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Chapter 1004: You Need To Feed Me Well!

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“You will always be standing at the pinnacle because you are my woman!” Mo Ting took Zichen out of Tangning’s arms. “Mrs. Mo, you should be shining from a much more noticeable place. It’s what you deserve.”

Tangning laughed and looked at the charming man beside her. “I will definitely stand at the same level as you!” she nodded.

Tangning was studying overseas, but it didn’t mean that the couple would be separated the entire time. Because, during this year, Mo Ting would be practically spending half his time in England.

As for their two sons, they would be left in the care of the Tang Family. Tangning had faith that Xia Yuling and the others in the household would teach them well.

Three months soon passed since Yan Er was born and she was now a lot more healthier than before. In fact, her chubby cheeks made it impossible to tell that she was premature.

On the day that Tangning left for England, she did not tell anyone – not even Long Jie nor Lin Qian.

Mo Ting maintained a low profile as he headed out with the mother and daughter. After arriving at the airport, they saw the fake Tangning appear on TV while sitting in the VIP waiting lounge. She was currently attending an event for an electronics brand.

On the big screen TV, the woman looked 80% similar to Tangning. She was dressed in a long red dress, her figure was relatively good and she was young and beautiful. With the posture of an artist, she looked at the media and greeted them.

The reporters liked reporting on her because she was controversial, but she cooperated with the media.

Pretty much every newcomer in the industry cherished the opportunity for extra exposure and especially cherished their relationship with the media. Unlike Tangning, who actually said that she disliked them.

So, they tried even harder to make this ‘replica’ famous, in hopes that Tangning would receive a huge faceslap. They wanted Tangning to see that her days were over and that she’d never be able to make a comeback again.

After Tangning saw this, she felt a little emotional. From being a model to becoming a mother of three, her lover and her family were the best things she received from the entertainment industry.

Mo Ting carried Yan Er as he held onto Tangning’s hand, “Don’t be bothered by things like this. Focus on going overseas to study.”

If Mo Ting wanted to support someone, there was no such thing as not being able to make a comeback. Especially when Tangning was no naive youngster.

Meanwhile, the other guests in the VIP lounge chatted amongst themselves to past time. When they saw the ‘replica’ Tangning, they couldn’t help but say, “This fake is going around appearing everywhere, but the real thing hasn’t done anything to stop her. It seems, Tangning really has no standing in the entertainment industry anymore.”

“Things change. At least she was famous for a good few years. It’s just a shame that she didn’t make it until the end.”

“Do you think she’ll ever return to the industry?”

“By the time she comes back, the industry would already have many more Tangning’s. Besides, she’s old now and has three children. Even if she wants to sell herself again, she would only get roles as someone’s mother. That’s how realistic the industry is.”

“That’s true.”

Tangning was sitting right behind these two women. Even though she heard their discussion, she did not show any discontent.

However, when the two women turned around and saw Tangning, they broke out in a cold sweat.

“Damn, I must have left the house without checking my luck.”

“Let’s go. Let’s sit somewhere else.”

The two young women felt a little embarrassed as they changed seats and pretended like nothing happened.

But, no matter how harsh their words sounded, they were merely telling the truth.

From the look on Mo Ting’s face, it didn’t seem like he would let the two women go, so Tangning grabbed onto his arm, “There’s no need to stop them. Let them go. We should go too. The plane is about to depart.”

Afterwards, the couple left with their daughter. However, this incident was reported on the gossip columns.

[Former boss of Superstar Media, Tangning, seen leaving Beijing in low spirits: Fame gone!]

[Tangning destroys others and now destroys herself!]

This was the last time that Tangning appeared to the media after her retreat from the industry; even though all they captured was her and Mo Ting’s back as they left.

Only at this time did Long Jie and Lin Qian discover that Tangning had left.

“She didn’t even arrange for people to see her off. No wonder the media wrote stuff like this,” Long Jie didn’t like what she saw. “Rubbish news like this will eventually be slapped in the face by Tangning. As for the fake Tangning, it makes me angry whenever I see her…”

“Your job now is to keep Superstar Media going. Don’t let people assume that we’re nothing without Ning Jie around,” Lin Qian comforted. “She put her heart and soul into this agency, we need to keep it going no matter what…”

“You don’t need to tell me that. What I want to do now is to strike down that fake Tangning.”

“You’ll eventually get the chance!” Lin Qian said with deep meaning because she had faith in Tangning.

Han Xiuche soon heard that Tangning had left.

His manager also received news that Tangning was going overseas to study.

“I think my chance has come. Hai Rui is a huge corporation; Mo Ting can’t possibly stay overseas with Tangning the entire time. If I don’t make a move now, when will I get the chance again?”

“Are you crazy? You want to go overseas as well? What about your deadlines?”

“I’ll hand my files to you on time. It has nothing to do with where I am,” Han Xiuche replied. “Help me find out where Tangning is studying and immediately arrange my travels.”

After the manager heard this, she rolled her eyes, “Fine, I won’t stop you. After all, I’m your manager. But, I want to warn you that Tangning is no longer famous. If you get too close to her, you may be implicated.”

“Did you think, with Tangning’s talent, she would let herself get forgotten? Since she’s studying overseas, she’s obviously planning to make a comeback in another way. If you don’t believe me, let’s just wait and see.”


The manager was speechless as she rolled her eyes and left the apartment. At this time, Han Xiuche closed up his drawing tablet and blew a kiss to the wind, “Beauty Tang, I’m on my way.”

The couple finally arrived in England after 10+ hours of travel. Luckily, Yan Er did not have any major issues. She even smiled as they arrived at their new temporary home.

Tangning was quite surprised, “Your little lover is going to grow up to be an optimistic princess.”

Mo Ting ran his fingers through Tangning’s hair like when they first got married, “Check out your new home.”

“There’s no need to look around. I’m sure you made it look as similar to Hyatt Regency as possible.”

Mo Ting couldn’t help but smile as he led Tangning inside. Indeed, as she expected, it looked exactly like home. This reduced Yan Er’s discomfort and made the place feel homey even though they were actually far from home.

“It’s been an entire day of travel. You should go get some work done. I’ll cook dinner,” Tangning said after coaxing Yan Er to sleep. “I know that Hai Rui has a lot that’s waiting for you to handle. I’ll come to the study to call you when dinner is ready.”

Mo Ting stretched out his arms to hug Tangning and passionately kissed her on the lips, “Mrs. Mo, it’s been three months…You need to feed me well!”