, the numbers continued to shoot upwards. Soon, the first thing that schoolgirls did when they returned home was watch the drama alongside their homework.

Even parents that noticed their daughters swooning over this young man couldn’t help but sigh, “This young man is very clean cut.”

They originally wanted to turn off the drama. But, in the end, they simply allowed it. After all, who hadn’t been charmed by good looks when they were young?

At this time, Luo Sheng’s previous agency finally received news of his appearance in a television drama.

Seeing Luo Sheng’s fan base increase every single day, his previous manager was furious, “This Luo Sheng! I thought he left the industry. It turns out, he went to film a drama behind our backs. In fact, his drama has only aired a few episodes and he already looks like he will be famous. How shameless!”

After seeing the news, SMY’s members were shocked too, “Luo Sheng sure has his tricks. So he abandoned us to take part in a drama.”

“Mi Jie, we can’t let him continue like this. Otherwise, what would become of us?”

“Exactly. We started from the same boy group, he can’t step on us and become famous.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll do what I can to contact his current agency. I would like to see which agency managed to give someone like Luo Sheng a second chance.”

However, no matter how they denied it, Luo Sheng was already famous.

SMY’s bad reputation was known to the entire nation, while Luo Sheng was given a new lease on life. All of a sudden, he was on the path to stardom.

“He received a lot of invites for threesomes in the past. I wonder if his fans would still like him if we revealed this information.”

“He also looks like the type that likes to drink alcohol.”

“Idiots!” SMY’s manager slammed her hands on the table after seeing their immature way of thinking. “If you are to point out Luo Sheng’s faults at this time, you will simply look like troublemakers that are slandering him. Worst of all, the public will think that you are trying to leech off Luo Sheng’s popularity. How bad of an image do you want?”

The three young men retreated without another word.

“I will handle this matter. The three of you don’t need to worry about it,” the manager glared at them. But, how would they have known that Luo Sheng’s jump to fame was not an accident or moment of luck?

Everything happened because of Tangning’s precise judgment, Long Jie’s execution and Lin Qian’s management.

The outside world was crazy about Luo Sheng’s looks, but Luo Sheng hadn’t prepared himself for this sudden rush of attention.

Seeing a rare smile on Luo Sheng’s face, Long Jie warned, “You will continue to grow in fame, so your previous agency will eventually come looking for you. They may try to slander you, bribe you or try other tricks on you.”

“Don’t worry, Long Jie, I will do as you say.”

“There’s one thing I haven’t told you yet,” Long Jie thought for a moment and finally revealed the incident with Mother Luo and Father Luo. “I am aware of the consequences of telling you this, but I’ve chosen to tell you anyway because I want to know if you will act impulsively. Do you trust that we will get revenge for you, or will you impulsively act on your own and destroy the life that has just been reborn.”

After hearing this, Luo Sheng clenched his fists so tightly that they cracked.

“It’s not time yet.”

Hearing Long Jie say this, Luo Sheng took a deep breath and calmed himself down, “Don’t worry, I won’t act recklessly.”

“Good. Did you know? The drama hasn’t even been aired halfway and advertisers have already started looking for you. Plus, you’ve also been invited to take part in another idol drama. Your path has just begun.”

“As for those other feral creatures, they will simply grow in jealousy. You simply need to focus on your performance and leave them for us to deal.”