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Chapter 1061: Mo Ting Understood Her

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Perhaps, it was because of her age, or perhaps it was because she had been in the industry for too long, the well-experienced Tangning hated getting dressed up for fancy events. After all, everyone knew that, upon that long red carpet, celebrities appeared harmonious on the surface, but they were actually arguing and fighting behind-the-scenes and using all kind of methods to grab onto the spotlight.

But, for Tangning, if she had spare time to seek attention, she’d rather use that time to keep her children company or experiment with the post production of a film!

That’s why she no longer cared what she wore to an event. As long as it looked elegant and respectful, she didn’t care if it was the best or not.

However, she was, after all, a two-time Fei Tian Best Actress, a legend in the industry, and now a producer. So, her appearance was naturally the most anticipated at the Film Festival; this could not be avoided.

That night, all the biggest media outlets began to report on the event.

“This year’s Film Festival will officially commence in a few days. Behind me is the venue for this year’s festival, The Eastern Cathedral. As like previous years, it will be a colorful and spectacular event. And this year, the highly talked about Tangning will be presenting her newest film, ‘The Ant Queen’, at the festival…”

After finishing her shower, Tangning lay on the bed and waited for Mo Ting. As soon as she spotted her man return to the room with a towel around his body, she turned off the television and said, “Before attending the Film Festival, there’s somewhere I would like to go.”

Mo Ting threw back the blankets, climbed into bed and pulled Tangning into his arms, “Let’s go then.”

After hearing this, Tangning placed her head on Mo Ting’s firm chest and closed her eyes.

She knew Mo Ting would understand her!

Since completing ‘The Ant Queen’, she had yet to share the good news with Qiao Sen. So, before the festival, she wanted to visit the cemetery.

Hence, the next morning, Tangning and Long Jie arrived at the cemetery with a bunch of fresh flowers and a copy of ‘The Ant Queen’.

Tangning had always wanted Qiao Sen to rest in peace…

“Qiao Sen…I’m back. The film has been completed, you see?”

“I’ve done what I promised I’d do. I’m sure you’ll be happy to hear this in heaven because I know how much you wanted to see this film appear on the big screen.”

“I’ve fulfilled your wish, but I’ll hold onto your dream and continue moving forward!”

Long Jie stood behind Tangning and watched as Tangning conversed with Qiao Sen. She felt quite emotional because she knew that Qiao Sen’s death left a scar in Tangning’s heart that would cause her to forever feel guilty towards him.

“Let’s go, otherwise you’ll be late,” Long Jie reminded.

Tangning stared at Qiao Sen’s tombstone for a good few seconds before she turned and said to Long Jie, “Let’s go. I’ll get changed in the van!”

“Zihao is already on the way. We’ll meet up in a moment.”

Originally, as the male lead, Mo Ting was expected to attend as well. But, considering his identity and the fact that acting wasn’t his main profession, he continued with his meetings in Hai Rui.

It didn’t take long before Tangning returned to her van. Onboard, she successfully changed and even applied her own makeup.

“Looking at you like this, you could easily be mistaken for an extra. You don’t seem to care about your identity at all. Look at other artists, they all have two makeup artists on call at all times. To be exact, these makeup artists put their entire teams into action just to make their stars shine!”

In comparison, Tangning was becoming more and more simple in this aspect.

“But, then again, with your current status, even if you were to wear a potato sack as a dress, you would still dazzle everyone!”

Tangning gave a gentle laugh as she reminded Long Jie to protect her stomach in crowded areas. She was, after all, pregnant, so nothing was more important than her own body.

Long Jie nodded her head cheerfully. After what happened with the Lu Family, she had learned to cherish the people around her a lot more. Especially when she thought of Father Lu and Mother Lu’s divorce, it made her more determined to live her life happily.

Soon, Tangning and Long Jie arrived at the spot where they were to meet An Zihao and An Zihao arrived with the cheeky little Coco Li who he had picked up along the way.

Children sure grew up fast. It had only been a few months since they last met and the little girl had already grown a little taller.

But, as soon as An Zihao saw Tangning, he pointed her up and down and asked, “Are you turning up looking this simple?”

Tangning wore a simple silver dress and her hair hung gently to her back in loose waves. Her makeup wasn’t anything extravagant and she had no jewelry to go with her outfit; not even a simple pair of earrings. All she had was her wedding ring.

“I went to visit Qiao Sen, it wasn’t right to look too fancy.”

“Fine,” An Zihao nodded, his handsome face showing a sense of respect.

Tangning was a loyal person; this was something that An Zihao always admired.

She may have looked simple, but her presence was on a whole other level…

However, the media were all anticipating what this ex-model would turn up wearing. After all, this would be the first time she’d be promoting her new film and it was also her official comeback. She was bound to find a special way to dazzle everyone, right?

Which artist didn’t try to stand out?

“Quick! Look! Tangning’s here…Tangning…Quick…”

“She’s finally here…” the media surrounding the place began to frantically snap at their cameras.

But, as Tangning stepped onto the red carpet, everyone was shocked by her simple appearance.

Tangning had obviously kept a low enough profile, yet the media expected her to head in the opposite direction this year. Instead, she made a minimalist approach. She looked plain and pure; a look that brought out the colors in her eyes and made her even more beautiful than if she had dressed in a fancy outfit.

Meanwhile, the other female celebrities walked past in regret. Why did they get so dressed up to fight for attention when they could have just displayed their natural self?

Tangning’s skin was in a good condition.

Her body was clean and flawless, and her eyes were beautiful like diamonds…

Netizens that saw the live broadcast of the red carpet burst into laughter.

“The female celebrities this year were all trying to outshine each other with their outfits, like a bunch of parading chickens! But, Tangning’s minimalistic appearance completely destroyed them. What a surprise!”

“You’re wrong! This year’su200b red carpet was like a jewelry contest where no one could beat the simple wedding ring on Tangning’s finger!”

“The teams working with the celebrities failed badly this year. What a hilarious joke!”

“Am I seeing things? Which company’s artist is this? How is she so brave as to wear the same dress as Tangning?”

“She’s clashing with Tangning?!”

“If no one compares them, then no one would get hurt. Tangning’s entire presence attracts attention, she’s clean and pure like a goddess from heaven! But, it’s still awkward to clash outfits at an event like this. It’s best if the two women don’t run into each other!”