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Chapter 1245: The Same Kind Of People

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Li Shengyuan revealed a bitter smile as he looked at Chen Jingrong with complicated emotions; he never expected her to turn back and look for him.

A person like Chen Jingrong…actually turned back for him…

“Stop hiding, OK?”

Li Shengyuan let go of his restraints and accepted his fate as he kissed down on the woman in front of him. As his desires were being satisfied, he couldn’t help but admit that he had truly fallen in love with Chen Jingrong. Even though she was so evil, calculative and previously in love with another person.

The two bodies intertwined affectionately for an entire night until the couple clearly understood each other.

Chen Jingrong also understood one extra thing. That she wasn’t upset about Mo Zixi’s departure purely because of love, but also because of her pride and feeling wronged.

The next morning, the couple awoke from the hotel unaware of the media waiting for them in the parking lot.

Li Shengyuan was already temporarily banned from the industry, yet, he was discovered booking a hotel room with a woman…

His reputation and image was immediately brought to ruins.

They struggled a little, but the couple managed to escape from the reporters. Afterwards, Chen Jingrong asked worriedly, “Did they get photos of us? What’s going to happen to you?”

“Since I’ve already been banned, it doesn’t matter if they got photos of us,” Li Shengyuan was already beyond redemption.

Worst of all, the woman he was caught with, could have been anyone, but it happened to be one of the protagonists from Mo Zixi’s recent scandal. As a result, Li Shengyuan was thrown into an even worse situation as the internet erupted with scolding.

“What do you mean it doesn’t matter? I can’t allow your talent to go to waste like this?”

Lu Shengyuan did not take Chen Jingrong’s words to heart. After all, he was a man and a man had his pride.

Although the couple had already made things clear the previous night and were passionately involved with each other, they still needed to face reality when they woke up.

Lu Shengyuan escorted Chen Jingrong home first and then left. To be exact, he completely disappeared…

By the time that Chen Jingrong realized something wasn’t right, Li Shengyuan had already been missing for 3 days.

Chen Jingrong looked everywhere but couldn’t find him; not even at the bar. That’s when Chen Jingrong realized how much pride this man had. But, didn’t he think about the consequences when he first decided to help her?

So, Chen Jingrong decided to ask the Mo Family for help in the end.

After all, Mo Ting still had the final say in the industry; it had been the case for the last few decades.

As soon as Mo Ting placed an order, no one dared to defy it. That’s how the entire industry simultaneously shut Li Shengyuan out.

Because of this, Chen Jingrong ended up contacting Yao Anqi.

Of course, even though Yao Anqi felt frustrated, there was no reason to avoid her, “What do you want this time?”

“I’m not here because of Mo Zixi. I’m here because of the man that helped me put on an act,” Chen Jingrong directly expressed her intent. “He was the one that released the article about you and Mo Zixi. Afterwards, he was banned from the industry and then he went missing. That’s why I’m here to look for you.”

“The two of you are certainly the same kind of people,” Yao Anqi concluded. “So what? You think I have the ability to help you?”

“I want to see Tangning. I know this may be a lot to ask, but that man turned out this way because of me. I need to do something for him. I know you have no reason to help me, so all I can do is ask…”

“I can agree to any condition.”

After Yao Anqi finished listening to Chen Jingrong, she fell silent for a little while as she continued to write the medical report on her desk.

“I can help you, but my mother-in-law may not be willing to see you.”

“As long as you’re willing to help, it doesn’t matter if you succeed or not,” Chen Jingrong let out a sigh of relief. She knew that as long as Yao Anqi was willing to help, then her chances already improved a lot.

“You can leave now.”

Chen Jingrong did not continue to disturb Yao Anqi. But, just before she left, she shared some honest thoughts with her, “I truly admire you and I’m honestly regretful for what I did. If I didn’t do what I did 4 years ago, the two of you may have been married long ago and be already carrying your second child.”

Yao Anqi did not respond. To her, hypotheticals weren’t real.

Besides, she still got what she deserved 4 years later. Although God put her through a lot of struggles, she did not suffer too badly in the end.

Afterwards, Yao Anqi gave Tangning a phone call.


“Anqi, go ahead.” On the other side of the phone, Tangning was currently busy.

“Chen Jingrong contacted me today. It’s because of that male model. It appears as though she’s quite affected by it and has requested to meet with you.”

As soon as Tangning heard this, she laughed, “But, your father is the one that’su200b handling this matter. You should be speaking to him.”

“Mom, I was thinking that if Chen Jingrong has honestly let go of Zixi, then I will truly wish her the best. That’s why I agreed to pass on her message. I don’t want to have any other connection to her.”

Tangning nodded in understanding, “I understand your intentions. Keep her hanging for a few more days. Don’t get involved. I’ll send someone to find her soon.”

“Thank you, Mom. Thank you for helping us get revenge…”

“I know she’s caused the two of you a lot of grief. It’s fine now,” Tangning comforted. “From now on, the two of you can live in peace. If you come across any troubles, just come straight home.”

Yao Anqi was extremely moved by Tangning’s open-mindedness. Tangning had never expected anything from Yao Anqi. All she wanted was for the couple to be happy.

This was the perfect example of how family should be.

That night, Mo Zixi returned home from the special forces. After he heard about what happened with Chen Jingrong, all he could do was praise his wife, “You are certainly not the ruthless type.”

“I simply don’t want Chen Jingrong to continue clinging to us. If she can completely withdraw from this relationship, then there’s no reason why we shouldn’t help her.”

Mo Zixi nodded his head before he lifted Yao Anqi in his arms, “I’m not in the mood to worry about others. My entire mind is currently focused on you…”

“You keep leaving Xingzhe with Ziyan because of this. Don’t you know that Ziyan is a busy person too?”

“What’s she busy with? She may be in charge of Hai Rui, but it’s already been around for decades. She simply has to turn up at the office here and there and dad will turn a blind eye.”

“Besides, she truly likes Xingzhe.” By this time, Mo Zixi had already removed Yao Anqi’s beige nightgown and was touching the warmths of her body.

“You…mmm…” The rest of Yao Anqi’s words were immediately swallowed by Mo Zixi. After all, did words still matter at that moment?

At the special forces base – a place dominated by men – all they did all day was train or go on missions. So, what did these young men think about the most?

They naturally dreamed about going home and being intimate with their wives. Nothing was more perfect!