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Chapter 1212: I’m A Little Overwhelmed

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Meanwhile, at Hyatt Regency, Tangning suddenly received a phone call from her son, asking her to help him contact an American dermatologist because her future daughter-in-law was injured.

As soon as Tangning heard his request, she prioritized it and told Lu Che to make contact with the dermatologist. She also told him to invite the dermatologist to Beijing.

Tangning had always known of the existence of Qian Lan; a woman that had been in her son’s heart for the last 5 years. However, she wasn’t sure if the future daughter-in-law that Mo Zichen spoke of, was still the same person.

After spending an entire day at the hospital, Mo Zichen was extremely tired as he returned to Hyatt Regency.

However, he had no time for rest because he returned to his family home to notify Tangning of something, “Mom, you are going to have a daughter-in-law soon.”

“Is it the same woman from 5 years ago?” Tangning guessed. She believed, when it came to love, her son had inherited the dedication and love that her and Mo Ting had. Plus, she noticed that her son was always unhappy during the past several years, so she knew that this woman remained in his heart.

“Yes,” Mo Zichen nodded, “I’ve misunderstood her too many times in the last 5 years. Last night, we clarified everything.”

“So you’re planning to get married?” Tangning asked.

“It may be a little difficult…She’s in the military.”

“Does our family have some kind of fate with the military? It’s bad enough that your older brother is an army officer, now my daughter-in-law is one too!”

Her second son was even the Deputy Director at the Ministry of State Security.

But, of course, Mo Zichen did not tell her this.

“Either way, I’m happy to see my son return to how he once was,” Tangning said as she hugged her son.

“But, mom, I may need to bother you with something.”

Mo Zichen thought that Tangning would be able to handle the Qian Family better than him. After all, no one had ever been able to defeat his mother in a fight.

“Is something bothering you?” Tangning immediately guessed.

In the end, Mo Zichen took some time and explained the entire situation with the Qian Family to Tangning. Mother Qian was fine, but they had to be cautious of Father Qian and Qian Hui.

After Tangning heard this, she nodded her head, “Don’t worry, leave this with me, it’s not that difficult of an issue. I simply need to spend a bit of money.”

The only fear was, the Qian Family would be too greedy.

However, this had never been a problem for Tangning.

She was especially good at dealing with greedy people.

Tangning spent the rest of the evening listening to Mo Zichen recall the events that happened between him and Qian Lan, including everything that happened during their 5 years apart and the torment they experienced after they reunited. After hearing everything, Tangning wanted badly to give all the love in the world to her son.

Mo Zichen wasn’t like Mo Zixi; he didn’t like making friends. As soon as one looked at him, they could tell that he was a hermit.

While Mo Zixi had colleagues to accompany him, Mo Zichen was all alone..

He was destined to be different because of his intelligence.

So, Tangning was naturally bias towards this son.

Of course, now that her son had finally found a life partner, she did not want him to be disappointed. Therefore, resolving the matter with the Qian Family, was something that she had to do.

That night, Tangning lay in bed on top of her husband’s chest and told him about Mo Zichen’s visit that evening.

“Our son has never come looking for me with that much joy. It’s all because he’s getting married.”

“Your son is as loyal as you. After 5 years of struggling, he finally saw a result.”

“Ting, did you know that Zichen has never revealed any emotions in front of us? But, this time, he smiled and his smile was so happy.”

Mo Ting wrapped his arms around his wife. He knew that Tangning had always been worried about Mo Zichen, so he kissed her on the forehead and said, “That brat is finally getting married.”

Seeing the way that his wife worried about the rascal all the time, Mo Ting had wanted to beat Mo Zichen up for a long time. But, of course, his fighting skills were no longer comparable to his son’s.

Tangning had simply guessed that her son had a dangerous identity, but she didn’t actually know what he did. On the other hand, Mo Ting knew everything with certainty.

5 years ago, he was an intelligence officer at the Ministry of State Security. Now, 5 years later, he was the Deputy Director of that place.

His skills were impressive and he had made many accomplishments.

“Ting, do you think it would be too abrupt for me to visit our daughter-in-law tomorrow?”

“As long as you want to do it, nothing is too abrupt.”

Tangning couldn’t help but laugh when she heard this. It seemed, in Mo Ting’s heart, she was right no matter what she did; she was never wrong.

They had been married for a few decades now, so Tangning knew exactly how much Mo Ting loved and doted on her.

“In that case, I’m going to the hospital tomorrow. Do you want to come with me?”

“I’ll tell Lu Che to take you. We need to pre-arrange this so you don’t stir up too much of a commotion.”

Tangning was, after all, China’s Mother of Sci-fi. Over the years, her influence had continued to exist in the film industry. Especially since the couple continued to maintain a release rate of one sci-fi film every two years.

Hence, her whereabouts were always kept a secret.

So, Qian Lan had no idea that her future mother-in-law would suddenly turn up.

There were many possible complications from lying in the hospital for too long. So, as soon as she was capable of walking, Qian Lan immediately asked to go for a wander.

Mo Zichen couldn’t argue against her, so he borrowed a wheelchair and pushed her out to the garden for a stroll.

“When can I leave the hospital?”

“At least not now,” Mo Zichen replied. “I’ve already told my Mom about the matter with your family.”

“Are you talking about…Tangning? THE Tangning?”

When Qian Lan heard the mention of Tangning, she was extremely excited.

“She’s your future mother-in-law, you can’t call her by her name,” Mo Zichen immediately warned.

“I’m just really excited. The military may seem strict, but whenever we have free time, we secretly pull out our phones and watch sci-fi films,” Qian Lan laughed. “I do that too because it’s the only way I feel like we are still connected.”

“We all like Tangn…errr, Auntie a lot.”

The couple strolled around the hospital and returned to the room after an hour. At this time, Mo Zichen noticed some black-suited bodyguards standing outside Qian Lan’s room.

Mo Zichen recognized them and roughly guessed what was happening. But, it wasn’t until they stepped into the room and saw the elegant figure standing inside, did Mo Zichen say helplessly, “Mom, why did you suddenly show up without any warning.”

“I just wanted to see my future daughter-in-law. That’s not too much to ask for, right? I just want to be a loveable mother-in-law,” Tangning chuckled as she looked at her son. She then officially introduced herself, “Qian Lan, I am Zichen’s mother.”

Qian Lan almost fainted at the sight of Tangning.

“I…I…I’m a little overwhelmed.”

“You don’t need to feel that way. My Mom won’t eat you up.”

“This won’t do, I need to get an autograph from Auntie,” Qian Lan took the opportunity to make a request. “You don’t know how many people in the military are fans of Auntie.”

“I’ll give you an autograph if you marry my son!” Tangning said childishly. “Can we make this deal?”