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Chapter 91: The hitman’s little koi 5 (part 1/2)

After confirming that the little koi didn\'t feel out of sorts with the density of the seawater as the general koi will have. Pei Lie who carried an oxygen tank on his back felt very reassured to go down into the vast sea with the little koi.

In the next second, Pei Lie who had once been amazed by the human form of the little koi had been completely amazed yet again by it\'s half demon form.

Even the word stunning was not enough and the word shocking may perhaps be more appropriate. Pei Lie had been completely shocked silly upon seeing the little koi transform it\'s upper half into a human with a fish tail at the waist down in the deep blue sea. The human form of the upper body was still as beautiful as before, while the fish tail in the lower half was elegant and beautiful beyond words.

From the perspective of a demon cultivator, doing things in the original prototype was inconvenient. The pure human form also required energy to sustain it, so only through the half demon form can any demon cultivator be truly at ease. After using his spiritual perception to confirm that there were no other humans or any photographic equipment in the surroundings, Chen Tong completely changed into the form he was most comfortable with, then leisurely swam to a semicircle around Pei Lie.

He looks just like the mermaid prince in the myths at this moment. The long hair floating in the water, had a kind of mesmerizing temptation, with the beautiful and elegant gauze-like fishtail. Even the pale golden scales similar to the tiny ginkgo leaves faintly glistened just like diamonds in the sky, or like the dewdrops shined upon by the morning rays.

The scales and caudal fins were almost indistinguishable from his original prototype, but happened to be more gorgeous in it\'s magnified version and could easily make people catch their breath. Pei Lie looked at the koi youth with a fiery gaze, the fire in his eyes seemed to be hot enough to set the sea on fire, which could also be clearly observed past the dive mask.

The little koi which had been inevitably stunned had consequently froze for a bit. He felt a bit exposed and shy by this passionate and ardent gaze, making his caudal fins tremble a bit. He immediately turned around and swam down to the deepest part of the sea after being stunned still for quite some time, displaying a moving arc between his swaying tail.

Although his movements appears graceful and smooth, but the slightly hasty tempo revealed his nervousness. The pale golden scales on the tail also shimmered with each movement, as if it was filled with life. Appearing flamboyant and dazzling to the eyes.

Having returned to his senses, Pei Lie hurriedly chased after him, he had finally grabbed the little koi\'s hand during it\'s intentional pause, and forcefully pulled the youth around to face him.

The bottom of the ocean was so silent, that Pei Lie could even hear the faint sound of his heartbeat.

Thump, thump.

The feelings between the two were already beyond control, with an unimaginably rapid progress. But Pei Lie had no intention to rein it back as well. He only wanted to place the little koi in his embrace.

He couldn\'t help but hug the koi youth\'s waist without restraint, then gently caress his face.

Chen Tong didn\'t hide, but indescribably felt more confusion inside him. He silently looked at Pei Lie and blinked his eyes in a somewhat unguarded manner and couldn\'t help but spit out a few tiny bubbles.

"Glub lub……" o°…○o…o…

The little koi spitting out tiny bubbles in the human form actually looks more adorable than in it\'s fish form. The beautiful slightly pursed lips and the faintly discernible white teeth between the red lips were extremely enticing. The cuteness made all of the blood in Pei Lie\'s body surge into his brain, that he actually pulled out his regulator* to kiss the lips of the youth.

The first kiss of the great hitman was carried out in a special way at the depth of 30 meters in the sea. The slightly cool lips of the youth were like jelly, the softness made Pei Lie unwilling to be aggressive, but conversely made him long to vigorously print his own mark as well. Pei Lie traced along the lips of the youth, nibbling his petal-like lips a few times, the tip of the tongue then slightly pressed for entrance.

The tip of the tongue swept through the youth\'s lovely teeth and palate. After locating the tiny tongue, it gently entangled it and teased it step-by-step.

The seawater was salty but the lips of the youth was sweet. The smoothness of the interior of the mouth was just like poppy, causing Pei Lie to become more and more addicted. The little koi who came to his senses instantly flushed red. The nervousness in his eyes had already become especially clear, as he subconsciously started to push the other away.

But not only did Pei Lie refuse to let go, the kiss became even more intense.

He knew that the youth in his arms felt scared and nervous, but he wanted to clearly and straightforwardly let the youth realize his love and feelings, and didn\'t want to wait a second longer.

Pei Lie didn\'t know whether this could be of great consequence. He didn\'t even go so far as to think of the possible result of alienation or even disgust by the other side. The feeling of the lack of oxygen also followed, the man\'s hand pressing the nape of the youth started to slowly lose strength, then eventually let go in a gradual manner.

As a result, the little koi felt shocked to see Pei Lie sink bit by bit after being pushed away by him.

The terrified koi youth immediately set aside all of his jumbled feelings, and swam over with the quickest speed. He kissed Pei Lie\'s lips to provide him oxygen, while searching for the regulator in a fluster, trying to put it back to him once more.

Pei Lie was actually very conscious the entire time and even knew how to quickly put the regulator back in place, but belatedly refused to move.

Because he was waiting.

Pei Lie once hid motionlessly in the rainforest for 36 hours in order to kill someone, without a bit of impatience. In the end, the greatest gamble he made with his life did not end in vain. The panic and concern of the koi youth was the best reward. There was also the sweet and tender active kiss on the lips, which was just like a beautiful dream.

The great crafty hitman turned from passive to active as he kissed the other side once more. However, the kiss this time was fierce and passionate because of having confirmed the feelings of the other party, similar to a great white shark that wants to swallow it\'s prey. Only when the ears of the youth turned red did he stop and put on his regulator.

If Pei Lie could only vaguely hear the sound of his own heartbeat before, Chen Tong at this moment could hear the sound of his own heartbeat with great clarity, without needing to closely listen to the frenzied pounding. He subconsciously touched his lips, followed by the extensive heaving of his chest. The pair of eyes looking at Pei Lie grew wider, just like a fawn encountering a hunter for the first time.

The little koi began to puff out bubbles once more.

The air masses breathed out between the lips was wrapped by the seawater and turned into a string of bubbles, which successively floated upwards.

"Glub lub……" o°…○oo…

—— Ah ah, I feel so embarrassed by the kiss……

"Glub lub glub lub……" ○o…°o○…○.…

—— But not only does it not feel annoying but it even feels a bit wonderful……

"Glub lub glub lub lub……" …o…o○…o○….○o…

Not only do I feel a bit afraid and confused, I also don\'t know what to do at all……