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Chapter 1008: You’re Already Dissatisfied?

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“Oh, you’ve misunderstood. My husband always investigates everyone that I come in contact with,” Tangning replied indifferently.

Han Xiuche leaned against a bookshelf and took a deep breath helplessly, “Both tough and gentle methods don’t work on you.”

“Does that mean you will distance yourself from me from now on?” Tangning asked. “You may want to waste time, but I don’t.”

Han Xiuche was helpless towards Tangning, so he could only step aside unhappily.

However, he really wanted to see Tangning’s various responses, especially when she fought back against the world. Her charms were different to the average woman.

She was truly mesmerizing.

After exiting the library, Tangning noticed that everyone looked at her differently. But, she already expected this day to eventually come.

“Did you guys know that this b*tch is responsible for a few deaths?”

“She must have come here because she can no longer survive in China.”

“How disgusting! England should have rejected entry for someone like this!”

“What a surprise! Chinese women are despicable!”

Everywhere that Tangning went, people pointed at her and criticized her. This was something that was bound to happen sooner or later because her identity couldn’t be hidden forever.

So, Tangning simply ignored them. After all, she had nothing to fear.

But, people took things one step further by announcing Tangning’s identity on the college noticeboard.

The entire noticeboard was covered with newspaper clippings from Beijing that were related to her.

“She only came to England after she couldn’t survive in Beijing anymore. Is our country some kind of refugee camp?”

“Hey, b*tch, go back to your scummy country!”

Tangning was unaffected by these harsh words. Someone even tried to attack her, but was quickly scared away by the bodyguards following her.

Under such rough conditions, Tangning was unfazed.

However, Beijing received news that Tangning couldn’t survive in Beijing and ran off to embarrass herself overseas.

All the newspapers and magazines were filled with news about her exposure on the college noticeboards.

After Long Jie saw the reports, she was so angry that she slammed her hands on the table and jumped out of her seat, “The media has taken things too far!”

Lin Qian also saw the reports, so she comforted, “Although it’s annoying, we need to endure it for now. After all, Ning Jie is currently overseas…”

“I’ve endured enough! The fake Tangning has already stepped all over Tangning. If we don’t do something, is she planning to replace her?”

“Even President Mo isn’t in a rush, why are you so anxious?” Lin Qian asked. “President Mo has been traveling back and forth between the two countries. He should know better than anyone how Tangning’s current situation is like, yet he hasn’t made a move. So, all we should do is wait.”

“Haiz, why are our days so stressful?”

Lin Qian understood that Long Jie felt things were unfair for Tangning, but Tangning had never been the type to endure insult and humiliation quietly.

Meanwhile, the college heard about everything related to Tangning and called her to the main office.

“Miss Tang, could you please explain where these rumors came from? To not ruin the college’s reputation, it is your responsibility to give us an explanation. Otherwise, we will have no choice but to expel you.”

Tangning looked at the newspaper in the headmaster’s hand and said politely, “Sir, this is my own private matter, yet someone has violated my privacy. Shouldn’t you investigate the person behind this exposure instead?”

“Don’t you know that I’m the victim?”

The headmaster rubbed his nose awkwardly and did not answer.

“As you can see, I have a high level of influence. Even though it’s not positive…I still attract a high degree of attention. If the college can’t provide me with an explanation, I will need to reveal the truth about the college as well as the professor’s discrimination.”

“When that time comes, I will do anything, even if we both get hurt in the process.”


The headmaster was helpless. He never expected Tangning to be so good at talking.

“As a mature adult, I trust that the college can help me get justice. Otherwise, I will need to take things into my own hands.”

The headmaster considered his options and finally agreed to Tangning’s request, “Fine, I’ll give you an explanation and I’ll remove everything from the college noticeboards. But, you need to take note of your actions. Don’t argue with a professor again.”

“I’m sorry, headmaster, but I believe in mutual respect!”

After speaking, Tangning left the office.

Perhaps, a lot of people were waiting for Tangning to withdraw from the college.

Under such tough conditions and so many looks of disdain, no one believed that she could continue to stick around.

But…the result was beyond everyone’s expectations.

Because the next morning, everything on the college noticeboard was completely removed.

The headmaster then released an announcement requesting everyone to respect other’s privacy. Anyone caught violating the rule would be immediately expelled.

As soon as everyone saw this result, they were tempted to bow down to her.

This Chinese woman wasn’t easy to deal with.

Since that was the case, they could only wait to beat her in academic results instead. They were going to show her that Chinese people were low level scum.

On the way back to England from Beijing, Mo Ting heard about Tangning’s actions at the college.

Of course, from the moment he first saw news about Tangning, he already knew she’d do something big in response. He just never expected that she’d directly go and threaten the headmaster.

But, this was Tangning. No matter where she went, she couldn’t seem to keep a low profile.

Later that day, Mo Ting saw Tangning reading a book. So, he asked curiously, “What are you reading?”

Tangning closed the book and replied, “I’m reading up on the history of the film industry and analyzing some case studies…”

“This isn’t part of your course.”

“Everything in my course is too basic. It’s not enough to fulfill my needs,” Tangning replied. “I had heard before that theoretical studies didn’t teach much and that true skills came from experience on set.”

“The basics indeed pose no challenge.”

“You’re already dissatisfied with the course?” Mo Ting chuckled. “It seems, you need to learn from a professional team rather than a rubbish college filled with discrimination.”

“You’ve only realized that now, Mr. Mo? However, this trip did not go to waste, at least I got to see what Westerners think of us.”

“This makes me even more determined to create good films.”

“Especially sci-fi!”

“It seems, I will need to find the best team for you…” Mo Ting laughed. “Let’s head over to the US then. I originally thought you’d be able to endure at least one month.”