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Chapter 1110: Who Said This Woman Was Brainless?

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“Have a look at where you’re at! Stop creating drama. If word gets out, this isn’t going to look good for the Zhai Family!” Second Master Zhai tried his best to grab hold of his woman, but did not succeed in dragging her away because she immediately brushed away his arm and glared at Tangning, “I don’t care. I want Tangning to apologize to me today!”

She knew this was the only way for her show to continue!

“Are you crazy?”

“If she had taken my daughter – if even for a while – my daughter would not be missing right now!” Liang Yongyu yelled as she pointed to Tangning. This caused everyone to turn towards their direction.

“Have you lost your mind?”

“Yes, I have,” Liang Yongyu said as she pushed her husband away and leaned forward on the table with a piercing gaze, “You either apologize to me, or give me back my daughter.”

“You always act so nice and you’re known in the industry for helping others. Don’t tell me it was all for show?”

“Tangning, I kneeled to you; I kneeled and begged you, yet you ignored me. You’re amazing!”

“Look, if you had agreed to take in my daughter, my daughter would be home now…”

“So, it’s all your fault. It’s because of you that my daughter is missing. It’s all you!”

Liang Yongyu pretty much gave her all as she questioned Tangning in an explosive and sharp manner.

She directly asked Tangning why she didn’t take in her daughter!

“Why?” Tangning stopped Mo Ting from saying anything as she queried, “Why did I have to take in your daughter?”

“Was I the one that told you to give birth to two daughters, in an attempt to marry into a rich family? Was I the one that forced you to leave your daughter beside my husband’s car? Why did I have to take in a child that you gave birth to? Are you my relative? How do I have anything to do with you?”

“Liang Yongyu, it was my right to reject you, and I’ve now confirmed, that my decision was right.”

“As for why your daughter went missing, you should ask yourself where you left her.”

“Mrs. Mo, please stop…” Second Master Zhai was worried that if their conversation continued, the Zhai Family would have their secrets exposed.

“Who gave you the right to insult my wife?” Mo Ting finally awoke from his silence. “I would like to see how much power the Zhai Family holds…”

“The Zhai Family has no right to say anything in Beijing. Since you invited us here, don’t you dare put up a front around us. You know how much power you have.”

“Either apologize to my wife right now, or we’ll tell everyone everything about you. After all, there’s a few thousand people here!”

As soon as he heard Mo Ting’s threat, Second Master Zhai immediately replied, “President Mo, don’t be angry…”

“Did your wife actually ask my wife to apologize to her in front of everyone? Was I hearing things?”

“Doesn’t the Zhai Family know what they’ve done?”

“Do you know how to control your woman? If not, I can teach you!”

At that moment, no one said a word. To be exact, they were all frightened by Mo Ting’s presence. His expression was obviously indifferent, but his words were enough to shut everyone up – especially since his every word was a threat towards the Zhai Family. This made the Zhai Elders immediately rush over to subdue the situation, “Sorry, President Mo…can you give us some face and let this go?”


“No one has ever yelled at my wife in front of me!”

Mo Ting had no intention of backing down, “Let’s resolve the matter regarding the child today. Otherwise, what am I to do if Liang Yongyu clings onto my wife?”

“President Mo, don’t forget that we have business with the Bei Family…”

“As you said yourself, you have business with the Bei Family, not the Mo Family!” Mo Ting yelled angrily. “The Zhai Family should wait until they’re at the stage where they can do business with me before they try to play tricks like this.”

“No matter how my wife is, she is not the type to be easily bullied.”


The Zhai Family glared at Liang Yongyu helplessly.

They had no choice. If they didn’t do as Mo Ting said, the matter would only blow up further.

So, Father Zhai ended up bowing and apologizing on behalf of the newlywed couple, “Sorry, President Mo and Mrs. Mo, I didn’t teach my son properly.”

“Let’s lay everything on the table right now! I’m not afraid of the Mo Family,” Liang Yongyu called out just as Father Zhai leaned forward.

“Are you trying to get a divorce right after we just got married?” Second Master Zhai immediately threatened.

However, this threat did not work, because Liang Yongyu was not frightened at all, “Go ahead, divorce me. I’m going to tell the whole world how you abused my daughter to death!”

“Everyone, before I fell pregnant with the boy in my stomach, I actually gave birth to two daughters already. I’ve been following this monster since I was 20-years-old. But, due to the fact that I didn’t give birth to a boy, the Zhai Family abused my oldest daughter until she died. Even my second daughter almost died in their hands. That’s why I carried my second daughter out and tried to ask Tangning for help. But, I never expected that she’d watch us die and not do anything!”

“Since things have gotten to this point, I might as well give up on this marriage as well. I’ll go get an abortion right after this. The Zhai Family are a bunch of bullies!”

No one imagined that Liang Yongyu would betray the Zhai Family at an event like this!

Although scandals like this had never been a secret in the socialite circles, it was extremely humiliating for Liang Yongyu to reveal it in front of so many people.

“Liang Yongyu, do you have a death wish?”

“After my daughter went missing, I already lost my will to live!”

As she watched Liang Yongyu put on a show, Tangning finally understood her final motive. Who said this woman was brainless? She was fighting with Tangning so she could use the opportunity to expose the Zhai Family. She was deliberately humiliating the Zhai Family at the wedding!

If they got a divorce, she was entitled to the Zhai Family’s assets. If they added the matter with her daughters, all she had to do was see a lawyer and she’d gain even more.

Great, killing two birds with one stone was suited to this kind of scene. Otherwise, Tangning would look down on Liang Yongyu for being too stupid!

Of course, the Zhai Family never expected that Liang Yongyu would sacrifice everything.

In particular, Second Master Zhai was looking at Liang Yongyu in shock, unable to say a word…

“Zhai Lintian, let’s get divorced!”

Zhai Lintian did not say a word. He simply threw a slap straight across Liang Yongyu’su200b face, causing her to fall to the ground.

With this reaction, Tangning looked at the scene and sighed. This man had now given Liang Yongyu another opportunity to complain…

So, as expected…

“Stomach…my stomach…someone help me.”