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Chapter 1094: The Most Pitiful Is Han Xiuche!

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Li Qingai glared at Han Jie, she glared firmly at him, “You wouldn’t dare! Because, even if you strangle me to death, Han Xiuche would never come back to life.”

Since Li Qingai was running away, she was definitely prepared for the consequences of being caught. So, being locked up was expected.

“There’s nothing I wouldn’t do!” Han Jie strengthened his grip. Whenever he looked at Li Qingai, he would immediately think about Han Xiuche’s blood-covered body kneeling on the floor.

However, at this time, Father Han found a golf club in the house and aimed it directly at Li Qingai’s leg.

When he heard Li Qingai cry pitifully, Han Jie immediately let go and Li Qingai fell to the ground, twitching in pain.

“Even if he wouldn’t dare. I dare…”


“I’m already halfway to the grave. Now that my son is dead, there’s no reason why I can’t get some justice for him!” Father Han threw aside the golf club and squatted down to look at Li Qingai. “I’ve forsaken my conscience and treated you like a gem for 20 years, yet you killed my son?”

Li Qingai lay on the floor moaning in pain. The hit from Father Han was probably enough to break her leg.

“Li Qingai, we can go to jail together, but I want you to be paralyzed for life. This is the price for killing my son!”

Li Qingai couldn’t handle the extreme pain as she fell unconscious. At this time, Father Han called the police to surrender…

“Father, what’s the point of doing this?” Han Jie tried to stop his father. “I only have you left in this world. Are you going to abandon me as well?”

“Xiao Jie, I’m sorry. I’m especially sorry towards your mom and Xiuche. If I didn’t do this, I would never be able to subdue the anger I’m feeling inside. So, help me apologize to your mother! Everything I’ve done to Li Qingai today is because of my own personal grudges, it has nothing to do with you!”


“Listen to me.”

Soon, the police arrived. Apart from taking away Li Qingai, they also took Father Han with them.

The night quickly got stirred up after the media received news that Li Qingai had been caught and Father Han broke her leg. Moreover, they heard that he had handed Li Qingai to the police and surrendered himself as well.

“Although it sounds cruel, if I was in his position, I would chop the entire family of whoever killed my son!”

“Good job on breaking her leg!”

“He cleaned up the trash that he created. How sustainable!”

“One died, one got hurt and two got sent to jail because of this battle; there is no winner. But, the most pitiful is Han Xiuche!”

The public couldn’t help but sigh at the Han Family’s situation. Someone died just like that and another went to jail. Even so, at least Father Han learned his lesson and found his conscience.

Han Jie was now left on his own. Apart from dealing with Han Xiuche’s funeral, he also needed to hire a lawyer for his father. He had become the busiest person in the family.

Even though Su Yu had said that she would never accept Han Jie, after seeing her son struggling on his own, she couldn’t stand idly by.

After all, the family of four was now left with just the two of them.

No matter how deep of a grudge she had, it had now been dissipated because of the hit that Father Han had given Li Qingai…

Su Yu understood Father Han’s motive. She was obviously letting Li Qingai experience the same pain that Su Yu went through 20 years ago: the pain of never walking properly again.

So, after much hesitation, she ended up giving Han Jie a phone call, “I will help you handle your brother’s funeral. Just focus on your father’s matter…”

“Mom, father told me to apologize to you.”

“Apology accepted,” Su Yu replied simply.

The man was already in jail. It was time for her grudges to disappear.

After receiving Su Yu’s response, Han Jie felt a sense of relief. So, he also called Tangning and Mo Ting to thank them.

After all, Tangning helped them find Li Qingai. He was going to remember this for the rest of his life.

“I never expected that Father Han would do something like that,” Tangning sighed after she heard that Han Jie called to thank her and Mo Ting. “I thought they were simply going to scare Li Qingai.”

“Father Han did indeed look for the mistress and make a lot of mistakes, but he never expressed that he cared about money the most.”

“He actually cares about Han Xiuche a lot, but he never knew how to show it.”

“His son was killed by his lover. No father would be able to handle something like that.” As Mo Ting said these words, he placed his gaze on his two sons and Yan Er.

“No one will cause trouble for me from now on, but…why do I feel that being provoked by Han Xiuche wasn’t such a bad thing.”

After all, he was dead now…

Nothing was left.

But, at least, Su Yu had been cleared of her false accusations.

For her, this was an unexpected resolution. In the past, she had to settle as a simple voice actress, but from now on, her possibilities were endless.

Because of this, Su Yu’s husband truly admired Tangning. He even sent her the best thank you present, “In the future, when you plan to film ‘The Ant Queen 2’ and ‘The Ant Queen 3’, remember to send me an invite. Having a martial arts superstar in a sci-fi film is a huge selling point. I am willing to partake as a friend. I don’t need payment!”

“That would be great,” Tangning smiled. After all, a martial arts superstar like Long Qingyun wasn’t someone that could be invited easily with money or social standing.

At his age and status, if he didn’t agree to it himself, no one would be able to make him move.

Although Tangning hadn’t started preparing for ‘The Ant Queen 2’, she now had plenty of resources to choose from. This was better than before when she had to go overseas to find a decent actor to partake in her film.

In the end, Father Han was sentenced to 3 years in jail for deliberately hurting someone and Li Qingai was sentenced to 20 years for paying to have someone murdered.

In other words, she would be at least 50-years-old before she could be set free…

When Father Han heard this result, he let out sigh, “It’s lucky that she didn’t get sentenced to death. Death would have been too easy on her. Now she can suffer 20 years in jail instead.”

“Father, I will wait for you. I will wait for you to return home.” These were the last words that Han Jie said to his father before he was sent to jail. Due to Han Xiuche’s death, the father and son had completely changed…

Slowly, the weather began to cool down…

During this time, the entertainment industry was as busy as ever. As people came and went, the atmosphere was extremely lively.

As for the year’s top singing awards, they were once again dominated by the young diva, Xing Lan. At the same time, Luo Sheng was in the middle of acting as a supporting actor for Lin Sheng. Being the supporting actor for an award-winning actor was a huge win for Luo Sheng!

Meanwhile, the hottest topic of discussion was the fact that the release date for ‘The Ant Queen’ was nearing…