Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard - Chapter 1168 - If You Don't Like Her, Then I Don't Like Her Either

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Chapter 1168: If You Don’t Like Her, Then I Don’t Like Her Either

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Mo Zixi witnessed the way that Mo Zichen spoke to Little Eggshell, so he couldn’t help but ask, “Zichen…do you not like Little Eggshell?”

This was the second time that Mo Zixi asked this question. The first time he asked, Mo Zichen told him that he didn’t dislike her.

But, this time, he was caught in the act. Could he still deny it?

In the end, Mo Zichen nodded his head, “She’s a little annoying…”

Although Mo Zixi was a little disappointed, he was determined to support his brother, so he replied, “OK, if you don’t like her, then I don’t like her either…”

Mo Zichen looked at Mo Zixi. Although he was meant to be the younger brother, he patted his older brother on the head with approval.

He was relieved.

After returning home, Little Eggshell broke down in tears. But, she was no longer close to Su Youran and Nangong Quan; she was only close to her great-grandfather.

Su Youran looked at Little Eggshell’s red swollen eyes, but even though she was worried about her, she knew Little Eggshell would only ignore her.

Needless to say, the old man had gone too far.

The small family of four had been torn into two groups because of him. Unfortunately, Little Eggshell was still small and Su Youran couldn’t get her to understand adult matters. Even if she could, Little Eggshell would not believe her. After all, her great-grandfather completely doted on her and fulfilled her every wish.

For some reason, at that moment, Tangning came to mind.

Although she didn’t think it was right for her to think of Tangning, she didn’t want to be stuck in this predicament anymore. She needed to find a way to win back Little Eggshell’s heart, otherwise, there would be no point saying anything later.

So, she explained to Nangong Quan that she wanted to see Tangning. Nangong Quan wanted to object, but just as the words reached his lips, he swallowed them back down.

“Go ahead…I’ll get someone to drive you there.”

His relationship with his daughter was managed badly and his wife was put in a difficult position. He didn’t expect his wife to be so immersed in Little Eggshell’s matter, so he couldn’t let his daughter continue being spoilt.

So, he agreed to let Su Youran meet with Tangning because Tangning was honestly an expert at comforting people.

There were some things that women couldn’t talk about in front of men, but in front of other women, they had endless things to vent about, and Su Youran had some venting to do.

Soon after, Nangong Quan gave his assistant a phone call, “Go get Cai Er from school right now.”

“But, she’s in the middle of class…”

“Take the day off,” Nangong Quan said. If he didn’t act quickly, Elder Nangong would end up taking her away again.

“OK, President,” the assistant immediately went to carry out his mission.

Actually, Tangning never expected that Su Youran would ever meet with her again. Although she was in a position to ignore Su Youran if she wanted to, Su Youran was already at her front door, so there was no reason to ignore her.

Stepping foot into Hyatt Regency again, Su Youran appeared very tense. After all, she was now Nangong Quan’s wife and she was meeting with their enemy’s wife. It seemed a little wrong, but apart from Tangning, she couldn’t think of anyone else that could help her.

“Just act like how you usedu200b to, you don’t need to be so nervous,” Tangning assured. “Youran, are you experiencing difficulties?”

“Ning Jie, there’s something I need your help with,” Su Youran said after gathering her courage. “Cai Er doesn’t listen to me nor her father anymore. We are both very worried.”

“The old man is driving a wedge between you guys because Little Eggshell has a good relationship with my two rascals,” Tangning replied. “So, it makes sense that you came looking for me.”

“I’m really out of ideas now.”

“The old man’s intent is still unknown, so it’s impossible for me to not feel cautious of him,” Tangning laughed gently. “I’m simply afraid that Elder Nangong will treat Cai Er like a long term chess piece and keep her by his side. My two rascals can always change schools, but what about you?”

“That’s why I’m here to look for you…” Su Youran looked at Tangning with sincerity. “Can you teach me how to win back Cai Er’s heart?”

Tangning thought for a second and smiled, “Logically speaking, Little Eggshell is a girl. You should understand how a girl thinks. Elder Nangong may be full of tricks, but he would never understand the mind of a little girl.”

“There’s only one way to coax a child. You need to understand what they like.”

“Hold onto Little Eggshell’s secret and help her keep it a secret. That way, you will be on the same side. That’s the trick Elder Nangong is currently playing. From the way that Little Eggshell treats you, he must have been feeding her bad ideas about the two of you.”

“But, of course, the most important factor is Nangong Quan!” Tangning spent that afternoon telling Su Youran about her experiences with children and sharing her views on life.

Of course, Tangning never thought she’d end up being a parenting counselor.

But, Su Youran was a person with principles. If she hadn’t been forced to her limits, she wouldn’t have come to look for Tangning.

Because of this, Tangning could tell that the Nangong Family was truly in a mess. As long as Elder Nangong was still around, she could no longer act casually and let the two brothers continue at the same school as Little Eggshell.

Since fate wasn’t on their side, they couldn’t continue stepping into dangerous territory.

If the old man actually decided to use Little Eggshell against the twins, it would be too late to feel regret.

So, Tangning called Mo Zichen over, held him between her legs and asked, “If Mommy makes you change schools, what would you think about it?”

Mo Zichen did not have much of an opinion, but Mo Zixi was obviously unhappy. As for Mo Ting, his response was for the twins to finish their current semester first.

If he knew this would happen, he wouldn’t have let them come in contact in the first place…

Meanwhile, after Nangong Quan took Cai Er from school, he left her in the study room so she could do her homework.

If this was in the past, Little Eggshell would have sat on his lap in a cute and cheeky manner. But, Little Eggshell was no longer close to her father.

After all, Elder Nangong had told her that her Daddy and new Mommy were planning to have a little brother, and they would no longer love her anymore when that happened. Whereas, her great-grandfather would continue to love her.

Seeing the current situation, Nangong Quan put down the documents in his hand and waved Little Eggshell over, “Little Eggshell, come here.”

Little Eggshell thought for a second before she ran towards her father’s arms and sat on his lap.

“Can you tell Daddy why you’ve been so distant lately?”

“Great-grandfather told me that you and Mommy were giving birth to a little brother and that you won’t care about me anymore…”

“Just because great-grandfather told you that, do you believe him? Little Eggshell, you’ve been living with Daddy for five years now. When have I ever been bad to you? Daddy’s been so nice to you, yet you only trust great-grandfather. How can Daddy not be hurt by that?”