Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard - Chapter 1013 - I'm Afraid You Won't Be Able To Handle It!

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Chapter 1013: I’m Afraid You Won’t Be Able To Handle It!

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As she was pregnant, Lin Qian did not go into the agency as often. But, according to her pregnant woman instincts, she could tell that there was something wrong with Han Xiuche.

“I just saw Han Xiuche exit your office. You should be cautious of him,” Lin Qian suggested. “He went missing out of nowhere and went to England to look for Tangning, then suddenly returned again. His actions are very suspicious.”

Long Jie thought about it and nodded her head, “I haven’t had many people to talk to lately, so I’ve been talking to him a little.”

“I know you’ve been struggling to keep the agency going and you’re unsure of Tangning’s current state.”

“While we’re on this topic, Han Xiuche suggested that I sign the fake Tangning, Ma Weiwei. He said it would create a lot of hype!”

“When you first signed this guy, I already sensed something was wrong. Now that I look at it, he is indeed as expected,” Lin Qian said to Long Jie. “Hong Jie has just made it on the fashion scene and Xing Lan and Luo Sheng have both gone to Hai Rui, so it’s even more important for you to sign someone new to counter balance Han Xiuche.”

“I will think of a way to find someone new. You should take care of yourself. If anything happens, I can’t handle the responsibility!”

After hearing Long Jie’s warning, Lin Qian nodded her head gently, “Don’t push yourself too hard. If there are any issues, you can discuss them with me.”

“I know,” Long Jie walked Lin Qian out of the agency and watched as she boarded her car to go home before she relaxed.

Now that Superstar Media no longer had Tangning and there was a Ma Weiwei constantly pressuring them, Long Jie felt so stressed that she could hardly breathe…

At that very moment, inside a waiting room, Ma Weiwei was getting her makeup done. Meanwhile, her manager sat by her side and opened her phone.

“Hey, Weiwei, it’s been a while since you spoke to Han Xiuche. Do you think he was joking with you?”

“Are you referring to his attempt to seize Superstar Media for me?” Ma Weiwei humphed. “Even if the current Superstar Media is given to me, I may not necessarily accept it. Look at what Long Man’s done after Tangning left.”

“She’s witty, but she’s not very competent, she needs someone to lead the way for her to produce results.”

“So, look at the current Superstar Media, who would want to join it?”

“Others may not want to join, that’s no big deal, but you’re different. Because of your relation to Tangning, you require Superstar Media, you need to trample over them sooner or later…”

After hearing what her manager said, Ma Weiwei put down the eyelash curler in her hand and contemplated seriously.

“Tangning is currently hiding in the US, too afraid to face anyone. Even if I take Superstar Media away right now, it won’t bring me much pleasure.”

“You’re right, she’s not in China right now, but she’s bound to return one day!” The manager was highly interested in taking control of Superstar Media. “Why don’t I talk to Young Master Han?”

“You can go if you want!”

Ma Weiwei did not stop her manager. After she had her makeup done, she sat quietly in her spot and waited. However, Luo Yinghong’s fashion programme was being recorded next door and her waiting room was on the other side of the wall.

Ma Weiwei wasn’t aware of this until the staff called her and she happened to see Luo Yinghong step out from next door.

“Hong Jie, right? I’ve heard a lot about you. Why don’t you even have an assistant by your side?” Ma Weiwei asked, pointing out the obvious.

“Because I don’t need one,” Luo Yinghong replied with a smile. “However, I think you may need to hire a few more. After all, you are walking in Tangning’s footsteps, so you are bound to make a lot of enemies. I’m afraid you won’t be able to handle it.”

Ma Weiwei’s face swelled up and turned slightly red, “Hong Jie, I respect that you are a senior, but…”

“I already heard the conversation between you and your manager. Unfortunately, the rooms aren’t very soundproof,” Luo Yinghong sneered. “Although Tangning has gone overseas, don’t you think that your dream of surpassing her is a bit ridiculous?”

“Tangning is but an outdated artist, what’s the point of protecting her? Don’t you know that times have changed?” Ma Weiwei’s manager said as she shielded her artist. “The current Tangning isn’t even worthy of carrying shoes for Weiwei.”

As soon as she heard these words, Luo Yinghong stormed over to Ma Weiwei and grabbed onto her collar, “Didn’t you get famous from making yourself look like Tangning? Although you want to deny it, I’m sure you know how much you’ve gained from this resemblance.”

“No matter how famous and how much of a hit you currently are, you will never be able to get rid of the fact that you relied on Tangning.”

“So, even if Tangning is no longer famous, other people are allowed to look down on her, but you aren’t!” Luo Yinghong said as she pushed Ma Weiwei away.

“Remember what I’ve said today. Don’t take things too far.”

Ma Weiwei clenched her fists. She had obviously reached her limit.

After all, Luo Yinghong’s every word directly stepped on her where it hurt. So, it was impossible not to be furious.

Afterwards, Luo Yinghong left. But, Ma Weiwei said to her manager, “Weren’t you about to ask Han Xiuche when he’s taking over Superstar Media?”

“Weiwei, don’t be angry, I’ll go ask him right now,” her manager immediately replied.

After hearing Luo Yinghong’s words, Ma Weiwei was like a furious creature that was being held by its tail.

“Old woman, I’m going to let you see what Tangning’s worth. In the end, the entire Beijing will only recognize me, Ma Weiwei!”

“You just wait and see!”

As a result, Han Xiuche was a little surprised when he received a phone call from Ma Weiwei’s manager.

“I thought Weiwei didn’t care.”

“She didn’t care until she was insulted by one of Superstar Media’s artists,” the manager replied, “So, Young Master Han, can you confirm what you will do and when you will do it?”

“Soon! Wait for the good news.”

“In that case, hurry…”

They may not have been in rush before, but they now learned to be impatient because they finally appreciated the taste of power and understood the frustration of being suppressed.

Up until this point, Han Xiuche had been wary of Lin Qian because she was very observant. Therefore, he was waiting until Lin Qian reached the later stages of her pregnancy and Long Jie was truly on her own.

He knew that Lin Qian had negative views of him, but he didn’t want to provoke the wife of a military general; Li Jin wasn’t someone he could afford to offend.

So, he was waiting for the right time.

Lin Qian was beginning to frequent the agency a lot less and her conversations with Long Jie had also decreased. So, Han Xiuche believed that Long Jie would breakdown very soon.

The more she tried to produce results, the more she couldn’t produce them.

Long Jie desperately lookied everywhere for artists to sign.

But, without Tangning, who would want to join Superstar Media?

Superstar Media’s glory days were gone…

So, Han Xiuche suggested to Long Jie, “Long Jie, I know you have a plan to create some superstars. I am familiar with a few new artists, do you want me to introduce them to you?”