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Chapter 1079: I Should Put More Effort

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According to the Han Family’s extent of shamelessness, would they give up so easily?

Because of the drama that was going on, the media closed in on the Han Family’su200b members. Whether it was at the company or at their homes, there were traces of reporters everywhere.

On the surface, Han Jie appeared unaffected and was extremely friendly to the reporters, but, behind closed doors, he cursed them like crazy.

Moreover, whenever the reporters asked him questions, he responded with silence and a smile, not worried at all that Su Yu would present evidence in three days time.

During this time, Father Han called multiple times to check on the progress of the incident. He also ordered Han Jie to find those related to the matter and to keep their mouths shut, especially those that knew about his affair with his secretary; they couldn’t let Su Yu find any evidence.

“Don’t worry, father, I’ve already got a plan. I’ll definitely keep the negative effects of this incident to a minimum.”

In the end, Han Jie wasn’t afraid of Su Yu revealing anything at all.

Even if she revealed something, he would be able to strike back straight away.

He had already given his stepmother’s cousin a sum of cash and told the cousin’s wife to fake a suicide and play the pity game. If she cried enough, everyone would eventually believe that her husband was innocent.

As long as Su Yu dared to act recklessly, he was ready to oppose her, regardless of the fact that she was his mother!

2 days passed since Su Yu’s press conference, however Han Jie did not appear like he had the intention of responding.

No matter how people asked and probed or how they pressured him, he simply waved his hands and refused to reply or acted like he was being wronged. It was like he was trying to say that Su Yu was his mother and he would never hurt her and even if she hurt him, he would not lose respect for her.

Han Jie was obviously very smart, unlike his impulsive brother, especially when it came to a matter where one wrong step could lead him to a bottomless abyss. After all, he knew that Su Yu could easily strike back if he made a response.

Because of this, Su Yu was put in a helpless position. So, she called Tangning for help, “What should I do now? The Han Family aren’t admitting to anything, nor are they responding. Are we supposed to go ahead and reveal the evidence tomorrow?”

“Auntie Su, Han Jie is very smart and tricky, he knows that giving a response could lead to a face slap, so he’s chosen to hide instead.”

“What should we do now?”

“Reveal the evidence!”

“What if I reveal it and he refutes it?”

Tangning smiled at this question, “That’s exactly what we want. Our first evidence is regarding Father Han’s suspiciouslyu200b shaking car. Han Jie will definitely deny it and try to prove that his father was elsewhere on the day. But, don’t forget, we’ve already got Father Han’s entire schedule from that day in our hands. As soon as Han Jie puts up an argument, we will be able to prove that he’s lying.”

So, Tangning’su200b intent for releasing the evidence was not to prove the affair between Father Han and his secretary because it wasn’t direct enough, instead, her intent was to provoke Han Jie for a response and expose him of his lies.

Tangning wanted the public to completely lose trust in Han Jie after their first battle.

Her first move was just a test, her true motive was what followed.

“I understand.”

Stripping off one layer at a time, they were finally in control of the situation, no longer allowing the Han Family to take charge.

Since the Han Family were so shameless, Tangning had to be wary of all forms of counterattack, especially the most despicable kinds.

Apart from what she taught Su Yu, Tangning also took other things into consideration. Of course, there were times when her brain wasn’t at its best. At times like this, Mo Ting was her best advisor.

“Although Su Yu revealed quite a lot at the press conference, apart from the three protagonists, the only people that witnessed the incident were Han Jie, the secretary’s brother and her classmate.”

“Han Jie will never step out to be a witness, so all we have left is the cousin and classmate. If it was left to you, how would you deal with these two?” Mo Ting asked Tangning, guiding her train of thought, “As long as these two men are still around, it would be impossible for them to escape Su Yu’s matter.”

“If you were Han Jie, what would you do?”

After hearing Mo Ting’s question, Tangning fell into deep thought, “If you placed yourself into one of their shoes and convinced yourself that you were innocent, but you were suddenly accused of doing something horrible, what would you do?”

“I would, of course, claim that I’m innocent and ask all my friends and family to vouch for me.”

“Apart from putting on a pity act, I don’t think they have any other ideas,” Mo Ting replied calmly. “If they team up to complain and do something to hurt themselves, Su Yu would be accused of hurting the innocent and ruining families.”

Indeed, that was a common method used by despicable people.

“So, it’s normal for Han Jie to think that not giving a response is the right option.”

After all, there may have been a lot of evidence, but it was too scattered and too much time had already passed…

“That’s why, I currently have my hope placed on Han Xiuche. Because, according to Su Yu, he actually had no idea that his brother and father had been lying to him all these years. The reason why he hates women is because of the humiliation that Su Yu brought him in the past, but if he was to find out that his brother and father had framed her and lied to him about it…”

“According to his personality, he will definitely explode.”

“This man is indeed a jerk, but, when he sets his eyes on a prey, he will definitely catch it no matter what.”

“So, he may be one of our best chances at turning the tables in this situation.”

“Either way, let’s just play it by ear,” Tangning said to Mo Ting as she stared into his eyes. After some time, she added, “Do I attract a lot of hatred?”


“I seem to always poke my nose into other’s business.”

“It’s not that you like to poke your nose into other’s business, you simply have no choice but to get involved.” If not, the Han brothers would continue to harm her.

“That’s why I’ll be very busy going between two places during the next round of promotions.” Since she had already butted her nose into the matter, she was going to end it beautifully.

“Everything you’re doing now is already a form of promotion for your film. My dear wife has always ranked highly as a hot topic of discussion. After all these years, I’ve gotten used to it,” Mo Ting laughed. “But, if you feel apologetic, I don’t mind if you put in a little more effort tonight…”

“What are you talking about?” Tangning glared at her man. He seemed to always find a way of leading the conversation down that path.

“Fine, I said the wrong thing. I should be the one that puts more effort in tonight.”