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Chapter 1067: No One Can Bully You

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He still wanted a next time!

After returning home, Tangning ran straight over to Mo Ting and hugged him without bothering to even take off her shoes, “Do you know how charming you were today?”

“Are you trying to say that I’m not usually charming?” Mo Ting carried Tangning in his arms and first checked that the three kids were sleeping.

The dietitian and the couple’s two mother’s helped with the kids on a regular basis. So, whenever Tangning wasn’t around and Mo Ting was busy as well, they would confirm that the kids were asleep before they left.

Fortunately, the three siblings were sleeping soundly. So, President Mo carried Tangning straight into the bedroom and into their ensuite, where he placed her on top of the vanity.

“Let me have a look at your foot.”

“It’s fine,” Tangning smiled. “I didn’t injure my foot. My heel simply broke off. I must have worn it out when I visited Qiao Sen’s grave in the morning. It was my fault for being too careless and not noticing.”

“If Long Jie didn’t call me at the right time, how would you have resolved the matter tonight? Huh?” Mo Ting asked as he held onto Tangning’s chin and looked into her eyes. “Do you know how much my heart ached when I looked at you standing helplessly on the awards stage? Everyone was looking at you in ridicule, waiting for you to embarrass yourself. If I didn’t come, what would you have done?”

“If worse came to worst, I would have just accepted the embarrassment. Either way, I’m still yours,” Tangning laughed. However, Mo Ting looked at her in seriousness. So, she replied honestly, “If I embarrassed myself, then what’s done would have been done. I couldn’t have turned back time. However, I could have relieved the situation. I will never be left helpless because I’m not a pushover. I’ve never been one and I never will be.”

“Fine, hurry and have a bath…”

Mo Ting did not ask any further because he knew Tangning would easily argue back. However, he was already there on the scene at the time, so he couldn’t possibly sit back and watch his wife being bullied.

“We still have Han Xiuche to deal with…”

“Have you thought of a plan?” Mo Ting asked Tangning as he helped her remove her clothes.

“Uh huh,” Tangning nodded. “Since he’s using my fan club to attack me, then I’ll attack him back with the same method. I’ll deliberately give him fake information and force him to kneel and apologize in front of everyone!”

After Mo Ting heard Tangning’s response, he gently brushed his hand through her hair and pressed his lips firmly against hers.

“No one can bully you…No one! They never could and never will.”

“What if you bully me?”

After hearing this, Mo Ting looked at Tangning in surprise, “Me? Bully you?”

“Aren’t you bullying me right now?” Tangning said with a hidden meaning.

Afterwards, a long dress and other pieces of clothing fell to the floor. Under the warm lighting and steamy atmosphere, the intimate couple forgot how long the night was. Because, they were busy for the entire night…

The next day, interesting incidences from the film festival appeared on the headlines of all the national media outlets. Apart from Tangning’s appearance and the way she gave a face slap, there were also other arguments behind-the-scenes, celebrities vying for the limelight, fighting in the bathroom and more. Everything was rather spectacular.

But, no matter how one looked at it, Tangning was still the main attraction. No one could deny that.

Later on, Long Jie retrieved the security video of Han Xiuche at the film festival from Lu Che and looked at it in detail. After playing it over and over again for quite some time, Long Jie felt the urge to slap the jerk and wake him up!

“Even though everyone’s scolding him, this jerk is still in hiding. What a coward!”

Afterwards, Tangning also watched the video. She then said to Long Jie, “Ask the president of my fan club to assist by announcing that all members are invited to a test screening of ‘The Ant Queen’. Of course, we’ll schedule this for after the real test screening. Han Xiuche will definitely find a way to sneak in and watch the film. If I’m prepared for it, he will definitely be caught on the spot!”


“But, due to the fact that this jerk is so thick-skinned, we need to be careful when investigating him. Otherwise, he will continue to appear before us and annoy us.”

“Don’t worry,” Long Jie nodded. “Lu Che and I are working on this separately. I’m sure we’ll get the information we want soon.”

“That’s great.” After talking to Long Jie about their plan of attack, Tangning rubbed her eyes tiredly. As soon as Long Jie saw this, she couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Boss lost control?”

“You know too much,” Tangning said as she nudged Long Jie in the head.

“Get some rest. We are about to start the second round of promotions. The test screening is coming up. You are about to face the challenge of the entire film market.”

“I know,” Tangning said as she leaned back. She was still stressing over what the Han brothers said to her earlier.

Although it wasn’t difficult to prove her innocence, what would she do if Han Xiuche made an unexpected move?

If he used the matter elsewhere, then she was going to spend a lot of time being cautious of him and cleaning up after him.

In order not to attract suspicion from Han Xiuche, Long Jie waited a few days before she asked the club president to announce the news of the test screening on the official fan club page. As soon as the fans saw it, they cheered in excitement. Meanwhile, using the account given to him, Han Xiuche also saw the announcement.

The reason why Tangning arranged this, was to not only make Han Xiuche reveal himself, but to also distract him so he wouldn’t play tricks at the real test screening.

Lu Che already had the guest list for the test screening in his hands. On top of that, he had already begun to send out invites after confirmation from Mo Ting. Apart from a few special requests from Tangning, the rest of the guests were selected by Mo Ting.

In reality, during the film festival, more people were focused on Tangning than her film.

Although the results from the first round of promotions was a hit, people were still more excited about seeing Tangning than seeing her film.

After all, there were plenty of domestically produced sci-fi films that made money from promotions.

Because film fans were aware of this tactic, they did not anticipate ‘The Ant Queen’ as much as expected…

Fans admitted that Tangning made then anticipate the film more than normal, but it was only a little more.

To receive actual acknowledgement, they still had to display something that truly proved their worth!

After all, people laughed in the past when they heard that Tangning was producing a sci-fi film.

Of course, they were tempted to go searching for something to prove the film’s worth themselves, but, they were afraid that Tangning was putting on a fake facade. This made them both excited, yet anxious.