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Chapter 9: The commander’s little mirror 9

The first time is always unforgettable, both Han Ying and Chen Tong are kissing for the first time, but kissing this kind of thing is a human instinct just like a hug, the great commander at first was rough, without being taught he soon became proficient.

The favorable impression measure once again sensed good feelings and sounded not less than 15 times, unfortunately it can only read and listen to the reminder itself. The beast in his bones made Han Ying’s action unconsciously be filled with the taste of capture and plunder, Chen Tong was forcefully trapped under his broad and powerful arms, wanting to escape yet unable to start.

The act of wanting to escape let the man’s potential male consciousness more willful.

Lifting Chen Tong’s nape while increasing the intensity of the kiss, passionate greedy invasion into the depths of his mouth. The youth’s soft lips were sucked and ravaged, the soft tip of the tongue was also tightly entangled, the mouth has been stirred to numbness, can only be powerless to let the other party continue to seize.

Han Ying was uncontrollable, not at all like his usual self. He has never lost control, it isn’t easy for people like him to lose control, once out of control it’s hard to recover.

Until the youth under him was completely limp, and unconsciously gave a light moan, Han Ying’s male possessiveness was only then slightly satisfied, the vigor and momentum converged slightly, trying to restrain the restless lower body, filled with affectionate appeasement he kissed the obedient youth.

At first it was just an impulsive kiss, it evolved to a point where one couldn’t let go and to the extent that desire rose, to what Han Ying had not expected. Love and desire are often parallel, many times the heart hasn’t realized it fell in love, yet desire has already answered you.

At the end of the kiss, Chen Tong’s long feathery eyelashes were half opened, hazy eyes, messy hair, a soft gasp on the slightly opened lips that was kissed red, the whole person exudes a soft, sticky and incomparable seductive erotic flavor, making Han Ying’s hoarse voice become more coarse: “Baby, you’re finally back……”

Upon mentioning this, he couldn’t help but slightly frown, quickly examined the wound on Chen Tong’s shoulder. Opened the clothes, and saw that the originally bloody shoulder had began to heal and form a scab.

Han Ying carefully kissed the ugly scab, the tone is clearly full of pity, “Does it still hurt?”

Unfortunately, the other party dodged before he came across.

Chen Tong’s first action after being forcefully kissed was to move back, shrinking to the innermost corner of the bed, those beautiful eyes were wide open, like a panicked and lost little animal, with a point of uneasiness, two points of vigilance and three points of panic, all that’s left was to take precautions. The brain’s barrage from the earliest pervert until the previous stinky face changed to the current indecent criminal.

Maybe in Chen Tong’s view, it’s like currently facing a villain that needs preparation, but in Han Ying’s eyes can only think that the youth looks very cute, letting him want to place him in his embrace to be carefully kissed again. Han Ying couldn’t help but lean forward, stretching the hand to caress his eyebrow.

Chen Tong couldn’t retreat anymore, could only try to avoid the attempt, but was still touched by the man’s great hands on the temple, at this moment of touch, Han Ying clearly felt the youths body was stiff enough to shake, so patted him on the back instead, like coaxing a child softly said: “Baby don’t be afraid.”

But because of Han Ying’s offensive and plundering desire that was exposed through his kiss has still not dissipated, so even if his voice is gentle, falling in Chen Tong’s eyes it felt like he was a venomous snake slowly hissing, against the light, Chen Tong even saw his pupils reflecting a slightly predatory look, the eyes were exceptionally dark, thick as blood, the invisible complexity beneath the eyes is thicker than that of blood.

That look was like it’s going to eat him, letting Chen Tong feel like he was trapped in a big net, feeling that the man’s seemingly gentle hand would actually secretly use force, not giving him a chance to struggle and flee.

In nature, animals are naturally alert to predators, demon spirits alertness are sharper than any animal, even though Chen Tong’s thought of ‘eat’ may not be the same as Han Ying’s ‘eat’, but his nerves were uncontrollable like facing a big enemy, even having goosebumps, looking at Han Ying’s eyes is not just on guard, there is also the fear that is difficult to hide.

This fear let Han Ying’s heart thump all of a sudden.

Han Ying naturally stood in a high position, the fear and admiration looks of others was a delight to him, but this absolutely doesn’t include his little mirror, in fact when Han Ying is facing Chen Tong, he has always been trying to hide the flaws of his character, for example the abnormal desire of encroachment and control, the extremely self-centered with a very black belly nature of being rigorous and skillful in scheming, even treating others pain as an unstable mentality of adjustment in life. He didn’t think that there was anything wrong with it before, but after meeting Chen Tong, he inexplicably became like a little girl who dared to see the sweetheart only after dressing very carefully, covering the ugly places, without letting the other person know.

Maybe because he is the most beautiful fairy tale he liked since childhood, he carried the warm fantasy he had from childhood. In Han Ying’s heart, Chen Tong is different from everyone, must be twice as careful and cautious, he didn’t want to frighten him, even more afraid to scare him away.

Han Ying immediately and quietly converge the remaining desire of aggression and encroachment of the body thoroughly, the eye was replaced with a harmless look, the hand that took the initiative to pat the youth’s hand shrank back.

The demon’s sensitive nerve in Chen Tong’s body finally relaxed with it, then heard Han Ying softly ask: “……is Baby afraid? Afraid of me?”

The man’s voice was clearly bitter, this instead made Chen Tong not know how to answer for a moment: “……”

“I was simply too excited to see you.” Han Ying continued to sadly say: “I’m very worried about you, so it’s hard to control……”

By shrewdness, ten Chen Tong’s can’t resist Han Ying, this trick of to advance by retreating is very effective, partially due to Chen Tong’s nature of amenable to coaxing but not coercion type, Han Ying even had a very gentle tone, “Don’t be angry with me……”

Chen Tong finally couldn’t help but say: “……I’m not angry……”

Han Ying quickly changed the topic, “Since the baby forgave me, then sleep with me for a while, okay?” The fatigue in his voice is obvious: “Because I miss you so much, I haven’t slept well in two nights……”

Chen Tong as well was tired due to cultivation and wanted to sleep, unexpectedly subconsciously nodded.

The Congealed form period’s practice is two pages thin just like the demon spirit period, the first page is about how to practice through meditation. Chen Tong completed it step by step, but somehow did not achieve the effect of cultivation, instead it consumed a lot of mental power, more meditation made him more sleepy.

Seeing Han Ying sleeping, Chen Tong then also fell asleep. After waiting for his breathing to be completely smooth, Han Ying who pretended to sleep secretly opened his eyes, silently gazed at the youth’s tranquil sleep, and gently kissed his forehead, then finally closed his eyes with perfect satisfaction.

In the season when the temperature is suitable, the man holding the youth laid sideways, sleeping together; the bed’s embroidered soft fur quilt, intoxicated sweet dreams, endless spring, the tempted sunshine also couldn’t help but want to peek, even if the curtains and veils were pulled very tightly, there were a few scattered lights leaking through the curtain’s crevices toward the opposite side, casting a little warm light.

The clock pointed to 8:30am, the commander’s mansion all over has already started to get busy, only this bedroom is self-contained, dim, quiet, warm and peaceful not disturbed by anyone.

However, there was a not so discreet knock on the door.

About 12 o’clock, the steward’s cautious knock and question came from outside: “Eldest young master, are you there?”

Han Ying who has always been alert even when asleep opened his eyes at the same time as the sound, afraid of waking the youth in his embrace, immediately got up softly and quietly, just opened the door a bit, with a lowered voice and a displeased look asked: “What happened?”

The steward hurriedly replied: “Esteemed grandfather let me call you.”

Thought a bit, and hesitated to add: “The master brought back the mother and son, so the esteemed grandfather probably wants to have your idea……”

Han Ying had already guessed the situation, raised an eyebrow, “I’ll go there later.”

Although their voices were very low, but Chen Tong had still woken up, rubbing the eyes while sitting up, Han Ying hurriedly closed the door and went to him: “Do you want to sleep a little longer?”

Chen Tong shook his head, Han Ying saw his disobedient and standing bed hair, the raised hair swayed left and right, amusingly tight, then lead him to the bathroom to wash, also asked: “Is your stomach hungry? Do you want to eat something?”

A demon must also eat something, besides Chen Tong still haven’t reach the cultivation’s Fasting period, it’s just that demon spirits don’t need three daily meals like humans, such as the demon’s plant system, only some sun and rain are enough to sustain growth. But young master Chen Tong retained his gluttonous temper before crossing, touched the little belly, ”……want.”

So two big news in succession came from the commander’s mansion today, one is more surprising than the other.

First is Han Yiyi bringing back a fully-grown illegitimate child, –perhaps the Han family will have an additional little young master; the second is that eldest young master that has never been with a stranger came out the door with a youth, carefully holding his hands while going downstairs, that look of care is very visible to the eyes of others.

A lot of people were gathered in the living room, there’s Han Yiyi with the mother and son who were brought back, grandfather Han with the caretakers and guard personnels following him, the waiting Tang E with the concubines and their personal servants, and the steward with the waiting servants. The moment Han Ying and Chen Tong’s figures appeared from upstairs, everyone’s eyes agreed by chance and simultaneously went to expectantly look over, even involuntarily calmed down.

Not only because of Han Ying’s look of care, but also because of his submissive attitude. That kind of submissiveness is actually very trivial, if it was changed with another person others may not see it at all, because Han Ying was normally set up on high, this unprecedented submissive attitude only served to amaze people.

Long before Han Ying himself realized it, he had begun to subconsciously lower himself in front Chen Tong. The man’s figure holding the teenager downstairs looked like a steady and reliable knight, and Chen Tong is a little prince who is firmly protected and carefully treated by the knight.