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Chapter 1237: I Understand My Heart

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Actually, in Yao Anqi’s mind, the night she had with Mo Zixi was also her favorite memory from the past few years.

Of course, she knew all along that the man she slept with was Mo Zixi. Although she never mentioned it, she had actually been paying attention to his every move. From the moment he was promoted to the times he was admitted to the hospital, she knew knew at least a little about each event.

As her understanding of him grew, he slowly became a part of her life. Eventually, she got to a point where she couldn’t deny that she felt something for him.

But, she kept stopping herself from taking notice of him. She even reminded herself endlessly that he wasn’t hers; he wasn’t then and never would be.

However, the Mo Zixi in her memory and the Mo Zixi that other’s spoke of, was actually there beside her at that very moment. What reason did she have to keep her distance from him?

So, she couldn’t resist responding to Mo Zixi by wrapping her arms around his neck…

At that moment, Mo Zixi felt like he had been transported back to 4 years ago. His entire mind was filled with the desire to possess this woman and join their bodies into one!

But, just as the most important moment arrived…

Mo Zixi suddenly stopped and looked at Yao Anqi with uncertainty, “Are you doing this willingly this time?”

“Four years ago…I also did it willingly,” Yao Anqi replied seriously, her face glowing as she spoke with a gentle voice.

At that moment, Mo Zixi lost control as he buried himself deep inside the warm depths of her body. In an instant, the couple found themselves tightly in each other’s arms…

That night felt like there was no end as Mo Zixi displayed the stamina of a soldier, demanding more and more, with no rest, as though he was completely addicted and unable to stop.

The deep pleasure was just like what he remembered from that fateful night, making it impossible to resist.

Originally, Yao Anqi was planning to return to the master bedroom after they were finished. But, with Mo Zixi’s continuous demands, she had no choice but to give up this intention. After all, she knew that Xingzhe wasn’t going to wake up.

This man was like a dissatisfied monster, eating away at every part of her body, all the way until light hit the next morning.

“No more,” Yao Anqi was completely exhausted without a single intact bone in her body.

Mo Zixi stepped off the bed and carried Yao Anqi in his arms. He then placed her into the bathtub. As she lay in the warm bath, she thought back on their battle from that night. The originally tidy bed, was now an unimaginable mess.

How was this still a bedroom? It was obviously a battlefield.

After tidying the bed, Mo Zixi returned to the bathroom to find that Yao Anqi had actually fallen asleep in the bathtub. So, he decided to carry her back into the master bedroom.

But, Yao Anqi subconsciously pushed him away, “I’m out of energy…Let me go.”

“Of course, I’ll let you go now, but we will continue tonight.”

He had resisted for 4 years and searched for this feeling for 4 years. It wasn’t easy, but he finally got a result. So, how could he just let go so easily?

Yao Anqi fell asleep and became completely unresponsive. Meanwhile, Mo Zixi helped her take a day off work. After all, Dr. Yao was currently unable to leave the bed.

But, when he thought about the feeling from the previous night, a smile appeared on Mo Zixi’s handsome face. This woman’s body was completely irresistible!

Yao Anqi ended up sleeping all the way until the afternoon. By the time she woke up, Mo Zixi was playing some games with Xingzhe in the living room.

How did he still have so much energy?

Yao Anqi was a little frustrated.

“Are you hungry? Have some food first.” As soon as he saw that Yao Anqi was awake, Mo Zixi walked into the kitchen to heat up some food for her and placed it on the dining table, “Come eat.”

“I don’t really feel like eating. I feel a little nauseous.”

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s all because you had no self-control!” Yao Anqi complained.

Mo Zixi laughed at this response, “But, I haven’t finished yet. Tell me what medicine you need and I’ll go get it for you.”

“I need sleep,” Yao Anqi quickly returned to the bed to recharge after she noticed that Mo Zixi was really not finished.

By the time she woke up again, it was already 10pm.

This time, Mo Zixi directly placed food on her bedside table and said, “Sit up, I’ll feed you. I’m sorry that I went too far.”

“I’m glad you know,” Yao Anqi sat up and leaned back on the headboard to enjoy the service provided by Mo Zixi.

“I won’t do anything tonight so you can get some proper rest. I’ll be leaving at 3am tomorrow,” Mo Zixi promised as he fed her some soup. “I just want to say something honest to you.”

“You have something honest to say after sleeping with me?” Yao Anqi glared at Mo Zixi.

“It’s because I clarified something,” Mo Zixi smiled. “I understand my heart clearly now. I don’t know how to explain the way I feel, but Anqi…I discovered that I’ve actually liked you from the start. It’s always been you.”

Over the past 4 years, Chen Jingrong had been playing Yao Anqi’s role, but she had never truly entered Mo Zixi’s heart.

He simply never realized this until Yao Anqi appeared and he confirmed that he only treated Chen Jingrong as something he had to be responsible for. But, that was all she was. There was nothing else to it.

In the past 4 years, he never experiencedu200b the same joy as that night, until he lost control last night!

And, Yao Anqi understood how he felt, because she too, experienced the same thing…

Before last night, she did not understand the complicated feelings that she had for Mo Zixi. But, as soon as her memory was refreshed, it was clear that she liked him.

“I won’t let you down. I will definitely do my best to be with you. We may have wasted 4 years, but I will never let you go again.”

Yao Anqi nodded her head and leaned into Mo Zixi’s chest. Their fate was so surreal; after going around in so many circles, they finally returned to where they started.

After sharing their honest thoughts, the couple finally felt like they were husband and wife. That night, Mo Zixi slept until 3am, but when he woke up, he couldn’t bear to leave. This time, he would not only miss his son, but also the exhausted woman that was currently lying in bed.

He hadn’t even left home yet, but he was already missing them…

In the meantime, Chen Jingrong made the decision to not look for Mo Zixi for a while. After all, she had already embarrassed herself enough and even lost her job.

Although she felt satisfied to hear that Yao Anqi had been kicked out of the military hospital, her heart ached whenever she thought about Yao Anqi and Mo Zixi being together.

She could never accept it!

So, she began to investigate which hospital Yao Anqi had transferred to. She hoped that one day, she could eventually strike.

Since she couldn’t have Mo Zixi…then, no one could have him.