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Chapter 90: The hitman’s little koi 4 (part 2/2)

Pei Lie took out the shrimp balls, green vegetables and fruits to make congee from inside the crisper. then also found a bit of pork cutlet on the freezer which he planned to make into sweetened chops.

The culinary skills of the great hitman was definitely quite sufficient, aside from the fact that he had only been cooking for himself for so many years. Thinking of the sudden appearance of the youth in the living room who had been piteously crying for food, actually gave rise to a bit of indescribable joy and satisfaction in him.

They had obviously just met, but this person and demon spirit actually gave off an unspeakable feeling of an old married couple. With the natural and harmonious atmosphere, and the constant stream of dialogue every now and then:

"That\'s right, I want my noodles to be extra spicy! With vinegar as well!"


"There mustn\'t be ginger and garlic!"


Be that as it may, since Pei Lie was concerned that too much spicy food at night would be bad for the stomach, so only a bit of spicy spices were placed. A piece of ginger was also added to ward off the cold. There was no need to worry about these, since the little koi had long been enticed by the aroma. Sad to say, he didn\'t dare to go forward because of the painful from falling and could only continuously train his eyes towards the kitchen with eagerness. Had he been in a form of a fish, perhaps the tip of the tail would have already been raised high.

The noodles had been placed on the dinning table under the expectant gaze of the little koi.

Unfortunately, there was still quite a distance of several meters from the dining table to the sofa. So the little koi could only look but not eat. He immediately felt a bit restless, that he couldn\'t help but call out: "Pei Lie, Pei Lie, Pei Lie……"

Pei Lie gave a slight pause.

He only felt that his name produced a wonderful feeling when it came from the youth\'s mouth, as if something like an electric current went in from the ear and spread throughout his whole body, causing a part of his heart to melt. The little koi who was totally oblivious to the emotional state of the great hitman, cheerfully started eating after having been placed on the dining chair. Seeing the way he ate can simulate the other person\'s appetite.

It\'s actually very easy to cater to the appetite of the little koi. A single side dish and a single noodle soup which were placed before him already made him slightly narrow his eyes in great delight. Anyone who cooks knows how happy and fulfilling it feels when the food they made is liked. Seeing the youth eat the food with relish, caused the perpetual cold face of Pei Lie to grow more and more softer.

Subsequently, the little koi who only recalled the mainline task of maintaining aloofness after having eaten his fill instantly turned sluggish.

—— Ah ah ah! Not to mention aloofness, his actions just now was simply beyond silly. I wonder if I could still eat something to turn back time to fix it……

Unfortunately, Pei Lie who couldn\'t read the lengthy OS in his thoughts couldn\'t help but ask with concern: "Why did you stop eating? Is your stomach uncomfortable?"

The little koi really felt a bit uncomfortable, —— Due to excessive eating.

There was no feeling of overindulgence in the midst of eating. But the increasingly bulging stomach can be felt at this moment. He temporarily set aside the issue of aloofness, as he hummed and held his little belly.

For this reason, Pei Lie accompanied the little koi to watch TV at the middle of the night to aid in digestion. A recording of a funny variety show was being broadcasted on TV. Nonetheless, the little koi watched with rapt attention, laughing every now and then. He even tried to acquire a response from Pei Lie.

"Pei Lie, that person looks so funny!"

"Pei Lie……"


The youth took a glance, then similar to a kitten seeking for warmth, he subconsciously leaned towards Pei Lie arm, when Pei Lie placed him in his arms. Both bodies had actually displayed a great coordination and were able to find a comfortable position without much trouble.

In Pei Lie\'s view, the TV show looks really unsatisfactory, with a mentally deficient host and more mentally retarded guests. The quality was even lesser than one of a thousand compared to this youth in his arms at all. However, the youth looks so merry, that Pei Lie who was watching the side of his face didn\'t make any movements. Seeing him laugh, inexplicably brought him a tinge of happiness as well.

The warm body in his embrace, made his mind achieve a very comfortable feeling of peace and calmness than ever before.

But the little koi suddenly became restless.

His heart started to unexpectedly beat rapidly all of a sudden for several times the instant he had been held by Pei Lie. The breathe of the other person which sprayed at the edge oh his ears even made him feel a bit hotter, as it so happens his hand has been grasped once again at this time.

"Why is your hand so cold? Are you cold?"

The man\'s deep voice sounds very pleasant to the ears, that the little koi couldn\'t resist looking up and coincidentally made contact with the man\'s deep eyes.

Which indescribably tugged taut a certain string in his heart which then seemed to snap off. This kind of feeling was something Chen Tong had never experienced before.

The heart, seems to be unwell……

The youth bit his lip, the white earlobes were completely dyed with faint crimson. Looking just like the fresh and gorgeous flower petals washed clean by the dense spring rain. It took a long time before he shook his head and gave a reply: "Not cold."

The little koi eventually fell asleep.

While nestling in Pei Lie\'s arms, he had still been talking about the contents of the show with great enthusiasm, but the sound of his voice gradually dwindled, by the time Pei Lie took another look at him, he realized that the youth was already sleeping sweetly with a smooth and steady breathe. The little face which appears especially tender, made him think of a peeled lychee which would secrete juice when bitten.

Pei Lie waited for him to fall into a deeper before carefully carrying him to the bedroom upstairs. Because there was only one bedroom available, so he laid sideways while watching the youth sleep. The lights were then switched off, he uncannily reached out in the darkness to lightly touch the lips of the youth.

The sensation was so soft that the great hitman instinctively squeezed his chest.

That alleged apathy……

—— Was obviously nonsensical.

Especially during the moments when the youth said his name out loud, when he looked at him with boldness and confidence, when he nestled in his arms with absolute trust…… The great hitman who had experienced the first taste of love for the first time at the age of 29 was something really worthy of celebration.

The \'romantic love\' of the two also progressed rapidly. The afternoon of the next day, Pei Lie brought the little koi which had changed back to it\'s original form via the portable fish tank, to go diving together.

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The author has something to say:

Sorry, I worked overtime again last night. First, letting the great hitman and endearingly silly version of the very sweet little koi have a sweet talk of love. Because the little koi would soon forget about it and have a very high caliber of aloofness, so light a candle for Pei Lie. Does anyone feel that the form of the little mermaid is specially suitable for a small black house?