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Chapter 817: A Surprise Should Be Left To The End

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Superstar Media.

This was the agency formed by Tangning, Long Jie and Lin Qian. It was a small studio that operated separately to Hai Rui.

But, to allow this agency to exist, Tangning had previously agreed to sign a contract with Hai Rui: she agreed that if they managed to create a successful artist, they would pass that artist onto Hai Rui. In other words, she was practically like a talent scout or a headhunter.

Apart from this, Hai Rui agreed not to interfere with the artists activities, but the artist had to take Hai Rui’s interests into consideration.

Lastly, Hai Rui was only giving Tangning one year. If she didn’t make any progress in one year, the contract they signed would be automatically void and the investment that the three women made would simply be their own personal loss. Hai Rui would not be held accountable for it.

The contract was extremely strict because Mo Ting had expectations for his woman.

He believed that there was nothing that she couldn’t do.

“You need to prepare yourself. It is normal for you not to sign any artists in the initial stages, let alone secure any resources. Plus, you are not allowed to operate using Hai Rui’s name.”

“I’m well aware of that,” Tangning replied. “If I hadn’t prepared myself, I wouldn’t have made this request to you.”

After speaking, Tangning moved in close to Mo Ting and placed a kiss on his neck.

This symbolized the understanding between the couple and showed Tangning’s love of being close to Mo Ting.

If Mo Ting made things too easy for her, she would feel that there was no challenge. So, the current situation was just right. ( )

At first, she did not personally get involved with the agency. She left everything with Lin Qian and Long Jie to handle. After all, a surprise should be left to the end…

Plus, her relationship with Mo Ting from now on was practically like allies on a battlefield. Not only would she be protected by him, she could now share some of his burden.

Most importantly, now that she had moved behind-the-scenes, she would now have more time for Mo Ting and the kids…

“In that case…” Mo Ting grabbed Tangning’s chin and said in a deep and charming voice, “…I am going to focus on watching your show. From now on, if you have anything to ask of me, you will need to pay…”

“For example?”

“For example…” Mo Ting did not say anything else, he simply pointed towards the bed with his chin.

The couple understood each other and Tangning let out a laugh. Was Mo Ting applying his black-bellied methods on her?

Luo Sheng was originally the main vocal of his group. But now, he was forced to return home to watch over his father’s store and live a laborious life; simply waiting until he reached a certain age, got married and accepted his fate.

Long Jie did a thorough investigation on Luo Sheng’s current situation and discovered that he still had a 2 year contract with his management agency. In other words, he wouldn’t be allowed to do anything for 2 years. Worst of all, to prevent him from ever joining another agency, by the time his 2 years was up, the agency would have completely destroyed his reputation.

This was a common method used by agencies. It was practically like a fight for favoritism amongst an emperor’s royal harem.

On the day that Lin Qian and Long Jie went to look for Luo Sheng, he was in the market buying vegetable for his mother.

The young rascal was an honest, hard-working person.

Wearing sunglasses, Long Jie approached Luo Sheng and handed him a business card “If you want to make a comeback, come to Yijing Bar at 3pm this afternoon.”

Luo Sheng received the card confusedly. All he saw on the card in big letters was the name ‘Superstar Media’. Underneath the name, written in golden letters was a line of English text: ‘If you want to destroy your previous enemies’.

Luo Sheng had never heard of this agency before. Were they perhaps a scam? Just as he was about to throw the business card away, his mother stopped him, “Son, what are you doing?”

“Mom, this is a scam.”

“How is it a scam? My son is talented. Doesn’t he deserve to be scouted? I’ll come with you this afternoon. If these people turn out to be scammers, I’ll send them to their death.”

Luo Sheng originally planned to ignore the offer, but he didn’t want his mother to be disappointed, so he ended up nodding his head.

So, 3pm that afternoon, the mother and son arrived at Yijing Bar. The surprising thing was, these two women had actually selected a location right opposite his management agency.

Luo Sheng felt like an outcast, but the thought of how his group members ridiculed him and attacked him made him speed up his step.

Waiting for him was Long Jie and Lin Qian.

Just the two of them.

“Are you scammers?” Luo Sheng had no patience and did not hold much hope in this unheard of agency.

However, Long Jie removed her sunglasses and tapped on the table as she said, “I am Long Man, you can call me Long Jie.”

“I don’t know you.”

“You don’t need to know me,” Long Jie pulled out a cheque and placed it on the table. “We are now giving you a chance to walk over to your management agency and cancel your contract. This is your entire compensation amount. You can throw it in their face.”

Luo Sheng looked at the cheque in surprise as his heart raced, “What do you want?”

“We simply want to sign you with us…” Long Jie smiled. “But, I can’t go into detail at the moment. So, you only have two options: give up this opportunity and leave, or take this cheque, cancel your current contract and sign with us.”

Luo Sheng furrowed his brows, obviously hesitant.

He would be lying if he was to say that he didn’t hate his management agency. But…

…he had honestly never heard of Superstar Media.

Long Jie knew he was hesitant, but she had no intention of giving him any more information. If this man didn’t have enough faith and trust there was no point signing him on.

“Make your decision.”

Luo Sheng held onto his mother’s hand as his palms filled with sweat.

Obviously, Mother Luo was a risk taker. No matter how pitiful they were, they were simply declaring war against the animal’s across the road.

So, she looked at Luo Sheng confidently.

Luo Sheng was a little surprised, but he ended up picking up the cheque and walking across the road with his chest held high and his mother by his side…

“Hey, it’s Luo Sheng who we haven’t seen in a few days.”

“Luo Sheng, have you thought it over and decided to spend a night with me?”

“Luo Sheng, what are you doing here?”

After entering the agency, Luo Sheng suffered all forms of humiliation and insults. But, it didn’t matter.

“Luo Sheng, we’ve already started recording our second album. Are you here to congratulate us?” the group members of SMY cackled.