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Chapter 1076: Her Name Is Impossible To Clear

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“How dare that b*tch claim that I insulted and hurt my mother? Doesn’t she know that that woman is even more disgusting and cheaper than she is?” Han Xiuche yelled as he smashed some items on the floor after returning home.

As soon as he saw this, Han Jie immediately tried to comfort his brother, “It’s already in the past. Don’t get angry over something like that.”

“All women in this world are shameless and cheap!”

“Xiuche, the most important thing now, is to suppress this issue. After all, it doesn’t look good even if we aren’t in the wrong.”

“Hmmph, I will think of a way to shut her up!” Han Xiuche said before he returned to his bedroom, leaving Han Jie on the sofa with a dark expression.

Han Jie still remembered every single scene of the incident from 20 years ago. Back then, Su Yu lay in a pool of blood and begged him to call the police, but due to his fear of his father, he decided to jump into the arms of the mistress instead…

All these years, he had been lying to Han Xiuche because Father Han promised to give him the family business if he kept the incident a secret.

So, all these years, he had never expected the woman to reappear and attempt to clear her name!

It had already been 20 years. Hadn’t she forgotten by now


She would never forget the humiliation and pain for the rest of her life. But, did she really think she could prove her innocence? How? Back then, every single newspaper said she was involved in a threesome. Moreover, so much time had already passed and all evidence was bound to be destroyed by now. How was she to prove anything? Was she dreaming?

But, this mother of his wasn’t about to let him live in peace. Even though 20 years had passed, she had no intention of letting her son live well!

Han Xiuche misunderstood his mother because he was kept in the dark, but Han Jie’s actions were to satisfy his own interests. After all, he had been taught since he was going that he should always put his own interests first. So, when Su Yu tried to teach him, during her short span as his mother, to be kind and generous, he was extremely bored by it.

With the added fact that his father’s secretary doted on him…he had no reason to help Su Yu. Did he have to help her just because of the ridiculous reason that they were blood-related?

What a joke!

Soon, Father Han heard about the drama from overseas. So, he immediately ordered Han Jie, “You better suppress this incident within 3 days, otherwise, we are all done for!”

“Don’t worry, father, so many years have already passed, how’s it possible for that woman to recover now?”

“She’s been a mistress for so many years that her name is already impossible to clear. You don’t need to worry about a thing.”

“It’s best to be careful! In particular, make sure that Han Xiuche doesn’t find out the truth!”

“Yes, I understand!” Han Jie replied with respect.

The only reason why Tangning got involved in this matter was because Han Xiuche had angered her. This woman was indeed a vengeful person. She didn’t even leave others with a fighting chance.

So, Han Jie wasn’t so stupid as to continue opposing Tangning. As a result, he contacted Hai Rui and tried to get in contact with Tangning via Mo Ting. It seemed, he had no choice but to appease her. But, it was all worth it, as long as she stopped digging into the matter.

But, obviously, his sincerity was useless…

Tangning originally needed a reason to make revelations. Since Han Xiuche provoked her first, she obviously responded.

After news began spreading, netizensu200b immediately dug up old news about the Han Family from 20 years ago. Although the newspapers that mentioned the threesome were old, the entire incident was clearly documented on them.

In the past, this piece of news had caused quite a stir and Su Yu’s reputation was completely destroyed. In the end, not only did she lose function in one leg, she was also betrayed by her son, pressured by her husband’s mistress and publicly criticized.

“Senior, are you OK?” Tangning couldn’t help but ask as she watched the incident grow bigger and bigger. “If you can’t handle it…”

“It’s already started. Is there still a chance to turn back?” Su Yu said calmly over the phone. “Since I’ve decided to get justice for myself, I’m naturally not afraid of getting hurt for a second time. Plus, I know I haven’t done anything wrong.”

She had also remained quiet for 20 years before she finally decided to reveal the truth. Why?

According to Tangning’s analysis, the ‘truth’ in the newspapers was very different to the truth that she knew. Did that mean another good show was on its way?

However, it didn’t take long before the hype died back down because of PR efforts that Han Jie put in. At the same time, Han Xiuche decided it was time to visit the mother that gave him endless humiliation.

So, he invited Su Yu to a meeting.

Tangning predicted this would happen, so she asked Su Yu if she wanted to go; if she didn’t want to go, she could just reject him.

But, Su Yu replied, “Although I asked you for help regarding this matter, I simply needed to borrow your methods to clear my name. I still need to face most of it on my own. I can’t expect you to shield me from everything. So…I’ll go.”

“OK, but if that jerk tries to hurt you…”

“Don’t forget, I still have my husband!” Su Yu smiled.

Tangning also smiled. She had obviously forgotten about that man. Her first instinct was simply to protect Su Yu.

“In that case, I’ll wait for your good news.”

Su Yu hung up the phone and tidied up a little before she and her husband headed to the meeting with Han Xiuche. Of course, even though the hype had died down, the media still had their eyes on the past, especially when they found out about the meeting between the mother and son.

Han Xiuche did not attempt to hide his disgust, especially when he saw Su Yu. But, Su Yu did not appear like a loving mother either as she sat opposite him and listened casually to his words.

“Did you know that you’re really disgusting? You may not be embarrassed by the incident from 20 years ago, but we are. So, tell us, how can we make you let go?”

“My life is no worse than yours. So, I don’t want anything from you, I just want justice!”

“Justice?” Han Xiuche laughed. “Everyone’s reporting about you. Do you know how much people are laughing at me?”

“I didn’t cause all this. You should question your father and your step mother,” Su Yu replied. “But then again, I guess you’re the same as your brother. Back then, he watched me getting framed by that mistress and watched as your father broke my right leg, while he held onto that woman’s leg and called her mother. You must think it’s a pity that you didn’t witness it yourself.”

“What are you talking about?” Han Xiuche was obviously shocked.

“Who are you fooling? Aren’t the three of you working together? Why put on an act?”

“Don’t tell me you don’t know what happened all those years ago? Did you simply look at the newspapers and assume that that was the truth?”

Su Yu was also a little shocked. From the look on Han Xiuche’s face, it seemed like he really didn’t know what happened in that room, all those years ago…