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Chapter 1030: Our Time Is Precious!

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“I don’t want him to be dragged into a dirty matter like this…”

Mo Ting raised his arms in surrender, “I swear, Jones was the one that contacted me. I didn’t approach him first.”

Tangning looked at her husband and laughed, “Since that’s the case, then help me make arrangements so my teacher can enjoy himself. In the meantime, let’s suppress Han Xiuche’s matter so my teacher doesn’t think my career in Beijing is a mess!”

“Even you know it’s a mess?” Mo Ting asked as he wrapped his arms around Tangning and sighed beside her ear, “You never let me get involved, but aren’t you aware that the entire family is worried about you…?”

“Yan Er too?”

“A mother and daughter are connected by heart, so what do you think?”

Tangning couldn’t help but laugh, “That’s enough, this isn’t a big matter. If I really can’t handle it, I’ll definitely come crying to you for help.”

Tangning never expected Jones to come to Beijing. She really didn’t want Jones and Qiao Sen’s film to cross paths with the small matter that she was dealing with.

So, she tried her best to avoid Han Xiuche for a little while. She was going to wait until Jones was gone before she made a move.

As a result, Tangning made arrangements for Jones and made sure that he would not be disturbed by the media.

She hoped to leave a good impression on Jones. She wanted him to feel that her country was a great country with no issues.

The next day, Tangning told Long Jie that Jones would be arriving soon. Long Jie didn’t mind. In fact, she was extremely excited.

After all, she had the chance to meet ‘The Father of Sci-fi’…

This was not a chance that came by often. Especially since Jones was retired.

“I’ll leave Han Xiuche’s matter with you for the next few days…”

“No problems,” Long Jie said as she made an OK gesture with her hand. The entertainment industry was still shrouded by mystery, so it wasn’t difficult for her to keep everyone hanging for a little longer.

Soon, Tangning and Mo Ting personally went to pick up Jones and his wife from the airport.

After not seeing each other for a little while, Jones still looked full of energy. Meanwhile, his wife was elegant as she greeted Tangning like she was meeting with her own daughter.

“Jones has told me a lot about his clever student. I finally get to see you today.”

Tangning appeared polite and well-mannered in front of Mrs. Jones.

The four soon arrived at a hotel for lunch. However, during their meal, Jones put down his knife and fork and said to Tangning, “I heard from Ting that you came across some troubles after returning to China.”

Tangning was surprised as she glared at Mo Ting.

Mo Ting chuckled dotingly as he patted Tangning on the head and explained, “She’s too stubborn to accept my help.”

“This is how the pretentious entertainment industry is like. There are always people that are willing to do anything for their own benefit.”

“I understand you, my dear student. You’re not a cruel person. Everything you do is based on self defense.”

“But, I’m on Mo Ting’s side this time. There aren’t many people in this industry that have access to multiple resources, since you have that ability, why don’t you use it? Do you still remember the present I gave you in the US that you turned down?”

“If it was someone else, they would already be mingling amongst the directors in the US.”

“But, you were different, you chose to go home and fulfill your initial dream.”

“Child, you are too kind.”

“Since I accepted you as my student, it meant I was happy for you to show it off to the world. Don’t tell me you’re embarrassed by a teacher like me?”

“Or did you think I would mind?”

“To be honest, I’m anticipating it because I know it will create a safety shield around you. You’re not doing it out of vain, you’re doing it so you can save your energy for film production instead of wasting it on insignificant matters and despicable people.”

“You need to remember that our time is precious!”

After hearing these words, Tangning was moved.

“Every industry has its unspoken rules. You’re just using it to protect yourself. What’s wrong with that?”

Tangning did not say a word. However, Mo Ting laughed as he responded, “Jones, this is what I find the most charming about her. She always insists on being herself.”

“But, your way of handling matters makes it hard for your family and friends to share your burdens. When those that care about you feel like they aren’t needed, it will make them feel useless; we need to feel like we are needed.”

Jones looked at Mo Ting as he said these words.

Because he was saying these words for both of them to hear.

“So, go ahead and let the Beijing reporters approach me. I can face them with a smile, it’s no problem for me.”

Jones had, after all, faced the cameras for many years, so he was very casual and natural as he said these words. Meanwhile, his wife looked at him admiringly.


Jones had seen through the adversities of life.

“Xiao Ning.” This was the only Chinese that Mrs. Jones had learned. “Listen to Jones.”

“Since all of you are teaming up on me like this, how can I refuse? I can reject kindness and help, but I can’t reject love.”

The heartwarming lunch ended on that note. Afterwards, the group of four left the hotel in a much more natural manner; less bodyguards surrounded them this time.

The reporters quickly picked up on the scent of gossip and rushed over.

However, the scene they saw afterwards made them a little curious…

Mo Ting returned to Hai Rui, leaving Tangning to accompany the old couple on her own.

“Tangning did indeed return to China. But, she’s back with a couple of foreigners!”

“Is Tangning having an affair?”

“That’s not possible. She’s not being secretive at all, so it can’t be an affair.”

“Since Tangning is back, does that mean Han Xiuche was telling the truth? Did Tangning plan everything?”

“Tangning’s at the Beijing Museum of Film, hurry and follow them…”

In an instant, the reporters flocked towards Tangning like they had gone crazy. They were planning to corner her and force her to give an explanation. What happened with Superstar Media and did she frame Han Xiuche and Ma Weiwei?

At this time, Han Xiuche caught wind that Tangning had made an appearance. Originally, he thought Tangning would return to the US and avoid the public eye for a while.

But, in the end, she made an appearance in front of everyone. Didn’t she know that he was deliberately luring her out?

Long Jie knew that Tangning was meeting with Jones, so she wasn’t worried at all. She simply never expected that the matter would be blown out of proportion. Tangning was meeting with the almighty ‘Father of Sci-fi’! What was all this talk about having an affair and seducing a rich businessman? Would everyone faint once they found out the truth?

“Han Xiuche, the piece of trash, is probably waiting to diss Tangning,” Long Jie thought.