Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard - Chapter 1010 - If You Don't Appear, I'll Force You To Appear!

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Chapter 1010: If You Don’t Appear, I’ll Force You To Appear!

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“Don’t let me discover you playing tricks inside Superstar Media,” Lin Qian warned Han Xiuche.

Han Xiuche shrugged his shoulders innocently before he turned and left without saying a word.

From his point of view, a Superstar Media without Tangning was like a papier-mache tiger that could be easily destroyed.

Since he had misjudged Tangning, he was going to play with Superstar Media instead to release his anger.

Most importantly, he was going to use Superstar Media to promote his manhua and benefit from them. He wasn’t going to sit around and be controlled. How dare Lin Qian try to threaten him? He wasn’t even scared of his own older brother, why would he be scared of a mere manager?

Perhaps, he should contact the fake Tangning and develop a relationship with her.

It would be very interesting if that happened!

Tangning, let’s see where you can hide.

If you don’t appear, I’ll force you to appear!

Tangning had no idea about the situation in Beijing. Under Mo Ting’s arrangements, she finally met with the American sci-fi director, a.k.a. The Father Of Sci-fi.

After understanding Tangning’s intentions, the old man in his sixties felt that her idea was a joke.

“If you want to produce a film that’s up to standard, it’s not an easy task to achieve. Especially when China is lacking in so much.”

“That’s not the problem…” Tangning replied swiftly.

“In that case, what do you think is the biggest problem?” Director Jones asked.

“You’re afraid that I’ll surpass you if you help me!”

After Jones heard this, he began to laugh, “You are an interesting young lady. But, I need to clarify that I’m not discriminative towards the Chinese culture. I’m actually nearing retirement and want to spend more time with my family, so I’m sorry, but I won’t be of much help, Mrs. Mo.”

Actually, Tangning could tell that Jones wasn’t narrow-minded and nasty like the British professor. She could see in his gaze that he didn’t look down on anyone. After all, to be classified as one of the greats in his industry, it was expected that he’d be open minded and easy to get along with.

Tangning actually predicted the result. Asking to learn from a master of their field had never been an easy thing to achieve.

Especially since she showed up out of the blue.

In the end, the trio simply shared a meal before Jones’ alarm went off and he quickly left.

“Don’t be discouraged. You can always keep trying. Don’t forget that it took you a lot of effort to convince Qiao Sen out of hiding.”

Tangning turned around and nodded at Mo Ting, “I’m not someone that easily gives up. Let’s go, we will try again next time.”

After speaking, the couple paid the bill and left the hotel.

“Since we’re not far from the manor, let’s walk home,” Mo Ting suggested.

“It’s lucky that Auntie Yun came with us. I don’t need to worry about Yan Er. Let’s go,” Tangning nodded. The couple walked hand-in-hand down the street. However, at this time, a middle-aged woman suddenly ran into them.

Tangning and Mo Ting immediately turned around to find the woman lying on the floor. Tangning immediately knelt down. Just as she was about to help the woman up, Mo Ting stopped her, “Don’t touch her yet. Let’s call the ambulance first.”

Tangning nodded. Although it was annoying, Tangning patiently searched for help and quickly sent the woman to hospital.

Later on, the woman came to her senses in the ambulance. But, the first thing she asked for was her husband.

The medical staff told her that Tangning and Mo Ting saved her, but she immediately demanded for them to call her husband.

After arriving at the hospital and knowing that the patient was in safe hands, Tangning and Mo Ting decided to go home.

“Don’t go, I haven’t thanked you yet. My husband is a big director, he can give you a reward.”

As soon as she heard the word ‘director’, a possibility popped into Tangning’s head. However, she did not dwell on the thought for too long as she continued to walk away.

“Let’s go home.”

“You don’t want to take advantage of this opportunity?” Mo Ting asked as they left.

“Like you said, it’s taking advantage of someone,” Tangning replied casually, “I don’t like forcing people.”

“I don’t know what to do about you,” Mo Ting patted Tangning on the head and led her away.

Soon, Jones received a call and immediately rushed to the hospital. However, he did not see Mo Ting nor Tangning.

“Lucky nothing happened to you.”

“A Chinese couple saved me,” the old woman told Jones. “I told them to stay behind and get a reward from you, but they just left. What a shame.”

After hearing his wife’s explanation, Jones guessed who the Chinese couple were, “Why would it be them?”

“Do you know them?”

“Yes, they were the ones that I met tonight. Since they saved you, they must know your identity. I’m sure they’ll eventually come to look for me.”

He didn’t believe that Tangning would let go of such a great opportunity.

Tangning was his wife’s savior. This wasn’t originally a big deal. But, Jones misunderstood her because they had just met not long ago.

“If you see them, treat them well.”

“OK, I will.”

Jones nodded his head in agreement.

However, he waited a good few days and still didn’t see Tangning nor Mo Ting. Could it be that they hadn’t decided on an amount to ask from him?

In reality, to avoid these kind of suspicions, Tangning had already decided to look for another director. She knew that if she turned to Jones at a time like this, it would make him very uncomfortable.

“Think it over. Other directors won’t be as nice as Jones.”

“What else can I do?” Tangning asked helplessly. “No matter how difficult it is, I need to give it a try.”

As a result, Mo Ting took Tangning to see other famous directors and experts in the field of sci-fi. However, Jones quickly heard about this.

“This young woman is sure stubborn…”

Jones then called his assistant and told him to contact Tangning.

Tangning never expected Jones to contact her.

As they spoke on the phone, Jones said helplessly, “I think I should apologize for misunderstanding the two of you. I also think I should repay you for saving my wife. So, I’m willing to teach you.”

“Director Jones, I’m happy to receive your phone call, but saving your wife was just a coincidence, I didn’t…”

“I know the two of you aren’t like ‘that’. So, I would like to be your ‘shifu’ (teacher/mentor), isn’t that what you call it in Chinese?”

“You’re saying…”

“I’m saying that you should come see me tomorrow. I’m about to direct my last film, ‘The Resurrected Specimen’. I would like to teach you, you are very lucky. I think this may be fate. But, you need to prepare yourself. It is going to be tough. I will not go easy on you just because you are a woman.”