Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard - Chapter 1025 - She Simply Wanted To Get Revenge For Long Jie

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Chapter 1025: She Simply Wanted To Get Revenge For Long Jie

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“That Han Xiuche is crazy,” Lin Qian said after Long Jie left, “I feel embarrassed for his one-sided imagination.”

“There’s nothing I can do about it. What can I do about coming across someone like that?” Tangning asked. “He sure has his methods to be able to make Superstar Media into such a dirty place while I was gone. Reality has proven that I made the right decision to ignore him. It’s just, I feel bad that Long Jie was targeted for so long.”

“In that case, what do you plan to do from now on?”

“Long Jie wasted so much energy on training S.A.J., but what happened in the end? For their own benefit, these four simply watched as Long Jie was being bullied. In my eyes, they aren’t human at all. That’s why…before I deal with Han Xiuche, I will first deal with them.”

“The entertainment industry has never been lacking in good looking people.”

“Nor ungrateful wenches!”

“Since Han Xiuche used these people to threaten Long Jie, then…I need to use them to show him how wrong he was.”

After giving birth to Yan Er, Tangning’s body finally returned to how it once was. On top of that, she seemed to have even more energy than before.

“You’re still pregnant, so you should keep yourself out of this…If anything happens to you, Auntie Li is going to nag me about it.”

Lin Qian nodded her head. When it came to Han Xiuche and the ‘cowardly’ group, she knew that getting involved with them posed no benefit to her.

“In that case, be careful. Make sure the bodyguards are always with you so we don’t have to worry…” Lin Qian reminded.

“What do you think I’m going to do?” Tangning laughed. “It seems, I will need to pay City Z a visit.”

What was she going there for? Of course she was going there to make the group of four disappear from sight.

How dare they bully Long Jie? Did they think that Superstar Media had no backup?

Through various sources, Han Xiuche quickly discovered that his secret collusion with Ma Weiwei had been exposed. But…he knew it would happen sooner or later. So, he didn’t mind that Superstar Media knew about it. After all, Superstar Media no longer belonged to Long Jie anyway.

But, he would have never expected that Tangning had already returned to Beijing!

Nor would he have predicted that Tangning would personally arrive at City Z!

Han Xiuche tried to give Ma Weiwei a phone call, but Ma Weiwei was being detained and her phone had run out of battery a long time ago.

So, he decided that after S.A.J. finished filming, he would take them back to Beijing with him. After all…he had promised Long Jie that he wouldn’t act recklessly with Superstar Media.

But, at this time, Tangning was already driving to the set.

And, she had already made an appointment to see the producer.

Although the producer was shocked by Tangning’s sudden appearance, she was still Tangning…

No matter how many rumors she had, as long as she was Mo Ting’s wife, she always had a sense of intimidation. Especially since her presence had always been powerful to begin with.

However, Tangning did not let anyone know what she had planned. She simply met with the producer and head director on her own.

When the two saw Tangning, their eyes almost popped out of their sockets. After all, there were rumors that Tangning was ‘running errands’ in the US. Why was she suddenly in City Z?

“I’m sorry, President Wang and Director Feng for wanting to see you at such late notice. There’s something I would like to give you a heads up about.”

“Miss Tang…please go ahead.”

“A problem has occurred with the group that Long Jie brought to you. To reduce your loss, I will provide you with compensation to cancel their contract. But, I hope you can personally kick them off your show.”

“Miss Tang, I don’t quite understand…”

Since Long Jie brought them to the show and they belonged to Superstar Media, why would Tangning suddenly request this?

“Let me be honest with you, the four of them were caught taking drugs! Do you want to deal with this matter in the open or ask them to leave quietly?” Tangning asked. “Do you want to maintain a good reputation, or do you want to be dragged down along with them?”

“But, aren’t they Superstar Media’s…”

At this point, Tangning shook her head and began to explain everything that happened with Long Jie. Especially the part about Han Xiuche’s scheme, “Previously, I was overseas and couldn’t avoid a problem like this. So, I’ve personally come here to show you my sincerity. Hopefully, I can fix the problem before it’s too late.”

After the two heard Tangning’s explanation, they were so shocked that they broke out in cold sweats. Although they were already familiar with schemes in the industry, to actually encounter it and almost be dragged down by it, naturally made them scared.

“Since the matter is so complex, we, of course, want to stay out of it. Besides, the request that Miss Tang made isn’t difficult to do. We can simply edit out their scenes. Since they are new to the industry, they didn’t get much screentime anyway,” the director said. “Lucky you were righteous enough to give us a heads up…Otherwise, the repercussions would have been too hard to handle.”

“We are all just trying to make a living in the entertainment industry. Of course it’s best if we can help each other,” Tangning replied with a smile.

“Since that’s the case, please let us know if you need anything from us. We will definitely try our best to help you.”

Tangning looked at the two and smiled. Obviously, she already had something in mind…

The producer and director naturally understood her intent: she simply wanted to get revenge for Long Jie.

So, she requested they not let Han Xiuche know about their meeting…

Some shows weren’t in a rush to be played.

“Don’t worry, since you’ve been so thoughtful, we have no reason to turn down your request.”

Tangning had indeed helped them avoid a huge loss. If the group of four were exposed, the show would have definitely been affected. Since Tangning offered to make a sacrifice to help them, there was no reason they wouldn’t cooperate with her.

“In that case, let me thank you in advance,” Tangning toasted the two with a cup of tea in place of wine.

After Tangning left, the director said to the producer, “I finally understand why people say that Tangning is a vengeful person.”

“Plus, I never believed that Tangning was defeated over a small incident online. You saw it for yourself, the way that she strategizes in secret. How dare they say that she’s a thing of the past? I would never believe it!”

“Either way, we need to do this favor no matter what. The least we can do is to not offend her. Otherwise, we’d be dead before we know it.”

After finishing their discussion, the two returned to the set.

But, when the director looked at S.A.J., they now looked like a bunch of poisonous scum on society!

So, even if Tangning was being too harsh on them, they deserved it!

After a short pause, the producer looked at the director and gestured for him to make a move. In the end, the director had no choice but to approach the four, “The four of you, come with me!”