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Chapter 1233: Sleeping Together

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After 7 days in confinement, Chen Jingrong immediately rejoined the troops. But, she couldn’t harass Yao Anqi anymore because she had made a promise to her superior that if she did, she would be kicked out of the military.

During this time, Yao Anqi was busy every single day. But, there were times when she received phone calls from Mo Zixi and messages updating her on his status.

Yao Anqi never replied to Mo Zixi’s messages and every time she spoke a few words on the phone, she would be interrupted by an emergency patient and be forced to hang up.

Because of this, Yao Anqi’s assisting nurse asked, “Dr. Yao, don’t you think you’re acting too cold towards Major Mo?”


The nurse nodded her head furiously, “You’re extremely cold.”

“That’s how I’m like,” Yao Anqi explained. “I’m not capable of soft and gentle conversation.”

After the nurse heard this, she nodded her head in agreement. If Yao Anqi suddenly became gentle, she would suspect that she was possessed. But, the fact was, Yao Anqi was actually born with a soft and gentle appearance. If she sat in her office and didn’t say a word, she could completely be mistaken for a delicate and proper lady.

“I’m just giving a bit of advice. After all, you and Major Mo are in ‘that’ kind of relationship. Shouldn’t couples care about each other when they talk? You should treat it slightly less like business.”

Although Yao Anqi didn’t reply, she took the nurse’s words to heart.

Mo Zixi was gone for 7 days. During this time, Yao Anqi only received phone calls from him and did not get to see him.

How were they a couple?

But, Yao Anqi understood Mo Zixi because he was a soldier.

However, that evening, when Yao Anqi finished work and was about to go home to her son, she was stopped by the plain-clothed Chen Jingrong, “I’m not in my uniform right now, I am just an average woman. Come have a chat with me.”

Yao Anqi wanted to ignore Chen Jingrong, so she waved down a cab to go home. But, Chen Jingrong held onto the car door and wouldn’t let her open it, “Even if you ignore me now, we still need to sort this out sooner or later. What’s the point of avoiding me? Who’s to say that I won’t let go after we have a chat?”

“But I don’t want to waste my time on you.”

“You’ve already won; Zixi is already yours. Can’t you show some pity for the weak?” Chen Jingrong grabbed onto Yao Anqi with teary red eyes. “I have nothing now: no man, no youth, no love…”

Yao Anqi closed the car door and walked over to a rest area. She then sat down with Chen Jingrong, “Speak, what else do you want?”

“I know that you and Zixi have a child, but I’m sure that you don’t want him to be with you just because of responsibilty. I’m here to look for you because I believe that Zixi still loves me. I can only beg you to give him back to me. If necessary, I am willing to adopt your son.”

When Yao Anqi heard this, she let out a laugh, “You should be discussing with Mo Zixi whether he loves you or not, not with me.”

“Plus, I can’t just give Mo Zixi back to you because of a bit of begging; he’s not a product that can be thrown around. Most importantly, he’s the final decision-maker.”

“Also, I can take care of my own child, he doesn’t need a step mother. You are thinking too far.”

“Lastly, you don’t seem to fully understand the real reason why Mo Zixi ended things with you. It’s not because of me and Xingzhe, but because of your lies.”

“I’m sure you’re aware of how many lies you’ve told Mo Zixi over these past 4 years. Think about it from his perspective, if someone lied to you the way that you lied to him, how would you feel? You didn’t actually think that Mo Zixi was cheating with me behind your back, did you?”

At this moment, Chen Jingrong burst into tears…

“I didn’t do it on purpose. I simply loved him too much.”

“The person you love the most, is yourself.”

“I’ve never forced Mo Zixi. He’s free to leave whenever he wants. The human heart can not be forced; whether by you or by me!”

After these last few words, the conversation officially came to an end. Yao Anqi understood that Chen Jingrong was upset, but there were some things that could never turn back. After all, the pain that Yao Anqi suffered in the past couldn’t be reversed and the person that was wrong wasn’t Mo Zixi.

That night, while Yao Anqi bathed little Xingzhe, he kept blabbering “Papa, Papa.” Perhaps he knew his son was missing him, so Mo Zixi actually returned home that night. After returning home, the first thing he did was hold his son in his arms and kiss him over and over again.

When Yao Anqi saw this, she couldn’t help but comment, “Why do you look darker?”

“Training’s been tough, I only have 8 hours before I need to return to the base at 5am tomorrow morning. So, I took the opportunity to come home to see Xingzhe…and you.”

When Yao Anqi heard this, she said, “Chen Jingrong came looking for me again today. She begged me to let you go.”

“It’s my choice to stay with you and my son. You’re not at fault. There was no point for her to come looking for you.”

“I also told her that,” Yao Anqi replied.

“Let’s not talk about that anymore. I’m hungry. Is there anything to eat?” Mo Zixi changed the subject. He didn’t want to waste his limited time talking about a person that meant nothing to him.

“Help Xingzhe with his bath and I’ll go cook you dinner,” Yao Anqi replied. “It won’t take long.”

“OK,” Mo Zixi nodded as he placed his son carefully into the bathtub and bathed him.

Knowing that his father was home, Xingzhe was so excited that he almost started dancing in the bathtub. So, Mo Zixi took this opportunity to also have a bath. When they finally emerged from bathroom, the father and son were both clean and handsome.

“Hand him to me, you should go eat,” Yao Anqi offered.

“I can carry him while I eat,” Mo Zixi couldn’t bear to part with his son. He never knew that he could miss a little creature like this so much. It made him determinedu200b to finish his training quickly every day, so he could video call Yao Anqi and see him.

“It won’t be comfortable for him!”

“He’ll be fine. I know how to carry him.”

Yao Anqi had no choice but to let him do what he wanted.

Meanwhile, Mo Zixi was so happy to see his wife and child that he couldn’t hide his smile.

He couldn’t explain this happiness in words. But, his heart was overflowing with satisfaction…

“It’s already 10pm. Xingzhe should go to sleep.”

“Let me hold him a little longer…”

“You can stare at him as much as you want tonight, but hand him over to me for now,” Yao Anqi said helplessly. “Come sleep in the master bedroom tonight. That way…you can stare at him all night.”

“What about you?”

“As long as you don’t disturb my sleep, I won’t mind,” Yao Anqi said as she lowered her head.

Did this mean that they were sleeping together? Was that what she meant?

Mo Zixi was afraid that he misunderstood, so he double checked, “So, you’ll be sleeping in the master bedroom too?”