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Chapter 1175: Tangning Didn’t Lie

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Afterwards, Su Youran knelt down in front of the emergency theater and cried in despair. To make her act as convincing as possible, she didn’t even check if Nangong Quan had been successfully transferred out or not. After all, she didn’t want to create any suspicion.

Perhaps, due to the fact that Nangong Quan was admitted for an important surgery, Elder Nangong finally showed up at the hospital. But, as soon as Su Youran saw him, she grabbed onto his collar and shook him angrily, “Are you happy now? My husband’s life is hanging by a thread, is this what you wanted?”

“Is this your so-called revenge? If you weren’t Quan’s grandfather, I would be beating you to death right now!”

Soon, a nurse rushed over and dragged Su Youran away.

Elder Nangong was left a little unsettled; he never expected things to turn out this way. However, the killer did warn him that there were risks and that the worst outcome could lead to death.

Yet, he chose to use the drug without hesitation.

It was clear how ruthless he had become because of his hunger for vengeance!

This ruthlessness was the reason for the consequence he was currently facing: Nangong Quan was being resuscitated in the emergency theater!

He had always told himself that one needed to make sacrifices to achieve big things, and he believed, the reason he was still standing, was because he had never been the one to be sacrificed.

“You are worse than an animal! I hope you return to prison soon and die inside!”

Su Youran’s curse echoed through Elder Nangong’s ears, but he did not hear a thing…

Meanwhile, as soon as Nangong Quan was sent into the emergency theater, he was immediately transferred out. His doctor had determined that that was the easiest way to avoid suspicion.

After arriving at the military hospital, Nangong Quan was directly pushed into the operating theater.

As Lu Guangli and Tang Yichen approached the operating theater, they scanned through Nangong Quan’s hospital records and prepared some anaesthetics.

“I can handle this surgery on my own. You don’t need to assist me,” Lu Guangli said. “You worked all through the night already. You should go get some rest.”

“OK, but you need to guarantee that this surgery will be a success,” Tang Yichen said.

“Just go,” Lu Guangli said indifferently as he headed straight into the operating theater.

Although he was previously unhappy with the way that Tang Yichen helped Tangning all the time, he had now gotten used to it and was ready to become a part of the Tang Family.

Besides, a life was on the line. Even if Nangong Quan continued to lie unconscious like this without any complications, he would eventually wake up with a useless brain.

Tang Yichen was confident that Lu Guangli wouldn’t have any problems, so she relaxed and headed to the on-call room to get some rest. But, not long after she lay down, Tangning arrived at the hospital asking about Nangong Quan’s condition.

“You sure know how to pick the right time to show up…I was just about to get some rest.”

“Go ahead and nap. I’ll wait outside.”

“Aren’t you afraid of the media showing up?” Tang Yichen led Tangning to the on-call room. “Don’t worry, surgeries like this are a piece of cake for Lu Guangli. You’re stressing yourself out.”

“Of course I trust Dr. Lu’s skills. I’m just scared of outside factors,” Tangning explained. “After all, there’s a surprisingly cruel grandfather lurking around…”

As she thought about what Tangning said, Tang Xuan came to Tang Yichen’s mind.

Tang Xuan was also a person that was ruthless enough to wish death upon her own family. “I’ve grown accustomed to seeing situations like this at the hospital.”

Tangning did not say a word as she remained in the room with Tang Yichen. Two hours later, Tang Yichen finally received a phone call from Lu Guangli, telling her that the surgery was finished, “He will wake up in two hours. You can transfer him back, but be very careful.”

“Thank you…”

“You know how to pay me back tonight.” After saying this, Lu Guangli hung up the phone.

Tang Yichen’s face turned red as she turned and said to Tangning, “You can transfer him back now.”

“Thank you, sis. I always trouble you in these life and death situations.”

“Don’t be silly, it’s all worth it to be thanked by a big celebrity like you. Besides, if you didn’t ask for my help, who would you have asked?” Tang Yichen winked. “Hurry and transfer him out of here, I still need to get some rest. I won’t be able to sleep again tonight…”

Tangning did not stick around as she quickly transferred Nangong Quan back to his original hospital.

Elder Nangong had absolutely no idea that Tangning and Su Youran would pull a move like this.

When they arrived back at the hospital, Nangong Quan was successfully transferred right under Elder Nangong’s nose. But, he did not notice a thingl. Afterwards, Su Youran received a simple message from Tangning, “The surgery was a success. He will wake up in two hours. Please be careful.”

At that moment, Su Youran finally felt a load lifted off her shoulders.

A little while later, the light for the emergency theater turned off and Nangong Quan’s doctor walked out. He then said, “I’ve managed to keep him alive, but his chance of waking up has further declined.”

After Su Youran heard this, she once again glared at Elder Nangong with hatred. But, Elder Nangong simply left the hospital after confirming that his grandson wasn’t dead.

Afterwards, the doctor said to Su Youran, “Which hospital did you transfer him to? What doctor has such amazing skills?”

“Lu Guangli. Do you know him?” Su Youran replied.

“Oh…” the doctor was amazed as he raised a thumb at Su Youran, “He’s on the genius level. It’s very difficult to get him to operate on someone. It’s amazing that you managed to get his help.”

She wasn’t the amazing one – it was all because of Tangning.

“So, doctor, my husband…”

“As Dr. Lu said, your husband will definitely wake up in two hours. Just wait.”

After hearing this, Su Youran finally relaxed.

“For your safety, I’ve arranged a new room for your husband. It won’t be under surveillance and no one will be able to listen in.”

“Thank you, doctor.”

“There’s no need to thank me.”

After he was done speaking, the doctor left and other people were left in charge of doing the rest.

After that, Su Youran became extra cautious. If Elder Nangong found out that Nangong Quan was cured, would he inject him with another syringe and give him a booster shot? Su Youran did not want to take that risk.

Now that Nangong Quan was awake, she was not going to let him go easy on the old man again.

If they appeased this ticking time bomb any further, it would only result in more victims.

In the two hours following the surgery, Su Youran’su200b heart tore apart with anxiety…

Especially as she watched Nangong Quan lay motionless in bed, she felt her worries gradually return…

But, at that moment, a husky voice finally called from the bed, “Y-Youran…”

Su Youran turned around and saw Nangong Quan’s eyes slowly open. At that moment, she immediately pounced over in joy, “Tangning didn’t lie, you really woke up – you finally woke up!”