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Chapter 90: The hitman’s little koi 4 (part 1/2)

Fortunately, the ankle length hair was barely enough to hide the important parts on the youth\'s body. Be that as it may, no boy would have such a long hair like the ancient times in the modern society of this day and age. Moreover, the long hair of the youth for some unknown reasons seemed to stick to his body, a few strands of hair were like seaweeds sticking down to the petite legs. The flow of water converged and slid along the slender ankles to the floor, where a small puddle had formed.

This kind of semi-exposed look was more seductive than a complete exposure. Had it not been for his participation in the hitman training in order to exercise the control over urges and other kinds of rigorous training in those years, Pei Lie might have already had a nosebleed on the spot.

The great hitman took a long and deep breath, doing great efforts to calm himself down from this kind of \'beautiful scenery\'. The youth in front of him really had an exceptionally innocent appearance, without the the tiniest tinge of wickedness or any kind of pretense. Pei Lie had confidence that his discernment ability which had been developed through several years would never go wrong. He then lowered his gun, but his countenance still retained it\'s vigilance, "Who are you? How did you come in?"

This youth was of course the little koi.

Because of the unbearable discomfort of an empty stomach, the little koi took the opportunity to leap out the water to find food after the man had fallen asleep. If someone had been present on the scene at that time, they would certainly be shocked still. After the little golden koi leaped out of the water, it magically transformed into a beautiful but stark naked youth in midair, then steadily landed on the ground. After which, it clumsily stumbled and felt around the entire way into the kitchen with the help of his spiritual energy.

The clumsy movement was not due to the inability to see in the dark, but the weakness of both feet that hinders his movement. Chen Tong did not understand what was going on as well. This pair of legs which came from the transformed fishtail was clearly no different from the previous worlds, but it was just unable to muster any strength. Just heading to the refrigerator took a great deal of effort, finding a jar of yogurt and a box of cookies from rummaging the contents, but he did not expect to be caught red-handed just after he had only drank two mouthful of milk.

The little koi that recovered from his shock, did not answer Pei Lie\'s question, but had kicked up a fuss in an incredibly self righteous manner to him instead: "It\'s all your fault. Not only did you give me such disgusting fish feeds and worms to eat, my fish scales had even been injured by the fall. Causing me to be in pain and be starved, so I can only painstakingly search for food that I can eat!"

Even if he couldn\'t remember Han Ying, but he still faced Pei Lie the same way he regarded Han Ying. In addition to an inexplicable feeling that the other side won\'t loath or hurt him because of him being a demon spirit. Moreover, Pei Lie had a very soft spot towards his fish prototype before, completely expressing his love and care with each of his action. On top of that, his cultivation has already reached the demon king period, which is equivalent to the Nascent soul period of the human cultivators. In a fight, an ordinary person would never be able to defeat him. Hence, he did not need to conceal his identity at the start.

Not knowing that Pei Lie had already been dumbstruck.

Fish feed? Scales? Pei Lie\'s unfailingly high-speed brain-power suddenly experienced a rare lag. —— Could this youth be the little koi he brought home with him from the sea?

In the dead of the night, the three world views of the great hitman received an unprecedentedly tremendous impact.

Pei Lie considered himself as an atheist, and had never believed in demons, gods and other myths. He mostly regarded fortune telling through analyzing the component parts of the Chinese character, drawing divination sticks in the temple, altercation of luck, karma, reincarnation and the likes as a scam. If there really was karma, then as a hitman completely covered with blood, he should have already died much earlier. Furthermore, he had walked at the edge of life and death several times, while completely relying on his ability.

But this being who appeared before him was a, uh, ……an actual demon koi spirit?!!

But the facts had inescapably convinced Pei Lie. He had already noticed that the route of the water marks at the foot of the youth was from the kitchen to the fish tank. The tiny red mark similar to a willow leaf at the center of the youth\'s forehead was also identical with that scarlet mark on top of the head of the little koi. In addition to those familiar pair of brilliant black eyes……

On the other side, upon seeing the extremely astonished appearance of the human before him, the little koi mistakenly thought that the other was overwhelmed by his majesty as a koi deity and became even bolder and confident. He also pointed to his right foot, "Look, the side I fell onto is still bleeding. But in such a huge refrigerator, only yogurt and bread sticks can be eaten. You have to compensate me with a whole lot of delicious food!!"

Pei Lie followed the direction of the youth\'s finger and saw shallow bloodstains on the tall toe nail on the other side\'s petite foot, which was exceptionally obvious on his jade like skin*. He felt an indescribable heartache, that he couldn\'t help but inquire: "……what do you want to eat?"

*jade are depicted as translucent like..

The foodie little koi decisively declared that he can eat anything aside from the koi feed and other types of fish feed. But not a single restaurant would be open for business at this time, hence, Pei Lie had not other choice but to personally make it. But the first thing the great hitman needed to do was to find clothes for the youth, otherwise, even if the other side doesn\'t feel cold, he himself might burn to madness.

However, the daring little koi still trailed behind Pei Lie with an additional demand: "After a meal, I also want to eat dessert-……"

But the words had been cut off because of the loud sound of a falling object.

The startled Pei Lie immediately turned around. He saw the little koi who had completely forgotten about the weak state of his pair of legs and soft feet had actually fallen flat on the floor with a bang.

The great hitman immediately felt that he might not be able to hold back the nosebleed he kept suppressing until now. Because the little pipi exposed by the youth was really upright, tender and fair. A single glance was enough to determine that it would certainly feel exceptionally well.

Fortunately, the lighting was very dark, so the blush on the face of the great hitman was not visible at all. The feeling of distress completely dominated him, overwhelming all other feelings. Moreover, the little koi who had accidentally fallen down, immediately burst into tears, while feeling wronged at the same time, "Wu wu wu, so painful……"

Pei Lie hastily took quick large steps and directly placed the youth in his arms. He then went out the kitchen and placed him on the sofa in the living room. The interior of the room instantly brightened the moment the ceiling light had been turned on. The purple bruise on the youth\'s knee became more apparent under the light as well.

The youth that had just been domineering a moment ago, curled up into a small circle while holding on to his knee. He flattened his mouth and refused to utter a single word. Pei Lie instantly felt distressed. He applied an ointment on the youth that had been taken out from the medicine box while saying: "Endure for a bit, the pain will soon be gone."

The icy-cold ointment caused the youth to subconsciously shiver, the awful pain really eased up a lot. Afterwards, his facial expression slowly regained it\'s previous exuberance. While touching his little nose, he determinedly proceeded to complete the sentence he had not completely uttered a moment ago, "……After a meal, I also want to eat desserts and fruits."

Pei Lie only felt happy and amused once more, "Be good, put on clothes first."

The amnesiac little koi forgot the purple immortal robe in the system\'s storage, and took the oversized t-shirt Pei Lie provided. The dressed youth finally enabled the great hitman to face him with composure as he asked: "Little guy, how about I make a shrimp ball noodle soup for you? In addition to fixing a mixed fruit congee."

The koi \'magnanimously\' nodded his head. In consideration that the white floccule had only informed him of his name yesterday, he also upsettingly corrected Pei Lie: "My name is Chen Tong."

Pei Lie took this chance to reach a hand out while trying to make himself look a bit more gentler, "I\'m Pei Lie."

This must be the first time Pei Lie allowed another person know his full name. Almost no other person knew his full name, even Jones had only been informed of his surname.

The two of them shook hands, just like an official meeting. The inner being of the people with amnesia were purer than the other people. Pei Lie felt that the youth\'s eyes was so clear as if he could see the rippling of water with just a slight movement. The undivided attention of this person unexpectedly gave him the illusion of a wholehearted trust or even an affection, that he couldn\'t resist touching his head, "Obediently wait on the sofa while I go to cook."